The USA Weightlifting Podcast
The USA Weightlifting Podcast
USA Weightlifting
This is the official Podcast of USA Weightlifting. Spend some time with hosts and Olympians Cheryl Haworth and Chad Vaughn as they interview the athletes and coaches you want to hear and learn from, and review the competitions you want to know about. You will be able to draw inspiration and motivation from their collective personal stories and experiences, as well as always leave with at least a few immediately applicable tips from content that will range from training to technique to competition readiness and strategies. We here at USA Weightlifting are very excited to provide this to the weightlifting community and other interested parties, and we are thankful for the opportunity to further support the sport that we all love! We appreciate you listening and hope you enjoy!
When Should I Compete?
Today we’re answering one of the most common questions that we get from athletes as coaches, which is, “when should I compete?” With this, they are asking, and perhaps you are wondering yourself, if we think that they are READY to compete. Tune in to hear our thoughts on what you should consider when you are thinking about jumping into your first competition. Enjoy the show!
Jan 31
35 min
Setting Goals in 2024
In this first episode of the new year, we are talking about the act of setting goals, specifically in the year of 2024. We consider the basics of setting goals in weightlifting in general, but also how it might be different, or what types of things we might all need to be aware of as we are planning out what we’d like to accomplish now, versus 10 or 20 or 30 years ago for example. Tune in to hear our perspectives on the topic. Enjoy the show!
Jan 12
51 min
The "Scoop"
In this episode we are discussing the portion of the snatch and clean that begins when the bar is at the level of the knees, and ends once the bar reaches the hips, or rather, the “power position”. This small segment is known by many in the community as the “scoop”, since done correctly, a scooping action can be perceived as the knees maneuver underneath and forward of the bar as it rises to the hips. Tune in to hear more about the desired action through this range and how you can work to perfect it. Enjoy the show!
Dec 29, 2023
44 min
The Jerk: To Push, Power, Split, or Squat?
Today we are once again talking about the jerk. Specifically, we compare the styles of the split jerk, the power jerk, the push jerk, and the squat jerk. What exactly are each and what are their benefits, advantages, and disadvantages; and which might be best for you? Enjoy the show!
Dec 16, 2023
46 min
Get Swole
In this episode we are considering the benefit of Bodybuilding, in the sense of isolating different areas of the body with specific exercises and rep schemes, for your Olympic lifting potential and insurance as an athlete. Tune in to hear our general recommendations on how you can incorporate this concept into your training. Enjoy the show!
Dec 1, 2023
50 min
Split Position
In our recording today we are fulfilling a listener request to cover the split position. We discuss and give each of our own suggestions on how to find it, what leg should go forward and what leg should go back, load distribution, and overall optimal characteristics of this distinguished position within the split jerk. Enjoy the show!
Nov 16, 2023
1 hr 2 min
In this episode we are discussing a few of our favorite accessory exercises as examples of how important it is to include accessory exercises in general in your training plan. This includes a definition of what these exercises actually are, compared to the more common core exercises you typically see in a weightlifting program, and how you can incorporate them. Enjoy the show!
Nov 4, 2023
37 min
The Goldilocks Phenomenon
In our recording today we are talking about the phenomenon of missing a snatch behind on your first attempt, then missing it in front on your second attempt, before finally hitting it right down the middle for a solid make on your third. We consider how and why this happens, and how you can be prepared to put a halt to it before this all too common, strong pattern takes over your competition or training session. Enjoy the show!
Oct 20, 2023
41 min
Clean Up Your Grip
In this episode we are dissecting the front rack position. We consider how your grip width lends to it being less or more effective, and also confirm a method you can use to measure and optimize your clean grip. Additionally, we offer some thoughts on how to progress into any necessary adjustments. Enjoy the show!
Oct 5, 2023
46 min
Got Extension?
In this episode we are defining and giving specific characteristics to the extension position within the snatch, clean, and even the jerk. As a preview, the extension position is the highest point your body reaches before pulling your body under the bar in the snatch and clean, or pushing under in the jerk. Tune in to hear more about this critical position and execution point from our perspectives and how you can improve upon it. Enjoy the show!
Sep 23, 2023
44 min
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