The Ultraworking Podcast
The Ultraworking Podcast
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Listen to these guys and you’ll never work the same again!!
Powerful idea(s) every episode
Like stages of a rocket, each episode discusses a powerful mental model (and sometimes several!) that can boost your trajectory of success and in work and life.
Oliver Mayor
Actionable insights from those that have done it before!
Just listening to one episode and picking one thing to execute on will change the way you view improving your life!
Incredibly valuable insights
I've been happily listening to and learning from this podcast since it came out, but I felt compelled to write a review after listening to Episode 6, which felt like it was crafted specifically to prevent me from making a huge mistake. Every episode is quality, but some are absolutely life-changing. Per unit time, the most useful audio I've listened to.
Alexander Hearn
Must listen if you are a high-performer (or want to be one)
Ultraworking has been a game-changer in my personal and professional productivity, and for improving my general sense of well-being. I love the scientific and no BS approach they take when going over a topic that most people have only anedoctal evidence about (how to feel good about the work you do, passion, energy, getting things done, etc). This podcast captures very well what they're all about, and now it's a must-listen on my daily commute.
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Working smarter and more effectively
Sebastian and team are doing great things to help people achieve maximum productivity and think more clearly about work. I’m looking forward to future episodes.
Cynthia Kenworthy
Serious Level Up!
Huge hat tip to Kai, Sebastian, and the Ultraworking team! Love the podcast, Work Marathons and The Work Gym too. 2019 has been a year of major growth and I'm grateful for Ultraworking helping me Level Up. Highly recommended for those seeking persional and professional growth too!
Nothing ordinary here
This is not your ordinary podcast. Yes, it’s laced with humor, full of good advice, and can certainly fill up your commute time. But then again, it might not be appropriate for your commute: you may want to sit still and truly listen, double back to listen again, or make a note of the gems you discover. The podcast on books? Don’t expect a top ten list. You’ll end up thinking about what you read, and why you read—and not just hear about what someone else liked. Warning: You should start out listening on 1x. Otherwise, you might find that your head will hurt. There’s quite a headful of information in these episodes.
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Eloise F
Just blitzed through all the episodes
Hauntingly thought-provoking. I think this has a chance to be right up there with Hardcore History, and even more directly applicable to work and life. Highly recommended for all the ambitious, analytical minds out there.
Want to actually change your life? Listen in.
Ultraworking is not just an amazing suite of tools that you can use to 4x your productivity and do so in a way that's long-term-sustainable for your life and business... Ultraworking is a mindset that will completely change the way you approach your work and your life. Using the mental models that I've learned from Sebastian has positively changed everything I do in ways I am forever grateful for. Every episode is full of gems. Put them into action and things will get better - even if things are awesome already! Very high ROI on time listened in.
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Justine Sparks
Awesome podcast! Thought-provoking and engaging
Really excited about this podcast, and these first episodes have been awesome! I have been obsessed with productivity for most of my life, and I love listening to podcasts and reading books to try and improve my efficiency and performance. This podcast is now at the top of my Favorites playlist. Through a friend, I discovered Ultraworking. They host moderated sessions where you can run Work Cycles with other people (too much to describe fully here — but check it out on their website!). I’ve learned so much from Sebastian and other moderators and speakers in the sessions, and this podcast allows for a more in-depth exploration of all kinds of concepts related to peak performance. In the first few episodes, Sebastian has already given me a LOT to think about and consider as I analyze my own work habits and improve my operations. The topics have been fascinating, and I feel like this podcast is offering something truly unique. Excited to see what other topics Sebastian will cover in the coming episodes. Sebastian and team, thanks for putting this out there!
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I am soaking these up like a sponge
When I listen to Sebastian. I don’t only listen but think. I think (smile) because his thoughts are so well thought out... and ring true and deep. I soak these podcast up like a sponge. I am one of these people who seeks meaning and the application of that meaning in making life better and better every day for myself and those around me. I am truly blessed to have found Ultraworking and these podcasts. Huzzah!!!
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It’s a game changer!!
I’ve been a working with Ultraworking and Sebastian, and it has fundamentally changed the way I do my job. Sebastian has been coaching hundreds of high performers and he has a deep insight on how to implement the best work practices in a simple way.
Evil Puppy 1gou
Love every single minute of it
Fantastic podcast — it's abundantly clear that Sebastian and the entire team are menically focused on helping us become a better version of ourselves. The information and mental models embedded in each episode are extremely valuable. I don't think I've found any other podcast that has given me such valuable and unique insights in each episode. Other podcasts are hit and miss, but I've devoured each episode (some more than once) and eagerly await each new episode.
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Epic content
Huge fan of Sebastian and everything they do at ultra working. It's truly life changing sfuff. They are brining some fantastic insights into the podcast and I think everyone should check it out. As they always say, Huzzah!
Charlie Bevelin