The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons
The Truth About Vintage Amps with Skip Simmons
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My favorite podcast
I love this podcast. Makes me laugh, brings me up, I learn something and we get free recipes. Long live El Pato.
Listener AA764
Great Podcast about Amps and Life
I see some reviews from people who probably haven’t even listened to a single episode and just want to make things political. What a shame! And how sad that they are missing out on one of the best podcasts around. Sure, the content sometimes makes an occasional foray into the world around us. Usually somehow connected to the original subject matter and things just sort of flow. But if you let that bother you SO much that it causes you to sabotage the review section of a really fine and informative…and ENTERTAINING…podcast, then you’re living in a sad, hopeless, humorless world and you don’t deserve Skip and Jason.
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The best!!!
This podcast feels like hanging with friends, learning about amps, dispelling myths, but also getting some great music and cooking recs under the belt. I learned so much from this podcast, which inspired me to convert a 60’s Akai reel to reel into 2 amp heads. Thanks Skip and Jason!
Great listen!
If music is your life, then you’re gonna need this podcast.
Used to be better
In the early episodes the focus was on vintage amps. Now that usually is just one of the topics. A lot of food talk and other “homespun” campfire talk. Too bad they lost focus. Still useful podcast when they don’t drift off topic. The worst part is the rambling voicemails. Sprinkled throughout the many podcast is awesome and valuable amp info as promised. This cast has become more like the old Whole Earth Review which might bring a larger audience. I bailed when the blackface/panel amp term was pitched. I don’t need pc terminology polluting the historic amp discussion. That’s just nonsense.
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It’s about the amps. Leave the politics alone.
I’ve been listening to this show since episode 6. It’s always been obvious that Jason is left leaning, but that’s who he is and it was fine because you accept people. It’s like the family member who is really religious - Im ok with you loving Jesus. It stops becoming ok when they try to convert you. In episode 116, Jason tried to convert the audience and browbeat Skip and the audience to say black panel instead of blackface. I’m not here for your political views, Jason. I’m here to talk amps. That’s where I get off. It’s been great, but I’ll always call the amps blackface. I won’t be listening anymore though because I don’t need politics with amps. I listen to ESCAPE people talking politics. Know your audience.
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Go woke go broke
I really like this podcast but if someone gets offended because you say blackface talking about an amplifier panel then maybe they should grow up and not expect the world to change to please them. You are not helping them you are perpetuating the grievance culture which is actually destructive to their personal and cultural development. It will not stop there. It will forever be a tap dance to not step on someone’s feelings!!!! I love all people and wish the best for them all but I don’t have the time, energy, nor the patience for the nonsense!!!! I’m out!!!! Podcast and Facebook!!!! You idiots are destroying our country!!!
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FL ha ghhj
Boring & Political
Didn’t make it 10 minutes into the “Or Something” episode. Talking about “non-binaries” as though it’s not a mental illness. Also, talked about replacing “blackface” with “black panel,” as though all our colloquialisms, and culture in general, need to be New Speak tested.
Can’t get enough!
Skip and Jason are the best! Great information on all things amps and El Pato!
Positive Vibes & hard to find amp info
I listen to this driving at work and at clients houses without worry of content being anything but informative. Great podcast, thank you for the help with my amps.
Count it off
It’s basically CarTalk for guitar amps. A great podcast with an amazing community of listeners.
J Hooker
Just Do It!
So good! Have listened to them all and I still go back through the old episodes to relisten to certain topics which is easy because they have a Tableau archive to search the episodes. I have no electronics experience, no soldering skills, and no patience but after listening to this I have a Tweed Champ build in my future. Thanks to Jason and Skip for the hours of entertainment!
The Great Podcast of the Modern Age
Insight. Scandal. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll wish you got-in early on El Pato and PA amp conversion investments… and then you’ll count it off and just play! Thanks S & J!
N Zbell
National Treasure
I have fallen deep into the rabbit hole of vintage amps, groovy music tips,
Five Stars
Jason and Skip!
Unveil the Mysteries
These guys have more than a few clues. The enormous pool of knowledge gently awaits your fishing pole. Cast a line & you’ll surely catch something beyond your expectations. Obscure revelations rule here! Just what us fanatics need, more juice! AMP it up!
