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The Lost HERstory Of Disney Animation :: ArtCast #113
1 seconds Posted Sep 25, 2018 at 10:03 pm.
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When author Mindy Johnson set out to write a book about of the history (or as Mindy says, the “HERstory”) of Walt Disney‘s definitively female “Ink & Paint” Department, she began her research in the most obvious place: The Disney Archives.

I’ve been to the Disney Archives several times. It’s the epicenter of animation history – an enormous, state-of-the-art research library and storage facility filled, wall-to-wall with art from the past century of Disney animated productions.

Mindy visited, requested everything they had on Ink & Paint, and they brought her a folder holding five pieces of paper.

That’s all they had.

Composing the comprehensive history of any Disney division would be difficult even with the help of the Disney Archives.

Mindy had to start from scratch.

Today, she’ll share stories from the creation of her epic work Ink & Paint: The Women Of Walt Disney’s Animation and introduce us to inspiring artists from Animation HERstory…

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Ink & Paint: The Women Of Walt Disney’s Animation by Mindy Johnson

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Who Is Your Unsung Hero?

Mindy has made HERstory by introducing these unsung heroes of Disney Animation to the world.

Who is an unsung hero that inspires you as an artist?

Please tell me about it in the comments below!

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