The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons
The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons
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Used to be better
In the early episodes the focus was on vintage amps. Now that usually is just one of the topics. A lot of food talk and other “homespun” campfire talk. Too bad they lost focus. Still useful podcast when they don’t drift off topic. The worst part is the rambling voicemails. Sprinkled throughout the many podcast is awesome and valuable amp info as promised. This cast has become more like the old Whole Earth Review which might bring a larger audience b
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So Niche, So Fantastic
Such a wealth of knowledge is discussed in this podcast. Even if you are a casual player, an amp aficionado, or just a six pack, dad, wanting to know more about music. This is a podcast for you.
Skip is the man!!
Do you want to learn about fixing old guitar amps and ideas on what to cook for dinner? Look no further. It’s really a treat to be able to learn from one of the best. A fun and informative listen.
I love this show as much as my husband!
My husbands and I’s interest rarely cross but in this case I was surprisingly captivated by this podcast. Skip is extremely knowledgeable and the cooking recipes are an added bonus! Highly recommend this for the whole family. Keep up the good work and I look forward to listening more!
Run that thing!
Like the days of hanging out at the barber shop or a friends garage… It’s just plain fun listening to Jason, and Skip jaw about amps, food, music or any topic that crosses their path. So I say run that thing, boys!
One of the best!
Like hanging with a couple old friends and learning about amps, music, any and all related groovy trappings of the good life.
Love the show
Don’t always know exactly what y’all are talking about but still listen to every minute. Thanks for the good times
Incredible podcast!
I really should have no reason to listen to this podcast. I’m a mediocre guitar player with a solid-state modeling amp. Don’t even own a soldering iron. But I’ve listened to every single TAVA episode. There is just something about Skip and Jason’s interaction that draws you in. I don’t understand half of what Skip is usually talking about, but it doesn’t matter. I will enjoy listening to this podcast for as long as Skip and Jason are at it. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll even get brave enough to pick up a soldering iron and an old amp in need of some servicing!
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Only podcast worth the long haul
TAVA has been the only podcast I’ve been religiously listening to since it began! Always a joy
I love this podcast
The Truth About Vintage Amps is an extremely informative and enjoyable podcast. It’s really so informative. Filled with minutia regarding vintage tube amplifiers. There is really nothing else like it out there.
Great Show
Saved me lots of money as well as cost me lots of money, in all the right ways. Listened from the beginning, took a break due to life. Glad to get back. Thanks Jason and Skip for being so dedicated and having such a great back catalog!
jeff joplin
Amazing podcast!
Been listening to TTAVA for several years now, each episode is a blast! You never really know where the podcast is going to take you! One minute they are talking about vintage amps, the next a discussion on cooking tips appears. 😎 The show is always informative and interesting though which is what makes it my #1 podcast to listen to. The passion for old amplified equipment and common sense advice is a real treat.
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Sea Dragon Jim
Love this Podcast
Skip’s vast knowledge of vintage amps and life in general is very entertaining. As a tinkerer of amps and guitars myself, hearing skip rattle off schematics and specs on rare and or vintage amps is beyond impressive. I am lost on most of the technical conversations, but motivates me to learn more. Keep up the good work!
Superbly Entertaining For Amp Novices Too
Please don’t be daunted by what sounds at first to be a whole bunch of uber-technical amplifier speak. This is a surprisingly entertaining and lighthearted podcast that every electric guitar lover can enjoy. The banter between Skip and Jason is simply fantastic. Gosh - how many excellent podcasts in the Fretboard Journal family? This one is one of the best.
Great listen
I found this podcast on the recommendation from Mick Taylor from That Pedal Show. I’m in the beginners corner for amps, but the show is still fascinating even if you are starting at square one. Skip and Jason are great and entertaining hosts and can’t wait to listen to more.
My Favorite Podcast
Like hanging out with two friends who share one of your obsessions. Lots of great info about your obsession. And sometimes you’re just hanging out talking about El Pato recipes.
Dan S
Always Insightful
Not just my favorite podcast about amps, vintage or otherwise, but about guitars in general.
Excellent, Informative, & Entertaining!
