The Unraveling Podcast
The Unraveling Podcast
Greg Cohoon and Pam Maher
A podcast about knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other fiber arts. Hosted by Greg Cohoon (KnittingDaddy on Ravelry) and Pam Maher (pammaher on Ravelry). Follow along as we explore The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann.
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#52 Review of Opionated Knitter
The podcasts is excellent. I listened to it today and will do it again as much as I can. Thanks. You 2 are great!!!
The one podcast I play as soon as it comes out.
I was unable to hear the podcast why I was overseas working. I was in a remote area that did not have reliable Internet connection. I love Greg and Pam, but I do miss Joey humor. Keep up the good work,
Great Knitting conversation
Greg and Pam have a really congenial knitting conversational style to their podcast I love their knowledge and wit. I especially enjoy the conversations about Elizabeth Zimmerman and her newsletters. Now they are commenting on Knitting Rules! By the Yarn Harlot this is going to be great!
Spinning Buddy
Love this podcast!
Great hosts who are informative, have fun, living a real life with all the ups and downs, and seem friendly. Through their conversations I have heard about many fiber things, some new to me. I look forward to each new episode.
My Favorite Podcast!
If you want to enjoy a wonderful podcast that is unpredictable, fun, informative, and worth your time, then you must subscribe and listen to The Unraveling Podcast.
Mr. SnC
Just the best!
Love this podcast—absorbing some knitting knowledge before I start to learn. Got through most of the back episodes so just have wait for each new podcast now, so harder now 🙃
W. White
Just found your podcast and have binged all the episodes! I like the dynamics between Greg and Pam, it's like listening in to a conversation. I've been inspired many times to try something new, and love the reviews of patterns, equipment, discussions, etc. I'm way over on the West Coast, so it's nice to hear about the local (North Carolina) happenings. It's a different perspective; some things are much the same as here, some not, always interesting. I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is one of the best!
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My new favorite knitting podcast! I look forward to hearing each new episode. Positive, informational, inspirational, EZ, and the show notes are the BOMB 💖🎉.
Maude Dunlop
Really enjoyable!
I started listening to the podcast when Pam joined as co-host. I love the conversation between the two and the ideas I get for projects from both of them. But, BY FAR my favorite part of the podcast is the Elizabeth Zimmerman segment. I am a loyal EZ and Meg fan, and the EZ discussion makes me happy, happy, happy. Thank you Greg and Pam!
I always enjoy your shows and have a great time listening to you both!
Enjoying your podcast
Have enjoyed listening all the way back to the beginning. Slowly catching up. Thanks for great entertainment.
I am so glad I found this wonderful podcast! Keep up the great work!
Lots of fun. Very entertaining
I love these two!
I am a yarn podcast junkie, always looking for a new fix. I tried this show and was hooked after 1 episode. They talk about all kinds of things and bring a man's point of view which can be funny but is also helpful.
DoriAn mommy
great Dads
so wonderful to hear a podcast about guys who love to be creative. Love to hear about the projects you are working on next. Enjoy your banter with each other. Thank you for the podcast.
lil zasa
These guys always make me laugh! (And I mean that in a really good way.) they talk about knitting and tv and other interesting things on a level I can understand. Never intimidating, and very welcoming. Makes me smile when I see there's a new episode to listen to. Love those dulcet tones!
Scrapfaire (Charity)
Fantastic, Funny and Informative
Love this show! These two are such good friends and they know their stitches. They are a joy to listen to, laugh with and learn from. If that wasn't enough you also get sprinkles of the mans view point in all things knitting. Highly recommend.
Good fun!
Witty banter and good content. Very enjoyable.
I love listening to you guys banter. You never fail to list my spirits. Keep up the good work!
Men's Knitting/Crafting
Several good knitting podcasts hosted by men had pod faded. It is great to have a new show with a great pair of guys hosting. Great to listen to while knitting. Keep up the great work.
Men's Knitting/Crafting Podcast
Many of the good podcasts hosted by men have pod faded away. I am happy to see there is another one raising up. I'm starting from the beginning, and enjoying the last year and a half while relaxing and doing my knitting. Looking forward to each next show.
Informing & Entertaining
I enjoy the dialogue between these guys. The podcast is entertaining and informative. A very enjoyable listen.
Way too much fun!
When I started commuting an hour-plus each way to work, I knew it was time to revisit knitting podcasts after a seriously long hiatus (Lime and Violet anyone?) Each episode feels like hanging out with those friends who always have a fun story to share - and the banter between them seals the deal. It's knitting, it's sewing, it's TV suggestions (which so far have been dead on!) and so much more. Give the guys a try, you'll find yourself looking forward to the next one in no time!
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I love listening to these guys!
I really enjoy the friendship and banter between Greg and Joey, as well as the fiber crafting of two fellow podcast addicts! Rock on! -Kevin in NJ
A nifty perspective from two guys
Just found this podcast and hey! It's right nifty! As a beginning knitter it is great to hear from other relative newbies. I adore the fact that the guys are southern (GA and NC-based) as I am in MS. I have only listened to the first show and all I can say is GUYS! It's only a five-hour drive! Meet in the middle and have a coffee! Sheesh! (The guys have not actually met in person.) The story about the dad knitting a hat for his preemie baby was sweet, as was the story about the other dad who takes his teen son to the "momo" conference (a gaming gathering), to which I can relate because I too have a teenage son! Anyway, I really enjoyed the first show and I am looking forward to listening to them all. Keep up the good work, knitting dudes, and props!