Interlaken guy
The only podcast I need
I stumbled on this podcast back around episode 10 or so; it’s just great, and Skip and Jason are a wonderful combination. Much is over my head but all is entertaining. I love the interactive format with listeners from all over the world asking questions and getting advice. I’ve asked a few questions myself and so far have sent two amps to Skip, and he made me a third, a Masco PA conversion. If you like tube amps, you’ll love this podcast.
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Bryan in Seattle
The best show in town!
I have been a listener from the beginning, never miss a show! Entertaining, insightful, informative and engaging, Skip and Jason, with an occasional special guest, always deliver.
Mojo Larry
Absolutely my favorite podcast of all time. It’s so much more than amps, cast iron, GOATS, puppies, landline phones, and El Pato, and special guests with recipes.
Rancid Barlow
I Love This Cool Old Grumpy Dude.
Cool old grumpy dude teaching me about tube amps, recipes, and oddball music. Politics free zone. Love this podcast. I could drink a lot of beer with Skip.
The best!
I’ve learned so much from this pod…amp repair, cooking tips, music and literature recommendations, great interviews and a completely unique community surrounding it all. Keep it up Jason and Skip, you’ve got a really great thing going here!
Just count it off….NEXT!
As someone who was always interested in how tube amps work, I have found this podcast to be quite informative. I think if you own a tube amp this podcast is a must. If for nothing else, just the tips on how to do basic troubleshooting and maintenance can save you a trip to the amp tech.
The best vintage amp show ever.
This is where you learn more abotu vintage amps than any other resource (aside from books) on the planet. -Scott B
Kind of changed my life
What else can I say? Skip is a Zen master hillbilly foodie with an unparalleled knowledge and skill in his craft. The podcast is not only about two guys talking about amps, it’s about the community that has formed around it, thus far a community of uncynical, truly great people all helping each other learn, grow, and oh yeah… not electrocute ourselves.
Great show!
For anyone who likes to fix stuff, or the idea of fixing stuff. Keep up the good work.
100% winner
I love this podcast!
I’ve been a silent fan since fairly early on. It’s so much more than a podcast about guitar amplifers. It’s such a pleasure to listen to, it has accompanied me on lots of gut burning dog walks and drives around the Bay Area and beyond. Always puts many smiles on my face, and this podcast did so much to make up for the sudden loss of community during COVID. It’s obviously a labor of love by Jason and Skip, and I appreciate it immensely. I’ve learned so much about amps which were mostly a mystery to me for years. It will survive as a wonderful resource for all (with a fantastic searchable spreadsheet thanks to another dedicated fan). I feel lucky to be part of such a cool community. This one goes to 11…
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Chris W. Santa Rosa
Favorite Podcast
This podcast is at least 25% responsible for getting me through the pandemic. Since I started listening I’ve acquired a ‘67 Bassman, ‘68 Bandmaster, ‘67 Supro Corsica, Danelectro Centurion, Silverface Vibro Champ, ‘53 Gibson GA-20 AND I built a tweed champ. Take that as a warning. I love the folky home recipes and banter about cast iron, typewriters, goats and the like. My only complaint is that they haven’t touched on vintage high-carbon steel French knives or Chinese cleavers.
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Shane in Western Mass
My favorite podcast!
I have been listening for the last several months and have almost caught up on all the episodes. What an amazing journey! I now have an El Pato amp, and lots of perspective on tube amps. I appreciate everyone who calls in and leaves a voicemail question. Those people power the show, and have kept it going. Thanks to all of you who call in, and thanks to Skip and Jason for continuing to answer our questions!
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Nice to hear someone that is knowledgeable
I’ve been designing and repairing audio electronics for 15 years and I enjoy listening to Skip and Jason. I rarely yell at my phone while listening to this podcast, and I’ve read all the popular “guitar amp books” and have had to throw them all across the room. Justin.
So Niche, So Fantastic
Such a wealth of knowledge is discussed in this podcast. Even if you are a casual player, an amp aficionado, or just a six pack, dad, wanting to know more about music. This is a podcast for you.
Skip is the man!!
Do you want to learn about fixing old guitar amps and ideas on what to cook for dinner? Look no further. It’s really a treat to be able to learn from one of the best. A fun and informative listen.
I love this show as much as my husband!