What more could you want? A gracious & organized host guides a walking encyclopedia of tech know-how down a slalom course of viewer questions punctuated by anecdotes and tangents that all comes together better than any plan John “Hannibal” Smith could ever have cooked up! These guys are the A-TEAM of tube amp talk.
Sevan from NJ
Quality Top Notch Program!
I love this podcast. I’ve been a keen listener since episode one and look forward to every new upload. Thanks for a killer program!
This show is fantastic!!! You need to listen!!!
Skip is straightforward and Jason keeps the conversation running smoothly. If you have any interest in amps, guitars, basses... electronics or life you need to absorb Skip’s wisdom and efficiencies on life. I love it, you’ll love it too!
Love it when a new episode comes out and I can listen while building my latest vintage amp clone. Skip is knowledgeable and quite funny. And you don’t have to WATCH anything while building a high voltage circuit! What more could you ask for?
Thing 1243
Thanks for the podcast
I’m a big fan of vintage tube Amps I have a collection myself. Wish I knew more about the electronics involved in them other than just changing tubes. Anyhow grateful for the lighthearted conversation and the technical information.
valve master
Best podcast around
I was in the middle of my own amp learning journey and randomly decided to search to see if any amp themed podcasts existed so I could keep learning while going on walks etc. Man does this show deliver. Not only is the podcast fantastic, there’s also a whole community of listeners helping each other out with various things. Can’t recommend this enough.
Must listen content
This is the best content I’ve ever found. If you like amps, music, food and a general DIY philosophy I would be shocked if you don’t abandon any other podcasts until you’ve listened to every episode. The knowledge I’ve gained from the podcast is invaluable. Skip and Jason are the best!
Ben Dover twice
Positive Vibes & priceless hard to find vintage amp info
I listen to this driving at work and at clients houses without worry of content being anything but informative. Great podcast, thank you for the help with my amps.
Hugely entertaining
And informative. Can’t say enough good things about this show. If you’re vaguely interested in learning a thing or two about vintage amps, you should check this out.
Your new favorite podcast.
If you dig electric guitars and amplifiers you’ll enjoy listening in as amplifier repair tech Skip Simmons answers listeners’ questions all about how to get the best sound out of their their vintage tube gear. Even if you don’t know a cathode from an iron skillet, you’ll soon follow along. Many listeners have gone on to do their own repairs, mods, and even scratch build amplifiers on their own. Skip is always practical, never theoretical – – and often very funny! Ihe’ll also throw in some recommendations on classic music LPs books movies and random cooking tips.
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The best
If you have any interest in vintage tube amps, this is the best! I’m not about to build or repair amps, not my area, but I do understand enough to keep up. Cheers, Kevin
New and improved!
Love the new mic!
Great show! Even better hosts!
Boy oh boy is it a great day when a new episode of TAVA drops! I love listening to this show whilst working away in the shop, in the shower, in my car, etc. keep them coming guys! I refer to skip and Jason as “ Buzz and Hum! The Tava brothers! Next!!!
jeff Metz Jr
Skip Has Taught Me So Much
I was a fan of Click and Clack "Don't drive like my brother!" "Don't drive like MY brother!!" But for me, Skip is more of a Groucho Marx, with a heart for teaching those who will listen. I love how he cajoles us to test things out, do stuff, ignore the internet know-it-alls. I've gone from having NO understanding of electronics, to smiling in amazement over explanations that now make complete sense to me! Thank you Skip! And thank you Jason!
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Tom at MIOH Studios
There has been little to celebrate since Click and Clack left the air-waves. But now we have Skip & Jason!! Great info. Fascinating tales. I mean ....all the amp knowledge and important life skill tips as a bonus!!
Still an unvarnished delight!
Simmons consults, reflects, and quips his way from nugget to nugget of amplifier repair and design history wisdom. His assessments are unapologetic, yet brimming with firsthand experience and anecdotes. Fretboard Journal publisher Jason Verlinde hosts this podcast feast, delivering well curated listener questions and savvy pacing.
It’s ok to let the guest talk.
