The Truth Is Somewhere: A Conspiracy Theory Podcast
The Truth Is Somewhere: A Conspiracy Theory Podcast
The Truth Is Somewhere
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The Truth Is Somewhere is a conspiracy theory and mystery discussion podcast run by a husband and wife team. Dark humor, junk science, real science, and some of the craziest stories the internet can come up with collide once a week.
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Found this podcast on a road trip because we wanted something spooky in light of Halloween. The guy makes this potentially good Podcast absolute garbage. The woman can’t get through a portion of the story without him making a stupid comment, voice, or laugh. Ugh. I wanted to stop listening but the only reason we finished the episode was because we wanted to know the ending. The guy so incredibly annoying. Please either make this a one woman thing or stop creating content.
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Good show
I enjoy the stories and facts. Also like hearing Megan’s insightful commentary!
Bill Balsac
Great podcast!
Love the humor, the information and the science!
I tried
I tried really hard to like this podcast, don’t get me wrong there were a few (but I mean very few) episodes that were decent, but lately all I’m hearing is fascist bigotry and I’m not here for it. Clearly you are a white couple that doesn’t want to open their eyes. How can you call yourself a conspiracy theory podcast?
Terrible for all the reasons previously stated
Ive listened to this show on and off for a few years now simply because of Megan. She tries finding content that she believes is of interest and tries desperately the whole episode to convince Kori that its worth talking about. Once convinced the topic is in fact worth a toss she spends the rest of most episodes breaking down the information to him into smaller, more manageable pieces for his mind to metaphorically swallow, like a mother bird feeding her young only way less entertaining. Whatever else is left of the segment is peppered with jokes that only they find funny. Finally some episodes you get 35 minute segments some you get 24 and be glad for the short ones IF you were bored enough to stomach there pap for that long. Bottom line. Kori saying that a police officer putting his knee on a suspects neck for 8 minutes and 45 seconds is “understandable” made me wish I could step through his podcast microphone and give him some of the same “understandable” treatment. What an entitled douche rag.
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Painfully bad. Just bad.
The dude keeps “yeah uh huh wow no waying” while the woman is trying to explain the event. I gave it 6 mins then I wanted to throw my phone out the window.
Came for conspiracy, Stayed for them
Honestly, these guys are honesty super chill to listen to. I love their interactions it makes it seem like we vibing together. Love y’all.
No experience- sorry
Stupid kids laughing at torture- does not earn even one star. Not professional at all
Do you even research, bro?
Sounds like two uninformed middle school kids recording a podcast while reading info grabbed from the internet with equipment borrowed from the A/V closet in 1969
I tried listening to this podcast but all it consisted it of is the woman talking about said subject and the guy really not taking anything serious. He just laughs and crack jokes at everything then they spend a minute or two laugh at said joke. If I wanted a comedy podcast I would’ve looked for one. I wanted to actually listen to crazy and creepy conspiracies but, all I got was a couple of adults acting like high schoolers
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why not
i love it
Stoopid Banter : Turnoff
Tried but the stupid banter was really a turnoff. Was looking for a good serious conspiracy podcast. This seemed good but I couldn’t bear the banter. Not for me
Haydn gmvfhj
You can do a lot better.
I love conspiracy theories and I listen to a lot of podcasts that focus on conspiracy. This one is awful, I got through one half of a random episode and it was full of the hosts talking over each other, the story being interrupted by the other host to make not so witty comments and jokes that don’t land. 16 minutes in and they have already introduced two concepts they can’t pronounce the names of, and basically got into a pretty uncomfortable bickering for a minute. Maybe they get better with time but the podcast market is saturated with podcasts that are well written, well researched and humorous. This is not one of them.
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Could be better
I’ve listened to a few episodes and the hosts have a weird presentation style. Many instances of awkward tangents where both hosts try to sound more intelligent by rambling on and speculating about things that don’t need to be explained. Research could be more thorough and complete. Also need to provide unbiased presentation.
JJHM 12345
Get rid of the female host
Male host was neutral and great, female host turned the possibility of a great program into a liberal, political side show
Half researched
Wikipedia researched. Not any real research being done. And if you don’t mind liberal snowflakes making intolerant remarks this is the pod cast for you! And it’s “by accident” not “on accident”.
Trump time traveler.
The constant anti trump jokes got old quick, I couldn’t finish the episode.
Amazing Stories!
This is one of the best podcasts out there. They have the perfect balance of horror and comedy! Definitely enjoy every episode!
Good Podcast!!!
I love this!!! It’s funny and a great listen!!!
