The Undifferentiated Medical Student
The Undifferentiated Medical Student
Ian Drummond
The Undifferentiated Medical Student (TUMS) podcast is about helping medical students to choose a medical specialty and plan a career in medicine. The list of career options available to medical students is large, but the time to explore them all is short. Moreover, mentorship in medical school is lacking, and many medical students tackle the task of career planning alone, most struggling and almost all clutching to the hope that 3rd year clinical rotations will definitively resolve their remaining uncertainties about how they want to specialize. However, having been distracted by the relentless pace of their pre-clinical curricula and specter of Step 1, 3rd year medical students are eventually confronted with the reality that there are simply too many specialties to explore in one year and that they may not even get to finish their clinical rotations before important decisions about their careers need to be made (e.g., the planning of acting internships) if they are to be competitive applicants. Thus, mentorless and clinically unexposed, many medical students are forced to make wholly uninformed decisions about their futures. By interviewing at least one physician from each of the 120+ specialties listed on the AAMC's Careers in Medicine website 1) about their specialty, 2) how they decided this specialty was right for them, and 3) for advice about long-term career planning irrespective of the specialty they went into, this podcast aims to enumerate the details of every specialty and provide virtual mentorship on how best to go about moving past being an undifferentiated medical student.
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Good listen but not perfect
Overall very informative - there aren’t a lot of other resources like this. Many of the guests provide great advice and are very thoughtful, and Ian usually asks insightful questions. However, some of the episodes drag a little and I wish he would cover some specialties more before delving into the sub specialties of others (gen surg subspecialties especially...). Also, I fast forward every time I hear Ian talk about the “power of mentorship”.
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Incredible podcast for anyone thinking about going into medicine
Ian asks thoughtful questions to people I wish I could one day meet. As a Pre-Med student, this resource has allowed me to consider, with much more clarity than I have previously had, what I am potentially getting myself into. Thank you for paving the way for me to become a better student and mentee.
Matias Malkamaki
Amazing podcast, miss this
Love these episodes. Thank you! If you ever get some free time these days we’ll be here to listen! Best of luck
need stugotz
All-around great podcast. Perfect for med students!
I started to listen to this podcast in the first week of my M1 year. I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I was listening to every episode regardless of the speciality. Now, more than half way through my M2 year, I try to listening to anything pertaining to anesthesia(my primary interest). I’m amazed how a busy med student is able to run such a well structured podcast, find doctors to interview, etc. I listen while doing my Anki reviews LOL. I’m hoping for a pain management anesthesia episode!!
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Very informative podcast
As someone who will be attending medical school next fall, this podcast provides a very in-depth view of all aspects of various medical specialties. I would recommend this to any medical student or pre-med as a useful resource for learning more about different specialties and the medical field in general.
Great first stop to start thinking about potential specialties
As a non-traditional M1 coming from a business background, medical school has been a pretty overwhelming change and leaves not a lot of time for shadowing and career exploration. I really appreciate this podcast for the insights into day-to-day life of physicians in multiple specialties. Thank you, Ian and guests, for dedicating your time to this and for sharing with the rest of us!
Awesome podcast
This podcast is super well done and very informative!
BigZ the king14
Great show
Really miss this one
Mr. Peran
No pathologists or forensic doctors?
Pathology is a specialty that gets shunned and many students don’t really know about it. It is worth giving perspective. Same goes for forensic medicine.
Aquellita la bonita
This is a great resource! Love the show
Amazing podcast!
A truly impressive bank of very detailed deep dives into individual physicians lives and careers. This really helps a medical student like myself understand what it would be like to be one of these doctors.
Good for 1st and 2nd years
This is great for those who have no idea what they want to do. For others who know, the 4th year episodes were helpful guidance, though I had heard much of it before. His interview style has improved, though sometimes it can be awkward or cut people off. In the future, could explore applicants in certain specialties like the 4th year episodes in a condensed format for the tips and tricks of applying in certain specialties that require specific things.
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Great Podcast
Started this podcast on the Med school interview trail and have never looked back. Also If anyone is curious Ian is just as eloquent and friendly in person. Thankful for the great work.
Awesome Asclepius
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. I'm currently studying for the STEP1 exam and I listen to this on my runs. It opened my eyes even more to the incredibly diverse field of medicine and gave me a framework of how to proceed as I start my clinical years. Ian asks really thorough and thoughtful questions and the guests on the show are very insightful and for the most part remind me why I'm still studying for this stupid exam. Anyway, thanks again and we can't wait to hear what you choose!!!
