The Turkey Hunter Podcast with Andy Gagliano | Turkey Hunting Tips, Strategies, and Stories
The Turkey Hunter Podcast with Andy Gagliano | Turkey Hunting Tips, Strategies, and Stories
Andy Gagliano
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Quick and Effective Turkey Hunting Tips for More Successful Turkey Hunts
311F - Don't Miss This Episode
Don't Miss This Episode In this week's episode, Cameron shares several turkey hunts with us with shots fired in them. The problem is that none of the shots connected with their intended target. After each hunt, we talk a little about why the misses happened, and what could have been done to prevent the hunters in these hunts from having poked out lips and unfilled turkey tags. This is a fun episode, and an episode that I think we can all learn or re-learn something from. So, this is definitely an episode you don't want to miss. Listen in!
Oct 15
40 min
310F - Halloween Turkey Soup with a Dash of Fall Turkey Hunting Stories
Halloween Turkey Soup with a Dash of Fall Turkey Hunting Stories This week, Cameron shares his fall turkey hunting stories from this past weekend in Missouri with us. This trip resulted in the demise of 2 public land wild turkeys with one story including a unique flock busting technique. After hearing Cameron's turkey hunting stories, we get into some turkey soup. We talk about Connecticut, Maryland, Missouri, and a story about some poachers that will make your jaw drop. Listen in!
Oct 8
34 min
309F - Talking Merriams with Donald Devereaux Jarrett
Talking Merriam's with Donald Devereaux Jarrett This week, Donald Devereaux Jarrett (DJ) joins Cameron and me for an interview about Merriam's wild turkeys. DJ is the author of Compositions of a Sickness, and he also writes articles for Georgia Outdoor News and Alabama Outdoor News. Though he lives in central Georgia and primarily hunts Eastern wild turkeys, DJ spent several years guiding hunters for Merriam's turkeys in South Dakota. DJ has been with hundreds of hunters while they were chasing Merriam's. And that is exactly what we are talking about with him today. We also discuss where someone can get a copy of his book, and we share a few stories as well. This episode is a great one, and you won't want to miss out. So, listen now!
Oct 1
40 min
308F - Fall Turkey Hunting with Ray Eye
Fall Turkey Hunting with Ray Eye This week, Cameron and I share the interview we did with Ray Eye about fall turkey hunting.  Ray is a veteran in the world of turkey hunting, and his true passion is fall turkey hunting - more specifically fall turkey hunting for gobblers. Ray has given hundreds of seminars around the country, released multiple videos, and has written several books about fall turkey hunting. We are fortunate enough to have the great entertainer and educator, Ray Eye, on the show with us today. This is one you do not want to miss. So, do yourself a favor, and tune in!
Sep 24
41 min
307F - A West Virginia Turkey Hunt
A West Virginia Turkey Hunt This week Cameron shares the story and audio of his hunt in West Virginia from the spring 2020 turkey season. This is a very exciting hunt with lots of gobbling from a few toms surrounded by a big flock of very vocal hens. The audio of this hunt is really good, and it is interesting as well because for some strange reason, Cameron left his recorder and microphone behind with his turkey vest while he made a move on the toms. So, we get to hear his calling and the toms gobbling from a distance. It is as if we were in the woods with Cameron letting him move ahead to low crawl on the turkeys. There is a great story to go along with this hunt as Cameron shares what happened after the shot. Listen in to this hunt and enjoy!
Sep 17
1 hr 1 min
306F - Connecting Women to Hunting Seminar from 2020 NWTF Convention
Connecting Women to Hunting Seminar from 2020 NWTF Convention This week, Cameron and I share the Connecting Women to Hunting seminar from the NWTF convention this past February in Nashville. Although there is not much talk about turkey hunting specifically in this seminar. This was an extremely interesting seminar - really, it was a round table discussion - about how to introduce women to the sport of hunting and some of the ways that we can keep them interested. I learned a great deal during this seminar, and not just about women's perspectives on hunting, but also non-hunters' perspectives of the sport. There was discussion about why so many women are interested in the sport, and the best ways to keep them interested.
Sep 10
56 min
305F - A Bowl of September TurkeySoup
A Bowl of September Turkey Soup This week, Cameron and I have a heaping helping of some wild turkey news for your enjoyment and information.  We pretty well cover the gamut from poachers to baby turkeys to bobcats to turkey testes to fall and winter turkey hunts. I have a feeling, though, that you will enjoy the story of Gerald the wild turkey who lives in Oakland, CA. Let's just say Gerald is the boss of Oakland. Listen in to get your dose of wild turkey news stories and amusement.
Sep 3
33 min
304F - 2020 Final Tennessee Turkey Tag
Final 2020 Tennessee Turkey Tag This week, Cameron and I play Cameron's the hunt where he fills his 4th and final tag in Tennessee for the 2020 wild turkey hunting season. This hunt takes Cameron back to the time when he killed his first turkey because that hunt also took place in a swamp in Tennessee. Listen in as Cameron relives this hunt where he kills a monster of a boss tom and takes us along with him.
Aug 27
41 min
303F - Spring 2021 Turkey Hunt Planning
Spring 2021 Turkey Hunt Planning This week Cameron and I talk fairly in depth about our plans for our spring 2021 out of state turkey hunts. We talk about several of the states that we plan on hunting in this coming spring and a little about how we picked those states. I have plans to hunt at least 5 states that I haven't killed in, and Cameron has plans to hunt 8 - 10 states that he has not killed in yet. Half of the fun of these trips is planning the hunts, and we dive into that aspect of the hunt this week. Listen in!
Aug 20
30 min
302F - Exercise and Turkey Hunting with Lindsay Persico
Exercise and Turkey Hunting with Lindsay Persico This week Cameron and I have exercise and fitness guru Lindsay Persico on the show to talk about how exercise can help us to become better turkey hunters. We talk about how easily this can be done today without going to a gym and how to best start an exercise routine even if we have not exercised in years. We also discuss what Lindsay's exercise routine looks like and how she manages to get her cardio in. Lindsay helps us build our routine by offering some exercises we can do to get in shape. After the great interview with Lindsay, Cameron and I talk a little bit about our own workout routines and cardio exercises to get ourselves in tip top shape for chasing turkeys around the country. Listen in
Aug 13
45 min
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