My husbands and I’s interest rarely cross but in this case I was surprisingly captivated by this podcast. Skip is extremely knowledgeable and the cooking recipes are an added bonus! Highly recommend this for the whole family. Keep up the good work and I look forward to listening more!
Run that thing!
Like the days of hanging out at the barber shop or a friends garage… It’s just plain fun listening to Jason, and Skip jaw about amps, food, music or any topic that crosses their path. So I say run that thing, boys!
One of the best!
Like hanging with a couple old friends and learning about amps, music, any and all related groovy trappings of the good life.
Love the show
Don’t always know exactly what y’all are talking about but still listen to every minute. Thanks for the good times
Incredible podcast!
I really should have no reason to listen to this podcast. I’m a mediocre guitar player with a solid-state modeling amp. Don’t even own a soldering iron. But I’ve listened to every single TAVA episode. There is just something about Skip and Jason’s interaction that draws you in. I don’t understand half of what Skip is usually talking about, but it doesn’t matter. I will enjoy listening to this podcast for as long as Skip and Jason are at it. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll even get brave enough to pick up a soldering iron and an old amp in need of some servicing!
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Only podcast worth the long haul
TAVA has been the only podcast I’ve been religiously listening to since it began! Always a joy
I love this podcast
The Truth About Vintage Amps is an extremely informative and enjoyable podcast. It’s really so informative. Filled with minutia regarding vintage tube amplifiers. There is really nothing else like it out there.
Great Show
Saved me lots of money as well as cost me lots of money, in all the right ways. Listened from the beginning, took a break due to life. Glad to get back. Thanks Jason and Skip for being so dedicated and having such a great back catalog!
jeff joplin
Amazing podcast!
Been listening to TTAVA for several years now, each episode is a blast! You never really know where the podcast is going to take you! One minute they are talking about vintage amps, the next a discussion on cooking tips appears. 😎 The show is always informative and interesting though which is what makes it my #1 podcast to listen to. The passion for old amplified equipment and common sense advice is a real treat.
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Sea Dragon Jim
Love this Podcast
Skip’s vast knowledge of vintage amps and life in general is very entertaining. As a tinkerer of amps and guitars myself, hearing skip rattle off schematics and specs on rare and or vintage amps is beyond impressive. I am lost on most of the technical conversations, but motivates me to learn more. Keep up the good work!
Superbly Entertaining For Amp Novices Too
Please don’t be daunted by what sounds at first to be a whole bunch of uber-technical amplifier speak. This is a surprisingly entertaining and lighthearted podcast that every electric guitar lover can enjoy. The banter between Skip and Jason is simply fantastic. Gosh - how many excellent podcasts in the Fretboard Journal family? This one is one of the best.
Great listen
I found this podcast on the recommendation from Mick Taylor from That Pedal Show. I’m in the beginners corner for amps, but the show is still fascinating even if you are starting at square one. Skip and Jason are great and entertaining hosts and can’t wait to listen to more.
My Favorite Podcast
Like hanging out with two friends who share one of your obsessions. Lots of great info about your obsession. And sometimes you’re just hanging out talking about El Pato recipes.
Dan S
Always Insightful
Not just my favorite podcast about amps, vintage or otherwise, but about guitars in general.
Excellent, Informative, & Entertaining!
What more could you want? A gracious & organized host guides a walking encyclopedia of tech know-how down a slalom course of viewer questions punctuated by anecdotes and tangents that all comes together better than any plan John “Hannibal” Smith could ever have cooked up! These guys are the A-TEAM of tube amp talk.
Sevan from NJ
Quality Top Notch Program!
I love this podcast. I’ve been a keen listener since episode one and look forward to every new upload. Thanks for a killer program!
This show is fantastic!!! You need to listen!!!
Skip is straightforward and Jason keeps the conversation running smoothly. If you have any interest in amps, guitars, basses... electronics or life you need to absorb Skip’s wisdom and efficiencies on life. I love it, you’ll love it too!
Love it when a new episode comes out and I can listen while building my latest vintage amp clone. Skip is knowledgeable and quite funny. And you don’t have to WATCH anything while building a high voltage circuit! What more could you ask for?
Thing 1243
Thanks for the podcast
I’m a big fan of vintage tube Amps I have a collection myself. Wish I knew more about the electronics involved in them other than just changing tubes. Anyhow grateful for the lighthearted conversation and the technical information.
valve master
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