The Two Way Radio Show
The Two Way Radio Show
The Two Way Radio Show
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Interesting podcast for those who are interested in land mobile radios
As long as you understand that these guys are in the land mobile radio sales business and thus the podcast mostly focuses on their experiences and products that they sell, it’s a great occasional podcast — good mix of info and some banter, along with some questions & answers related to the above, and produced well. If you can’t comprehend that they’re a operating a small business and thus their knowledge base mostly revolves around products they sell, and that they have an obligation to their customers to primarily provide (free) tech-support to them & not everyone & anyone with an RF-related question (especially the morons who cannot RTFM or check YouTube or Google for help), then yes, you may have your psyche damaged that they didn’t take the time to provide a lengthy answer to your question— buh-bye!!!
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For Pro’s Only
After listening to these guys talk about how superior their customer service is and how their customers are so lazy because they wont scour their website before asking a question or how stupid “amateur” hams are in comparison to their “professional” service is. Total waste of time. I tuned in to learn, not listen to how much smarter they are then those interested in the hobby or how they enjoy going down to BestBuy to belittle the poor guy trying to sell multiple products when they specialize in one type of product.
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All about two-way radio
Very informative show about two-way radios 📻
Great job
This is a great podcast keep up the good work!