The Triple R
The Triple R
Riki Rachtman
He was an MTV VJ Hosting the Headbangers Ball, ran the most notorious rock club the Cathouse, and has been a nationally syndicated radio host for decades. Now he brings his unfiltered, uncensored and unapologetic views to the podcast world with intriguing guests from Rock 'n' Roll to cultural icons.    Topics and free for all it's The Triple R ... Why The F**k Not.
Episode 23 | WWE Referee Charles Robinson joins Riki Rachtman / Lea Vendetta
Wrestling, Wham! ,Bloody bathroom walls and so much more
Nov 25
1 hr 22 min
Episode 22 | ADULTS ONLY Riki & Lea breakdown dirty songs ie: WAP - Cardi B
Headbanger Riki Rachtman Inkmaster Lea Vendetta dissect the most successful controversial song in pop music history
Nov 18
47 min
Episode 21 | BURT REYNOLDS w Riki Rachtman FINAL INTERVIEW
Never before heard Riki & Burt 26 days before he passed away
Oct 1
37 min
Episode 20 | Adam Sandoval & #RikisRide20, HairMetal and Tom or Burt
Long distance biker Adam Sandoval & Riki Rachtman Lea Vendetta
Jul 1
54 min
Episode 19 | Riki Rachtman begins 10K mile motorcycle  RIKI's RIDE 20 with Lea Vendetta
Every year Riki Rachtman has embarked on a motorcycle ride across North America. No crew, No set route, No producer, NO chase vehicle NO CLUE.. Last year he brought Lea Vendetta with him and the 2 rode over 14,000 miles and raised over $32,000 for Stop Solidier Suicide. This year they plan on riding and experiencing the people places and flavors of what makes America great. Ok that sounds really great right ? Of course with rain, running out of gas, the unknown and the dynamics of what can happen when Americas Favorite Rock n Roll couple hits the road makes this an incredible unpredictable ride and you are going with. In this episode Riki & Lea give you the route, the charity and a sneak as to what we might expect on Rikis ride 20 Follow the journey on
Jun 15
1 hr 14 min
Episode 18 | Bad Religion Jay Bentley & Riki Rachtman
Riki & Jay have known each other since they were teens from Punk rock to Cathouse to today.
Jun 8
52 min
Episode 17 | Jesse James Dupree JACKYL controversial  Rock Star Entrepreneur
In the 90's rock scene Jackyl was on top of their game. They made it quite clear on their debut album they were not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. With songs like "She loves my cock" "Down on me" 'Redneck punk" You knew what you were going to get. Almost 3o years later Jackyl is still playing live to packed shows with a loyal fanbase . There is more to founder and singer JesseJames Dupree. He owns a huge bar in Sturgis, has his own bourbon company and an impressive resume of business ventures. UNCENSORED
Jun 1
50 min
Episode 16 | 2020: The Worst Year EVER But COVID-19 Did One Good Thing
What happened to Riki & Lea & the one thing Quarantine did right
May 25
41 min
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