The Underdogs of Animal Welfare
The Underdogs of Animal Welfare
Mike Bricker
A behind the scenes look into the day to day of one of the largest animal shelters in the country. Palm Valley Animal Center (PVAC) is one of the busiest and most under-resourced shelters in the nation. It’s also home to the most dedicated lifesaving team around. We serve pets and people across eight communities and take in as many as 100 new animals in a given day. Even with a limited budget, we saved 5,000 more animals in 2018 than the previous year. And we need your help to continue that trend. Let’s get our community to no-kill, together.
Episode 7 : Community Cat Program
In this episode we speak to Sarah Kowalski, Community Cat Program Coordinator for Palm Valley Animal Society.
Dec 24, 2019
22 min
Episode 6: Cat Team Supervisor , Waylon Magellan
In this episode we speak to Waylon Magallan, the newest supervisor to the PVAC team. Waylon oversees they cat team and in his short time in the position he’s already implemented a few really cool life-saving policies.
Nov 3, 2019
31 min
Episode 5: Melissa Saldaña, Medical Manager for Palm Valley Animal Center
This episode is all about Melissa. Melissa has such a tough job at PVAC but you’d never know it by looking at her. She’s always smiling, positive, and focused on whatever life-saving opportunity awaits.
Oct 27, 2019
40 min
Episode 4: Adoption Sheroes
In this episode we talk to Stephanie and Yobeli about all things adoption. We also hit on transparency and breaking through barriers.
Oct 20, 2019
50 min
Episode 3: PVAC Rescue Team
In this episode we sit down with Selina and Yessy. Two amazing members of the PVAC Rescue Team.
Sep 29, 2019
55 min
Episode 2: Foster Team, Lili and Chelsea
In this episode we speak to foster care coordinators Lili and Chelsea.
Sep 8, 2019
54 min
Episode 1: Luis Quintanilla
In episode 1 we talk to Shelter Manager, Luis Quintanilla.
Sep 1, 2019
53 min