The Two Minute Beer Review
The Two Minute Beer Review
Andrew S Burkum
Tasting all the beer two minutes at a time!
S1E45 - Altamont Beer Works' Shot Away IPA
2 minutes Posted Jun 3, 2019 at 12:54 pm.
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    It’s the Two Minute Beer Review!
    I’m Andrew Burkum, and once again I’m your companion as we face down that massive craft brew aisle in search of the hidden treasures we’ve been missing out on all along.
    This week we’re taking a look at Shot Away IPA by Altamont Beer Works in Livermore, CA. Will this beer make us scream out a chorus of Gimme Shelter? Let’s find out!
    Shot Away is a nice clear yellow to slightly amber color in the glass. It’s a little juicy in the nose, but there’s not a whole bunch else going on in that area.
    But what about the taste? Shot Away is bitter and crisp at the front with a solid malt backbone. It also has a very nice bitterness that hangs around after the swallow. It pays off all of that juiciness that shows up in the smell as well. Altamont Beer Works describes the beer as a “True West Coast IPA,” and I think the label fits well. The bitterness is balancing, not overwhelming and the overall impression of the flavor is juicy and bold.
    Shot Away is a perfectly serviceable IPA. It’s neither the best nor the worst that I have tasted in the style, but it is absolutely a good choice if you just want to grab a nice, refreshing unpretentious IPA for the upcoming hot summer afternoons. As such, I’ll place it on the recommended list.
    Well that’s all for this week, but I hope you’ll join me next week as I taste another great craft beer!
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    That’s all for this now, but I’ll see you next week as we continue on our quest to taste all the beer!
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