The Untrapped Podcast With Keith Kalfas
The Untrapped Podcast With Keith Kalfas
Keith Kalfas
Alexa Skills And Google Guaranteed
9 minutes Posted Oct 9, 2018 at 3:00 am.
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Rip out shrubs fast with ropes carabiners & Truck tight around the tow hitch pay attention to these techniques.

This video is an analogy of how your life can feel like a fight. You feel like your back is against the wall and you're not getting anywhere.

There comes a time when you're so sick and tired of being sick that you Finally Snap n fight your way out of a corner and win.

Like Rocky Balboa in Rocky four that's what happened to me I was backed into a corner and I knew I couldn't get out so I clench my fists and you know the rest of the story.

This is a huge business and life lesson about being a man that when you want something so bad sometimes you gotta cry for it fight for it die for it stand up and take it no matter what and don't let nobody stop you.

Just barely surviving and barely making it is for the birds let's start taking some calculated risks and become a successful living our dreams without letting negative people whiners are cry babies hold us back.

You can start your own lawn care or landscaping or tree service company all it takes is some practice knowledge and will to win it's simple but not easy but you can do it you can do it I believe in you. Go to my website

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The Landscaping Employee Trap

Whether you dream of starting your own lawn care, landscape or snow plowing biz. With a basic understanding of even shrub trimming, tree service, horticulture, garden maintenance, arboriculture, window cleaning flowers, botany, gardening or any of the above combined with a will to succeed it's all very possible.

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