The Tried and Truth Podcast with Annica Fischer
The Tried and Truth Podcast with Annica Fischer
Annica Fischer
Discovering and Leveraging "Gifts": How to Identify the Gifts in You and Those Around You
22 minutes Posted May 20, 2021 at 4:58 am.
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Show notes

Have you ever noticed people doing their "life’s work"?  These are the people “ in their element” - they light up a room, inspire you, and their passion is almost contagious.  They’re SO incredibly good at what they do! 

What if you could be MORE of that person and open up the door for others to be MORE of that, too? In today's episode, I’m sharing tips on how to identify your gifts, discover the gifts of others (at work and at home) and how to leverage them ALL more! 


If you're just tuning in, welcome!  I'm Annica and I’m on a mission to build a community around simple truths, life and business secrets, and everything in between...To uncomplicate the learning experience, keep us all growing, inspired, leading more fulfilling lives, and doing more meaningful work! You can find me on instagram - IG@annicafischer.  I'd love to learn more about your story - send me a DM!