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Helping me think early
Thanks for this podcast. I am an M1, and this podcast has helped me think a lot about specialties early. So, thank you!
This podcast is dope AF
I’ve been a fan for over a year and have probably heard every episode. Such a simple concept but the execution is flawless! Ian (the host) is a great interviewer/conversationalist and elicits useful, interesting answers from his guests. Definitely very helpful for anyone wanting to learn about medicine or what field to choose, but the discussions about career planning/development and life satisfaction are pertinent to all. I’ve also gotten a lot of great reading recommendations from crazy important doctors, cool! Again, this podcast is dope - what a great idea/mission, and it is really just so well done.
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Great Podcast
Ian does a great job of exploring as many aspects of a field as he can. Really helpful.
Excellent resource
This is an excellent resource for medical students trying to decide what field might be right for them. As a current medical resident this is something I wish I would have known about early in medical school as I looked for more resources about what the many fields in medicine entailed. Excellent job !
Please be polite!!!!
I so want to like this podcast because the information is great, but Ian drives me crazy trying to control the conversation so heavily. If you want to bring experts onto your show, then let them talk! He disrespectfully interrupts them over and over again and leaves me cringing for the professionals who know WAY more than him and are being talked over. Please just let the conversation flow and actually listen to the people you’re interviewing instead of worrying about your next question!
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Amazing Resource for Premeds and Beyond
This is such an excellent podcast. Ian does a great job with interviewing each physician and getting into the nitty-gritty of each specialty. It is very helpful to hear what these interviews and I love listening to these especially on long drives!
fat hammer
Ian, Thank you for crushing it in these interviews. You ask thoughtful questions and are confident enough to push attendings when they don’t fully answer your questions. It is oddly inspirational. A wonderful podcast for anyone looking to learn more about a specialty whether you’re a medical student or not. Keep it up.
M1 listener
This so far has been a great podcasts for me to develop a working knowledge of field types and particular areas I might be interested in! I love listening will I’m at the gym
so heplful
You will hear doctors, residents, fellows talk about their field, their day to day work, etc... It has been helpful for me, thanks Ian.
Enjoyable, enlightening. Signed, a layperson.
I'm not even a medical student (or pre-med, though I do work with medical students), and I still turn to TUMS for my podcast-listening pleasure. Interviews are well-guided and dynamic even though the episodes follow the same format each time. Plastic Surgery and Geriatric med are especially must-listens.
Basically a series of orthopedic interviews
Listen to speciality stories instead. This is basically Ian recording personal interviews for the specialty he cares about (ortho) he doesn't interview much else fairly and is clearly biased in his interview selections. Not very helpful. Listen to specialty stories instead, it's less biased and more professional.
Very helpful for medical students
This is a great idea and really helped me get a better sense of my options. It was great to hear from many different physicians and get insight into different fields and specific advice they have to offer. Thanks so much!
Such an amazing source!
Thank you very much! Doing it while you are in medical school too, kudos for you!
Incredible Podcast!
I am in love with this podcast. If you are looking for deep, thorough, funny, interesting, and honest information about medical specialties...look no further. The way he sticks to the format for each epidsode really helps to be able to compare and contrast the specialties and the long length allows the converstation to get really in depth and answer all the questions you have as a listener. I can't get enough and I've been flying through episdoes. I've learned a lot about some of the lesser known specialties and I think this will be a huge asset for me when I eventually start medical school. Thanks for making this podcast, Ian.
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A hit for even a non-medical professional!
I love what you are doing with this podcast. I started listening with my boyfriend, who is entering his third year in medical school at Michigan State University. He has had some struggles in nailing down what it is he wants to do as well, and this podcast has provided insight not found in other forums and resources. As a consequence, I've become hooked. I continue to listen and learn just how specialized medicine can be, and it's incredibly rewarding to learn new things about a field that can be so mysterious to a non-medical professional. I can't wait to listen even more, and wish you the best of luck in your future in medicine!
