The Tried and Truth Podcast with Annica Fischer
The Tried and Truth Podcast with Annica Fischer
Annica Fischer
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Katy Akester and Annica- great episode!
I truly enjoyed Annica’s episode with Katy Akester! Annica really connected with Katy’s life story and wisdom that she shared as a coach. Annica showed wonderful synergy with Katy helping us connect to Katy’s message on a deeper level. She gave Katy the space to be authentic and share her insights. Thanks for a great episode!
KB Ultimate
Love it!
I’m so thankful I found this excellent podcast! Annica does a phenomenal job hosting. She is empathetic, insightful, positive, relatable, and humble. The content is so encouraging and helpful, the guests are inspiring, the conversations are natural, and the podcast is overall very well done. I highly recommend this podcast for those wanting to grow and be encouraged!
An inspirational podcast worth the listen!
This podcast is truly something special! Annica is such a talented communicator and interviewer! She really has a gift for encouraging and finding inspiration. Don’t hesitate to spend your time here if you want to learn something, be inspired and grow!
Great Podcast!
I always learn something new! I so appreciate the way Annica makes you feel like you are in her home, having coffee while you listen!
So encouraging!
Annica’s messages and guests are always so encouraging and inspiring! She’s real and authentic, and listening ALWAYS brings a smile and puts me in a good headspace.
Kim D Dillon
So uplifting!
Annica is so life-giving, authentic, and wise. I thoroughly enjoy every episode ❤️
Wonderful podcast!
This podcast is so encouraging and guaranteed to make you smile! Annica is genuine and real. She has such a gift with words and asks incredibly thoughtful questions. Every guest has a fascinating story of how they got to where they are now. Truths and takeaway at the end of every episode relate those stories to us all. Highly recommend!
Emily Mundt
Always inspiring!
Annica’s podcast always leaves me feeling encouraged and hopeful for tomorrow. Easy to listen to, full of rich content that’s applicable to all areas in life from work, to marriage, raising kids, or your walk with Jesus. A must listen!!
Sadls Designs
Love Tried & Truth!!
I just love this podcast. The nuggets of truth tucked into each episode are much-needed reminders of practical ways to keep Jesus at the center of my job, in motherhood and in my friendships. Really grateful for Annica’s heart and for the guests that she brings on!
Such refreshing encouragement for the very wild ride of entrepreneurship!!
Releasing Fears and Finding the Courage to Celebrate
This was very inspiring and gave me so many reasons to stop and celebrate the moments. Thanks for rekindling my joy.
Laura SPI
Ready for more…
Very insightful and a delight to listen to. I was enriched by this podcast and it got me thinking!
Very inspiring and easy to listen.
Exactly what I needed to hear!
Tried and Truth Inspiration!
Using a blend of guest interviews and monologue episodes, Annica’s conversations with her audience inspire you to identify your “True North” and make your path on the life you desire to live beyond whatever ruts you face. - Jerry, Host of Beyond the Rut Podcast
The Real Jerry Dugan
Amazing Podcast!
Thanks Annica for such motivational and inspirational podcasts. You address topics that are very helpful for personal and professional growth. I’ve shared the link with my coworkers and family. Continue to spread your transformative messages!
Breathe of fresh air
My new go-to podcast. After each listen I cant help but feel recharged and refreshed :)
Ellie pili middleton
I love listening to Tried and Truth. So genuine and great steps to help me get motivated and move forward. Annica is honest, genuine, relatable, and she helps me step into my powerful self. Love it!
Honest and inspiring
Listening to Annica is so helpful. She speaks right to my heart. Her sound wisdom rooted in truth is refreshing and honest. I can’t wait for more.
Tami I
Inspiring podcast!
Annica does a great job of inspiring us with real life situations and encouraging us to go beyond our comfort zones!
Recharging and encouraging
Wow! I absolutely love this podcast. I found each episode to leave me feeling both recharged and motivated. I love the format and length as well. As busy women/mothers/wives we often put off listening to podcasts because we do not have the time. Annica has crafted the perfect dose of truth to feed our souls. Bravo! I will most definitely keep this on my list.
Inspired and motivated!
Annica has a way of addressing the stresses I personally feel. I feel inspired by her to find balance. She’s a pioneer and her voice is comforting.