There is a lot of good info on this show if you want to get to the nuts and bolts of amplifier operation. Skip is an interesting character and authority on vintage tube amps. I have been working on tube amps since 1989 and it’s great for me to hear my own knowledge affirmed and learn something from Skip I didn’t know. My only issue with the show is that when there is a guest. I would really like to see Skip sit back and let the guest get into a flow about their subject. So many times he has to come in and talk over them. It’s very annoying to have someone in mid story or point and hear comes Skip roaring in like a hurricane to wash out the flow and dominate a situation he should just let be. Interrupt like you would salt your cooking, Skip. It’s a spice meant to enhance. Use it sparingly. See Johnny Carson.
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Excellent podcastVery enjoyable and informative. Thank you for the time it takes to do this.
All the of the journal sponsored shows are a great resource for music and instrument lovers. Interesting and educational content! Keep them coming.
Fun show that you can learn a lot from.
Skip and Jason are awesome. I love how they can get really geeky without being boring. I also like the food sections, El Pato for the win!
Lots of fun and knowledge.
Skip and Jason are essential listening. Whether you want to learn more about vintage amps, goat rearing, or want to know what Mexican style tomato sauce is the best (it’s El Pato). NEXT!
Wealth of Information
This is an incredible source of knowledge regarding valve guitar amplifiers. I appreciate the hours and hours of great content.
Terry Bindler
Entertaining every single time
Great podcast for guitar players, amplifier nerds and people who want some history on old guitar, PA or hifi amps. Cooking tips, listening tips and life advise all in one spot!!!
Chris Chickering
For Foodies & “Weirdos,” that love to figure out how stuff works!
Hilarious, brilliant and entertaining. Plus, serious tech-geek stuff too. Love it!
Love it!
So great. Super informative as well as entertaining.
Not just for vintage amp lovers.
Love this podcast. Skip and Jason are a great team. Leave the sad news of the world behind and enjoy a nice conversation. Maybe even get a new recipe.
Excellent hosts, excellent topics, excellent podcast
Never miss an episode
I’ve been listening since the first episode. It is something that I always look forward to. I’m not an electric guy but because of the podcast I now own a 1972 deluxe reverb:) Keep up the good work!
Stephanie Kay
Been listening to this podcast since the very first episode, and it's the only podcast which I religiously listen to every episode, as soon as possible after it is released. For guitar players of all stripes, and other musicians or techs, with an interest in tube amps, and especially those with a desire to tinker, repair, restore, modify, convert or even build a new tube amp from a kit, this is essential listening. Skip is a mine of information, and highly entertaining when passing along his knowledge, tips and answers to questions. The special guest feature introduced earlier this year has also been a great addition, and I've learnt a lot from those guests too. The music recommendations, cooking tips & recipes, and general life advice are icing on the cake. I'm transitioning into retirement, from a long career largely on the business side of the electronics industry, and this podcast has inspired me to pick up my soldering iron again (that's "solder" with my British accent, an inside thing from the podcast) and rekindle my teenage hobby of building amps & effects to go with my guitar playing obsession. Thanks to Jason & Skip for creating and continuing this great podcast.
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Best podcast ever
I came for the vintage amp talk, but I stayed for the recipes.
Donny Roo
Time to heat up the soldering iron!
I was in my favorite music shop when the the proprietor asked me, “Have you listened to Skip’s podcast on vintage amps?” I didn’t know anything about Skip Simmons, but had just built a Tweed Princeton clone and was eager to know and do more. I’ve listened to all the episodes and have been inspired to buy, do the maintenance and experiment with vintage tube amps through this journey! I look forward to all the wisdom from Skip, Jason and the guests. I even now have El Pato in my cupboard and you will, too! If you are a musician with a desire to know more about amps, this is your show!
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Absolutely great!
Two dudes talking about food, tube amps, and life. Who could ask for more. Count if off.
Cousin Dave 79
Great Road Trip Companion
I listen to episodes on road trips and the time always flies. Great information and observations on vintage amps and the people who work with them—musicians, repair people, and builders. I can’t count how many times I’ve laughed out loud at Skip’s “isms” and Jason’s reaction and interaction on the show. Truly a gem and something I look forward to monthly. Thanks to all who make it happen!
I love this podcast
Did I really listen to mostly two guys chat for 52 episodes?
Listener AA764
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