The Visual Storytelling Podcast
The Visual Storytelling Podcast
Chris Oatley
[Announcement] The Future Of The ArtCast, Artistacon & Dream Machine!
1 seconds Posted Mar 12, 2019 at 10:48 pm.
pm on March 31st. Class starts on the first week of April.
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Show notes
Hello, my friends!
Chris Oatley here with a few time-sensitive ArtCast Announcements!
In this recording, Iâ€ll provide updates on:
Dream Machine my new Social Media course for Artists.
My upcoming presentation at Artistacon 2019 (plus a discount code).
…and what to expect as we begin re-branding The ArtCast!
Here we go!
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What follows is a complete transcript of the audio announcement linked above.
I also provided links to the resources mentioned.
Apply for ‘Dream Machine’
Applications for Dream Machine are now open!
If you are interested in working with me, Loish, Orbit Books Creative Director Lauren Panepinto and Alison Mann, VP of Talent at Illumination, to develop a focused and effective Social Media strategy to upgrade your art career, sign up for the Interest List and follow the directions that will arrive via email.
Youâ€ll get an invitation to our upcoming Interest Meetings where Iâ€ll share all of the details about the course and answer your questions.
Youâ€ll also get a link to our application form. Applications are due before
11:59pm on March 31st. Class starts on the first week of April.
Let’s Connect At ‘Artistacon’
Speaking of Lauren Panepinto, she and I will be Guests Of Honor at Artistacon 2019!
The conference will be at Moore College in the inspiration-rich city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania March 22nd-24th.
Lauren will give a talk about the business aspects of a successful art career. Jon Schindehette will be there to talk about self-publishing and Jake Parker will close the conference via livestream with an interactive Q&A.
On Saturday night, Iâ€ll host a Q&A panel with Lauren and Jon that I call: “If Youâ€re Gonna Be My Artist: Weâ€ll Tell You What We Want (What Your A.D. Really Wants)”
…and immediately before our panel, Iâ€ll do a solo presentation called: “Youâ€re A Better Artist Than You Think You Are.”
Hereâ€s the blurb:
In this deeply emotional and inspiring presentation, youâ€ll learn:
How Chris almost destroyed his own animation career before it even got started (and what to do if the same thing ever happens to you).
The best way to harvest oranges in Southern California (and what that has to do with maintaining a successful art career).
What a great mentor can do for you that you probably canâ€t do for yourself.
…and the one, major mindset shift that will improve your art instantaneously.
If youâ€re in or around the American Northeast, it would be great to share this experience with you!
Go to to learn more and register.
Use the discount code OATLEY11 to save $11 on the price of admission!
The Future Of ‘The ArtCast’
Before I go, here’s an update on the upcoming ArtCast re-brand!
Last year, as the 10 year anniversary of The ArtCast drew closer, and after much consideration and conversation with my team and students, I decided to refocus and re-brand the show with a more accurate name, logo and soundtrack.
The show began in 2008, during the dawn of podcasting, as Chris Oatleyâ€s ArtCast.
It was basically a stream-of-consciousness audio journal. Sometimes I talked about working at Disney. Sometimes I talked about breaking into Animation. Sometimes I shared video tutorials.
…and sometimes I had no idea what I was talking about…
As it evolved into The Oatley Academy ArtCast, a more consistent style evolved along with it.
Throughout that decade, we tried producing multiple podcasts concurrently: The Paper Wings Show, Stories Unbound, The DIY Animation Show and several other shows that never got past the pilot stage.
Of course, each project has its own story, but my point right now is that we got completely overwhelmed and had to simplify.
The Paper Wings topics could be covered on The ArtCast, the hosts of (Lauren and Jess) took total ownership of that project (which you can still find at, and we decided, along with host Shawna Tenney, to put Stories Unbound on hold while she focused on her art career and family. In the meantime, it made sense to merge the Stories Unbound archives with The ArtCast archives.
Fortunately, all that struggle brought unprecedented clarity and focus. One of our many revelations was that all of the shows had a common theme: Visual Storytelling.
…when I decided to refocus and re-brand The ArtCast, the new title seemed obvious: The Visual Storytelling Podcast.
Iâ€ll talk about the new logo and album art on a future episode because thatâ€s an entire lesson in itself.
After deciding on the title, I reached out to Seth Earnest who composed the scores for several of our courses: The Storytellers†Summit, First Flight and the new Magic Box.
(In case youâ€re wondering, the new Magic Box is not open yet. Join my email list for updates on that.)
Because it didnâ€t seem right to create a new score for The Visual Storytelling Podcast without the help of Storybook Steve – the musician who composed and plays The ArtCast theme, I invited him to collaborate. Steve generously agreed to perform the guitar parts and assist Seth with the composition.
Youâ€ll begin to see changes in the podcast feed very soon.
The album art and show title should update automatically within your podcasts app and new episodes should continue to appear just like they always have.
Many aspects of the show will remain relatively unchanged. For example: The format will continue to develop as it always has. The content and editing style will remain consistent and Iâ€ll continue to host the show.
Iâ€ll close this announcement by playing, for you, our gorgeous new score by Seth Earnest with Storybook Steve!
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