Too difficult to listen too, tech probs?
I wish I could listen to this. There is something weird occuring, possibly a heavy corner reflection or something wonky with a filter (sounds a bit like a flange effect). Also the adutio levels are too low. I know that there is no standard from podcast to podcast but when I have to max out the physical and software volumes just to listen ... your levels are too low. If you are already using a condensor it is not set up correctly. Don't believe me. Play a popular podcast with lots of listeners, then without tweaking your volume play this one.
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So so!!!
This podcast will be better if they didn’t make you feel stupid for believing in some of these conspiracy theories. He’s good I don’t like her so much but at least they are trying.!!
Need more volume
Tough to hear the woman speaking. Good material.
Grant echotrail
Look forward to it every week!
I really like the show and look forward to the new episode every week. When I first found the show I binged all the available episodes! The format is very laid back and genuine , far more enjoyable than a lot of other podcasts I’ve listened too! Keep up the good work guys 🤘🏼
Needs Some Improvement
I love the concept and I love the episode topics, but I wish Megan (sp?) would tone it down just a little with the skepticism. I know the Earth isn’t flat. Most sane people know that. I also think that people who believe in the flat Earth theory are dumb, but I do want to hear more about their beliefs and WHY they think the way they do instead of just giggling and mocking them. I think a show like this needs just a little bit more balance.
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Kangaroo Cowboy 25
If the truth is that there are better podcast somewhere - I believe it.
the mad caster
Worth a Listen
The show brought to light a local legend that I missed in my state. I consider myself a big fan of the paranormal/ghost stories and somehow missed this story. Thank you for your hard work. They have a great dynamic as they discuss their chosen topics. Very passionate about the stories and I'm excited to see where this show goes in the future.
Great Dynamic
This is an interesting podcast. You guys make your listeners think. Love how you question everything and propose possibilities. Listen to episode 8! I stayed glued to my headphones.
Love the Enthusiasm!
This show is fantastic! The hosts clearly approach the topics with a great deal of research and lay out all the facts for the listeners. Even if I've heard of a particular theory before, I walk away with a wealth of knowledge I didn't have before. And when they discuss their thoughts on the theories, they do so with such enthusiasm! Whether they are arguing for the theory or they're skeptical, you can tell they still find joy in the ideas they present. This podcast is great for regular folks with a just north of regular interest of what's really going on out there! Keep up the great work!
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EndingPending Ronnie
I tried and couldn't.
I really wanted to enjoy this but within 8 minutes of the first episode I had to turn it off because of the consistent giggling/excitement from Megan over how astonished she is that anyone believes the theories they're discussing. It's good to be skeptical and question everything but take cues from the Corey and try to maintain a more level approach when discussing each subject. The content overall seems interesting, but it's just very hard to listen to at least with the female hosts excitable behavior.
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Love this podcast! Great hosts with great topics. Sat and listening to this all morning. Love it! Keep up the great work!
Ancient (very old) aliens!
Cool show!! Listening to the hosts speaking about the malaysian plane that just vanished. It's pretty crazy the amount of actual conspircies about such things. Ancient alients, illumanatti, wormholes? Someone made a wish on the malaysian flight, made me laught and feel terrible about myself all at the same time................great chemistry!
Fun listen!
I got a theory that the 2 hosts of this podcast work for the government to talk about conspiracies to throw us off the trail of the truth! Hahahahaha. No but really this was a fun listen and conspiracies are always fun to talk about and interesting to discuss. Worth a listen!
Fellow newbie
Nice to be able to review a fellow newbie. I like the dynamic between you guys. Fun topics. I listened to the doppelgänger and I’m about to listen to JFK because he’s my favorite POTUS and love all the conspiracy surrounding his assassination. Keep up the good work.
Fun & Fascinating
Conspiracy theories are inherently fascinating, but combine that with the banter of Megan and Kori and you’ve got a great podcast. The couple covers some of the craziest theories and you can tell they’re enjoying hanging out together. On top of that, you actually learn quite a bit about these insane believers and groups!
Film Roast Podcast
Off to a great start!
I’m really digging this podcast so far! Being husband and wife you guys have a great camaraderie that a lot of podcast co-hosts don’t have early on in their podcasts. Until listening to the first episode I knew that there were people out there that believed the Earth was flat, but had no idea there was an entire society devoted to it. All the arguments between the Flat Earth Society members vs people who actually realize the Earth is round? Hilarious!
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Great title
Congrats on the launch of this new podcast. Fun to hang out with the wife/husband hosts discussing their thoughts and research on conspiracies, mysteries, and more.
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