The Unofficial Tedeschi Trucks Podcast
The Unofficial Tedeschi Trucks Podcast
Hosted by Adam Choit
A podcast about all things Tedeschi Trucks Band, Derek Trucks, and Susan Tedeschi. From a fan. No affiliation to the band.
34. Tim Lefebvre Talks New York, David Bowie, and Tedeschi Trucks Band
New England’s own Tim Lefebvre was of course Tedeschi Trucks Band’s bassist from 2013 to 2018, with credits on the band’s Let Me Get By (2016), Live From The Fox Oakland (2017), and Signs (2019). And we cover his time in TTB and more, including his musical journey in New York City, working with David Bowie on his final album Black Star, and how his new gig with The Black Crowes came together.,,,,,
Dec 5, 2020
40 min
33. Jérôme Brunet Talks Shooting Photographs of Tedeschi Trucks Band
Photographer Jérôme Brunet was born in southern France and raised in Ontario, Canada. He completed a formal education in photography at the prestigious E.F.E.T. School of Photography in Paris, and his award-winning photography has been published internationally in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Time, Billboard, and by many other prestigious outlets. And we cover a lot, of course including how much he loves Tedeschi Trucks Band's music and how much he enjoys shooting photos of them.,,,,,
Nov 21, 2020
53 min
32. I Talk The Influence of Bob Dylan on Tedeschi Trucks Band
For this episode I talk all about Bob Dylan. With a career spanning over 50 years it's impossible to even scratch the surface in one podcast episode, but this episode focuses mostly on how Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi have been inspired by Dylan. This fun, tribute-style episode combines music clips from live TTB performances of Bob Dylan's songs, and audio clips from an interview Derek and Susan did with the soon-to-be-opening Bob Dylan Center., (their interview with Derek and Susan) (Susan playing live with Bob),,,
Nov 13, 2020
52 min
31. I Talk All About Kebbi Williams and His Music
Georgia's own and founder of Music In The Park Atlanta, Tedeschi Trucks Band saxophone player, Kebbi Williams has worked with many talented artists throughout his career. And in this episode, I dive a bit into his journey as an artist. Using audio clips from a previous interview he did and information straight from Kebbi himself, combined with some music audio clips, this was a lot of fun to put together., (Conversations with Santiago Paramo and Kebbi Williams),,,
Nov 7, 2020
37 min
30. Dan Toppo Talks Duane Allman, Derek Trucks, and Slide Guitar
New Jersey’s own, musician Dan Toppo grew up loving music, but thought he’d end up in mathematics or finance… until his dad just kept on taking him to see the Allman Brothers at the Beacon Theatre. And when Dan was around 14 he starting playing slide guitar, and other than learning some other instruments along the way, he hasn’t looked back. We talk Duane, we talk Derek, we talk slide guitar, and we talk connecting with his musical partner, singer/songwriter Dylan Hartigan.,,,
Oct 30, 2020
51 min
29. I Talk About My Love For Mike, Mark, and Alecia
For this solo episode, I thought I'd highlight the artistry of Tedeschi Trucks Band's backup / harmony singers, Mike Mattison, Mark Rivers, and Alecia Chakour. Calling them backup or harmony singers to me almost seems like downplaying their talents, as their contributions to the band are essential and make the music that much more dynamic. For the first time in this podcast as well, I include audio clips from live shows. Many thanks to all the tapers out there as well, you guys are unsung heroes for sure!,,
Oct 24, 2020
25 min
28. Michael Palmisano Talks Teaching Guitar, What Makes Derek Trucks So Great
Online guitar instructor and founder of, Michael Palmisano was born and raised in Maryland, and has been playing guitar since he can remember. These days his YouTube channel has over 178,000 subscribers, and he tells me all about his days as musician and his journey as an entrepreneur. And of course we talk extensively about how much we love, and WHY we love Derek Trucks’ guitar playing and Tedeschi Trucks Band as a group so damn much.,,,
Oct 16, 2020
1 hr 9 min
27. Quinn Sullivan Talks Touring with Buddy Guy, Love for Derek and Susan
Musician Quinn Sullivan was born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and it was clear from an early age music was his thing. Enthralled by the Beatles, he first started playing a toy guitar he got for Christmas before he was even in kindergarten. Soon he got super into Buddy Guy’s music, and as a crazy-advanced player himself, even got to play with Buddy on stage. When he was like 8! Singer, songwriter, guitar player Quinn is still a young man, but his musical journey has already crossed with many greats, including Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, who he just adores.,,,
Oct 9, 2020
47 min
26. I Talk About All The Tedeschi Trucks Shows I've Been To
A solo episode, I talk about some highlights and memories from ALL the Tedeschi Trucks Band shows I've been to. Pretty much all West Coast shows including the Hollywood Bowl, the Orpheum Theater in LA, and more. I also accidentally call the Wheels of Soul Tour the Wheels of Summer Tour. That kinda sounds like it could be something too.,,  
Oct 3, 2020
25 min
25. Conor Kelly Talks the Music Life, Guitar Lessons with Jack Pearson
Musician Conor Kelly is originally from New Jersey but spent most of his childhood living in Colorado. These days Conor is based in Nashville, and he recalls the early musical influences of his mom, dad, and his Uncle Sean, who introduced him to The Allman Brothers’ Eat a Peach album. We talk lefty guitar, his band WAKER, and the grind of the music life. Conor has had some amazing experiences, including taking guitar lessons from the one and only Jack Pearson. And of course we talk our love for Tedeschi Trucks Band as well.,,,,
Sep 26, 2020
1 hr 20 min
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