The Unstoppable CEO Podcast
The Unstoppable CEO Podcast
Steve Gordon
Frank Bria | Stop Trading Time for Money
44 minutes Posted Nov 7, 2019 at 2:00 am.
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Show notes

When you charge clients by the hour or project for your consulting or professional services, you end up trading your time for money, says business building and marketing expert Frank Bria. And you, as one person (or even if you have a small team), can only do so much. In fact, you probably do too much for some clients “off the clock.” 


That means your profit potential is limited. 


But you can increase your revenue – and profit margins – if you change your business model, leveraging your skills and experience in order to create something once and get paid and paid again. Plus, the business doesn’t depend on your presence at all times.


Frank shares how you can radically change your business and finally experience the ultimate freedom of being an entrepreneur. Tune in to find out…


  • The right way (for you and your clients)  to do group coaching
  • How to make sure you know your clients’ end goals – and how to address them
  • A strategy for delivering your services in a scalable way
  • The biggest mistake consultants make when working with clients
  • And more