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[Announcement] The Return Of ‘Painting Drama’ & CTNX 2019!
1 seconds Posted Nov 19, 2019 at 9:22 pm.
am on both Saturday and Sunday morning, you can find me in Theater 3.
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In this short audio announcement, Chris Oatley shares updates on the return of his Composition & Color Theory course called Painting Drama and his appearances at CTN-X 2019!
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*The gorgeous illustration at the top of this post is by Alex Burke a.k.a. “WhiteTreeFox” and was created for one of the homework assignments in ‘Painting Drama.’
Hey, everyone!
Chris Oatley here with two quick announcements:
FIRST: The long-awaited return of my course Painting Drama: Composition & Color For Visual Storytellers is coming very soon!
Many Oatley Academy alumni who have gone on to create successful careers in the entertainment industry credit Painting Drama as a major turning point.
Subscribe to my notification list at and Iâ€ll follow-up with more information about the course, the important dates and directions about how to apply.
Due to the significant demand, Iâ€m currently planning to offer Painting Drama twice in 2020. Once with a start date in January and once with a start date in June.
Pascal Campion – world famous Visual Development Artist and master of emotional color and Chris Bradley – my good friend and theme parks concept artist who recently worked on several marquis projects for Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Studios are both set to join as guest instructors in the January session.
…along with one more guest instructor with whom weâ€re still working out schedules.
So, to get all the details as they develop, subscribe at
[ UPDATE ] Applications are now open at!
…and SECOND:
Iâ€ll be at CTNX 2019 this coming weekend – November 23rd and 24th.
I decided not to manage a booth this year so I could focus more on spending time with my students and other friends from the industry – especially those who donâ€t live in SoCal…
BUT – I will be giving two different talks.
One is on Saturday the 23rd and one is on Sunday the 24th. Both talks are at
My Saturday talk is titled: Donâ€t Be A Disco Yeti: How To Troubleshoot A Struggling Animation Career and my Sunday talk is sort of a remix of a few different lessons from my free, online mini-course called Youâ€re A Better Artist Than You Think You Are: How To Improve Quickly Without Ever Picking Up A Pencil.
I was sad to miss Lightbox Expo this year because of a preexisting family commitment, but Iâ€m really looking forward to meeting some of you again or for the first time.
So yes, at
And please, come say “Hi!.”
Iâ€m not scary. I promise.
I always get these emails and tweets after a presentation where listeners tell me they couldnâ€t get up the courage to come talk to me and I understand that. Iâ€ve been there before but I promise – Iâ€m happy to meet you and make a connection. So please, if you feel like you need an ice breaker, just use this podcast as an excuse: “Hey, Chris, so you said on your podcast to be brave and come say hi. So here I am – being brave.”
..and weâ€ll take it from there!
I mentioned that one of my CTNX talks is sort of a remix of my free mini-course called Youâ€re A Better Artist Than You Think You Are: How To Improve Quickly Without Ever Picking Up A Pencil.
If youâ€d like to sign up for the free, online course, just go to
…and Iâ€ll follow-up via email when the next session opens.
Our next episode of The Visual Storytelling Podcast will help you fill out your wishlist for the upcoming holiday season, so stay tuned for that fun episode.
…and, until then, remember: Most human interactions are SOME kind of awkward. But on the other side of the awkwardness, there is SOME kind of reward.
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