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Fantastic for pre meds too
Listen to this now
I'm Encouraged
This podcast is the right idea and desperately needed now more than ever. As an ADHD Coach, I can attest to our growing culture of specialty being sorely ill-informed. This is a step to rectify that problem that I'm happy to support!
very Professional
I recommended, this is a super idea Podcast, Great content
Alex Dali Rizo
Very interesting even if you aren't a Medical Student yet
Most interesting show even if you aren't a Medical Student yet. In a way it's abit like watching Grey's Anatomy... but more than that, the interviews raises questions each of us ask himself to make a career decisions.
Hayut Yogev
What a great resource.
Hey med students... let Ian be your virtual mentor.
Just listened to your episode with Jeanne Lackamp and found the insights you discussed full of "Ah ha" moments, like setting the patient up for failure by prescribing prescriptions over their budget which later could be misconstrued as patient non-compliance. I love this show. Great job and keep up the good work!
Angela Brown Oberer
An invaluable resource
What Ian is creating with this podcast is immeasurably helpful for medical students trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. There are so many different paths in medicine, it's extremely daunting to try and learn about all of them in the limited time before graduation. Since there isn't realistically enough time to shadow all 120 specialties prior to graduation, The undifferentiated medical student podcast is the next best thing. The interviews on this show are well thought out and extremely helpful for anyone considering what their career might look like in one of these different specialties of medicine.
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Nate Loudon
Insider Information
Such great info you cant really get any where else. Great host/
This is so valuable
As a med student, it is so crucial to have the expereince of shadowing many types of careers to make sure you're interested. This helps me to get the crucial info while I drive!
Athena Rosette
Not Just for Students!
This is an excellemt niche podcast! This is an excellent program for both students and practicing physicians. It explores the various medicine disciplines in such depth and detail that it uncovers information and depth not often covered to this extent.
Interesting & Informartive
A well-produced show, offering valuable information and an interesting perspective.
The cutting edge for medical students
Ian is tackling a problem that is an epidemic for medical students going into the field. This podcast is literally improving the care doctors will give in the future… Through providing insight, stories, and experiences from doctors already specializing in the field of their choice. Thank you Ian
Uncle Tanner
Awesome resource!
This is an awesome resource for medical students, healthcare students and patients in general. I love this podcast and will encourage my healthcare administration students to listen and expand their understanding of physicians and their experiences. What a great idea!
Laura @ Leash Up Pidcast
Awesome podcast! Fun, engaging, and informative
Stumbled across this podcast and think it is great. Ian does an excellent job with the content, questions are on point, and all the physicians are extremely helpful and engaging with listeners. Lots of good information to be had, whether you are “undifferentiated” or not. I’ve been recommending it to all my classmates who are on the fence, but it’s still great even if you are set on a specialty. Keep up the great work! Looking fwd to future interviews.
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Best resource for undecided medical student
As a first year Med student, it can difficult trying to do well in school while figuring out what specialty interest you. This show is an amazing way for me to learn about different specialty and start planning for my future rotations.
A great way for someone deciding between a handful of specialties to get some new perspective!
Bugatti 4
Must listen for all med students
High quality and high yield content for anyone curious about the process of finding the right medical specialty. It's professionally produced and eloquently executed. Well worth every minute - I often wish the episodes were even longer than 90 min! Even if you know what path you will follow, Ian's guests share resources that were helpful in their journey in medicine and provide insight into becoming a successful physician irrespective of one's ultimate specialty choice. Knowing how all specialists view their careers will make you appreciate the immensity of the medical profession and will enable you to be a better physician. Keep up the amazing work, Ian!
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amazing podcast--
UW MSTP student
It's amazing! I listen to it while exercising or commuting.
A smorgasbord of medical specialties!
A great medical resource to learn more about what specialty physicians do and a great place for any medical students or pre college applicants to learn more about what is available for you to study in the medical industry. The average person can learn a lot too of course!
Fit 2 Love JJ
Great resource and very well done. Asks all the right questions.
TUMS is great for the medical field
Oddly enough, I was hunting for a podcast targeted at medical students, and The Undifferentiated Medical Student (TUMS) was the perfect podcast to stumble across. I’ve found most podcasts that try to approach medical topics to be far too broad, but TUMS has picked a niche, a great format, and plays to the interest of a very specific audience. That said, if you’re outside of the medical field, this is a very easy way to pick up some deets about that field! Whether you’re looking to learn more about cardiology or hear how medical professionals got their starts in their respective fields, TUMS is a must-listen for new and experienced medical professionals alike.
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