The Tried and Truth Podcast with Annica Fischer
The Tried and Truth Podcast with Annica Fischer
Annica Fischer
Behind the Book: Engaging Women and Elevating Communities
43 minutes Posted May 20, 2021 at 4:32 am.
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Show notes

In this episode, we’re chatting with co-authors Shannon Deer, PhD, CPA and Cheryl Miller about the story behind their upcoming book Business Doing Good: Engaging Women and Elevating Communities.  Whether you have a business, are part of a business, or simply want to learn more, this conversation will expand your knowledge as we explore how regardless of current role or season of life, we all might be part of “engaging women and elevating communities''. We’ll talk through what it means to invest in women “over-comers”, what it means for organizations who engage in the investment, and hear inspiring stories that will challenge us all to think differently. 

Business Doing Good is currently available for pre-order at all major book retailers. 

About the Authors

Shannon Deer, PhD, CPA, is the interim associate dean for undergraduate programs and a clinical assistant professor for Mays Business School at Texas A&M University. She is an award-winning professor and also conducts executive development training for leading companies. Deer’s research focuses on women’s transitional experience after exiting the sex trade or sex-trafficking situations and specifically focuses on the impact (positive and negative) businesses have on survivors in their work transition. 

Cheryl Miller owns Quantum Circles Consulting and Training.  She provides training on topics that increase opportunities for transformation in economic development for the marginalized, effective communication focusing on the facilitation of conflict, and restorative justice. Miller has been a volunteer mediator for sixteen years and has more than a thousand hours of experience of mediation with victims of violent crimes and their offenders. She was the executive director of a housing program in Victoria, Texas, for eighteen years which housed women with long-term substance abuse, ex-offenders, and women in the sex industry. Miller could relate to some of the women’s experience after being a single mom to premature twins and on welfare. She used the principles in this book to create an empowerment support model for women at the home. 


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