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Love the guy talk!
Love hearing the guy humor addition to a knitting podcast. Always something interesting AND unexpected. This podcast definitely stands out. 🙌🏻😊
Men who knit
I love hearing from men who knit. I'm trying to convince my husband to give it a try; I know he would get obsessed like you both have!
Lisa D.
They're funny! Liking the proper grammar from Georgia. (It does exist!)
Winky Crouch
Love it!
I am a first time listener and really enjoyed the show (#12.) I look forward to catching up with past episodes.
Awesome Podcast
I found this show just two weeks ago and binge listened to them while knitting a baby sweater. The two guys have a great rapport as they bounce between knitting, music, television and life. I find myself both relaxed and happy after listening. It is a fun podcast and I'd highly recommend it.
Fun Times
I enjoy listening to these gentlemen talk about knitting and fiber related crafts. I've gotten lots of ideas for TV shows as well! Keep up the good work!
awesome show
Greg and Joey have a great show. The flow of the podcast is great, very entertaining and keeps me interested. I can't wait for the next episode!
Loving You Guys!!
I just found your podcast when recommended by another podcast. Truly enjoy your helping each other and it is refreshing to hear you so excited and not so advanced that we, the listeners, feel intimidated. Love the show details as you have them set up. So easy to find what projects you are discussing. Keep up the good work!!
Excellent knitting podcast
This podcast has great sound quality and it is fun to listen to. I really enjoy hearing men discuss knitting (and other fiber arts) and it is nice to hear from newer knitters as well. If you like to laugh while you knit, this is a great choice!
Two great guys!
So fun . . . and informative . . . listening to two men talking about their knitting! Great guys!
You go gentleman!
Great show from an interesting perspective
Interesting dynamic
Everyone has been making a big fuss about how Greg and Joey are male knitters - and while that’s less common, that has nothing to do with the value of this podcast. Rather, the dynamic between the two and their different levels of knitting experience is what keeps me listening. So many two-host podcasts start because the hosts are already best friends. That’s not the case here. Every once in a while it becomes apparent they are still working out their dynamic, but as a listener, it’s an interesting experience to get to know them at the same time that they get to know each other. There are no inside jokes that the listener can feel left out of. The second reason I enjoy this podcast is that their knitting levels vary. Usually podcasts are hosted by more experienced knitters. It’s great to have Joey asking more basic questions and hearing Greg’s take on them - because many listeners may also not be as experienced. I think these two hosts have some room to great, but they’re off to an absolutely great start, and I look forward to hearing them develop further.
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Kino Knits
Great podcast highly recommend it
I enjoy listening this podcast a lot. Very informative and great sound quality !!!
I just discovered this new audio podcast with two knitting gents. I like it!
Bead Weasel
A Fun Podcast!
I just listened to Episode 4 of this podcast. After listening, I subscribed. Greg and Joey are lots of fun, and very knowledgable. Their enthusiasm for fiber crafts is infectious, inviting listeners to come along on their adventures. So glad I found this podcast!
Great to hear from the guys
This is a fun new audio-podcast. It's interesting to hear about knitting from a guy's perspective. These self described nerds/geeks are not a bit self-conscious about being fiber artisans. It's also refreshing to hear about mundane family life, and various 'funny' stories about fishing trips and knitting guild meetings. It's calming, restful, and refreshing. A breath of fresh air.
Top Notch Quality and Content
Greg and Joey are collaborating to produce a show that is casual, fun, and informative. They have top-notch sound quality, pleasant voices, and a natural conversational style. They are both relatively new knitters which gives a fresh perspective. I’m enjoying the show and smiling along with them as they learn and grow as knitters. Highly recommended.
Knitting Pipeline
Enjoying your podcast!
Hi guys, you're doing a great job and bringing new voices into the fiber world.
Dr Sabrina
Keep Bringing It!
Love this guys! Great job. Looking forward to more stories, what you're working on it and in general just your way of doing things. Keep bringing it! Will be looking for ya on periscope too! *Alwaysknitu1 on Ravelry - CjCreativeLife everywhere else*
Great Show!
I recently became aware of your podcast through another podcast (I forget which now - I listen to something like 30 knitting podcasts). I really enjoyed your podcast and am glad there’s a knitting podcast out there from the male perspective. I know of at least two others but they’re video podcast/Youtube videos and audio works better for me right now so thank you for starting the podcast! I hope you two gain a large following and continue for as long as you enjoy it! —Josh (KnitterJoshDSM from Des Moines, Iowa)
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Knitter Josh
Great fun to listen to you guys. Looking forward to following your knitting journeys
A well thought out and put together podcast about my favorite hobby. Its informative about subject I am very interested in.
I really enjoyed your inaugural podcast! It’s always fascinating to learn how people come to knit, especially guys. You two are an awesome team and I look forward to getting to know you both better.
Great Start!
I really enjoyed this first episode! Please keep them coming!
Truly enjoy your periscopes and now your podcast. Great job gentlemen! Nittennurse aka Karyol
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