The True Potential Podcast
The True Potential Podcast
Sylvia Vandelogt
The True Potential podcast helps women over 40 build self confidence so they can tap into their truest, fullest potential. Self confidence is something you can actively cultivate and in this podcast you'll find lots of practical tips on how to do that. Learn about the Self Confidence Formula and how you can apply it to your life. Use you new found confidence to start or grow a business, move ahead in your career, reinvent yourself in some way, build better relationships or just feel better in your day-to-day life. Learn from Sylvia Vandelogt who grew from a rather insecure young woman with low self esteem into a confident and successful business woman who has reached millions of women online.
Gratitude for what you did and will do
Do you ever feel gratitude for what you did in the past so you can enjoy the benefits now? I certainly do.  I just bought a house with a sea view which was made possible because I decided to create a business. It was not easy to start this new business as I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and step into a newer version of me. Today I'm grateful to myself from 10 years ago for doing that.  I'm also collecting the courage to do the same thing today. I don't always feel this optimistic.  In this podcast discover how you can make sure to feel gratitude for yourself and your life now as well as in the future.
Jan 20, 2021
7 min
Why you'll want to take lots of ACTION this year
If there's one tip that I can give you that will ensure you make the upcoming year a success, it is to take action. In this podcast I will give you 6 very good reasons for this.  Taking action will allow you to grow as a person in every possible way and it will help you reach your goals. Want my support in helping you take LOTS of action this year? Join the True Potential Academy:
Dec 30, 2020
17 min
How to stick to your resolutions this year
In this podcast let’s examine why resolutions so often fail and why you can't rely on will power alone to reach your goals and get things done. 2020 was a strange year for sure. Still I got a lot done and experienced some drastic life changes. You probably had every intention to have a productive year and hit your goals. It that didn't happen, let's discover how you can definitely make it happen this year! Want my help? Join my new workshop: How to get things done without the stress and the overwhelm
Dec 23, 2020
14 min
From overwhelm to productivity
Do you find yourself overwhelmed a lot of the time and can't get anything done? Me too. But I have found a way to quickly turn it around or avoid overwhelm altogether. Discover some of the key steps to take and turn overwhelming into productivity. Want to learn more, sign up for my workshop at
Dec 17, 2020
18 min
Embracing the practice
You may have thought about your purpose, both inner and outer. Perhaps you’ve set yourself a goal about something that you want. But how can you actually EXPERIENCE your best year ever? It’s through becoming the person person you want to be. It’s by enjoying the actions you take on a daily basis. It’s by living each moment with intention. It's through establishing a clear routine and enjoying it. One of my favorite authors Seth Godin refers to it as ‘the practice’. It’s the title of his new book that contains lots of wisdom of how the practice can change the trajectory of your life. That’s where the magic happens. That’s where you find fulfillment, contentment and happiness. Discover how this works in today's episode. Want to apply a practice to your life and discover what's possible for you? Join me in the True Potential Academy 
Nov 25, 2020
15 min
Why you'll want to create your personal bucketlist
2020 has been quite the year. Most probably it went a whole lot different than you expected. I know I've had to pivot in some areas but I've also used this year to double down on some of my goals. A new year is coming soon with lots of new opportunities for growth. Are you ready for it? Why not get very intentional on what you'd like to accomplish? What would you like to see happen next year? If you're not sure, let's get more clarity on it. I invite you to create your own personal bucket list. In this podcast, learn why this is a good idea and how you can get started with your own personal bucket list.   Start today with the bucket list challenge at
Nov 18, 2020
10 min
Who will you become?
Last week I introduced the concept of an impossible goal to you. Did you give it some thought? Today I’d like to dive in a little deeper and talk about the person you’d need to become to actually start pursuing that impossible goal. Who would you need to become? What would you need to think? How would the person who’s actively pursuing the goal feel? In short, who will you become? Want to get ideas? Download the bucket list
Nov 11, 2020
12 min
What's possible for you?
Combining a strong inner purpose with a strong outer purpose allows you to grow as person. It opens you up to all kinds of possibilities. Do you know what's possible for you? Have you explored how you can make the impossible, possible? That's what we'll explore in today's podcast. Want to get inspiration for you impossible goal? Download the bucket list at
Nov 3, 2020
14 min
Living your life with purpose
Do you ever get the feeling that your life is not purposeful enough? Are you still looking for that elusive purpose that will make your life more meaningful? In today's podcast discover how you can discover both your inner and outer purpose and how you can live your life with intention. Like to get more ideas? Download the bucket list guide
Oct 28, 2020
18 min
What to eat during your weight loss journey - with Karen Kjaerulff, RDN
Are you confused about what you can or cannot eat during your weight loss journey? And should you count calories or not? Join Sylvia Vandelogt and dietician Karen Kjaerulff, RDN as we discuss what should and definitely should not be included in your diet.  Want to lose 10 pounds? Join the program at
Oct 21, 2020
35 min
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