The Transformational Storyteller
The Transformational Storyteller
Daralyse Lyons
Have you ever been so captivated by a story that you felt transformed by it? Join host Daralyse Lyons (aka The Transformational Storyteller) as she takes us into the lives and minds of real people whose stories have the power to captivate and inspire. Stories span the gamut from comedic to tragic, superficial to life-altering. As you listen, you’ll find yourself wanting to transform your own narrative and improve your life.
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Aug 2, 2020
2 min
Episode 23: Plotting Life's Trajectory
In Episode 23, Daralyse talks about the importance of the plot points in our lives and how our interpretations determine our outcomes. She talks about how having flexible goals has shifted the course of her life and invites viewers and/or listeners to approach their lives from a place of curiosity and possibility. Then, she reflects on the triumphs and tragedies of this season's guests and how their attitudes have determined the trajectory of their lives. Although this is the final episode of the season, it is just the beginning of an ongoing journey of using stories to transform lives, and transforming stories to improve lives. Helpful links: Season sponsors: Loving Healing Press - Coupon Code: Daralyse Just Strong - Coupon Code: Daralyse10 Kismet Cowork - - Mention The Transformational Storyteller Podcast for $25 off your first month's membership The Renfrew Center -
Feb 5, 2020
19 min
Episode 22:Heroism through Humanism
Ever since Ed Eisen was seven years old, he knew that the real heroes weren't the ones who displayed superhuman powers. They were the everyday people who worked tirelessly to make a difference. That's why Ed didn't aspire to be Superman in a cape, he wanted to be Clark Kent, with a notepad and glasses. Like his childhood hero, Ed would eventually become a reporter and would use his journalistic talents to right social wrongs. In this episode, Ed opens up about some of his most interesting assignments. This is a story about using curiosity and persistence to inspire change. Helpful Links: Guest contact:
Jan 21, 2020
42 min
Episode 21:Improvement Through Improvisation
Bobbi Block has had a lifelong love of acting. From as far back as she can remember, she's been bringing characters to life. It wasn't until discovering comedy improv, however, that she could express the full spectrum of her emotions. A self-described “recovering control freak,” she has found a level of freedom and flexibility through comedic improvisation that has translated into every area of her life. Bobbi now uses the fundamentals of improv to help others acquire more effective ways of navigating the world. This is a story about listening to one's self and others and embracing all life has to offer. Helpful Links: Show sponsors: Loving Healing Press - Coupon Code: Daralyse Guest contact:
Jan 7, 2020
43 min
Episode 20:Overcoming Obstacles
Jennifer Robinson, Esquire was crossing the street when a truck veered out of control and hit her. After that, her whole life changed. Jennifer suffered a slew of physical and mental disabilities, was forced out of her law career, and plunged into a depressive abyss. It took a long time but eventually she defied her treatment team's expectations for her recovery. She's improved beyond their hopes but still not to her satisfaction. She continues to strive for better, which explains why, after leaving the law, she launched a career as a coach, consultant and public speaker. Jennifer refuses to let her life be defined by trauma and instead focuses on building meaningful relationships and on going for her goals. This is a story about starting over. Helpful Links: Show sponsors: Loving Healing Press - Coupon Code: Daralyse Just Strong - Coupon Code: Daralyse10 Guest contact:
Dec 24, 2019
46 min
Episode 19:The Energy of Expansion
After years of striving to achieve success, Jenn Masse realized she'd been ignoring her internal alarm. Sure, from the outside, she had an enviable life, but, inside, Jenn was empty. She began to explore the connection between energy and emotions and, pretty soon, she'd transformed her life. By connecting with her core, she discovered her purpose. Jenn left her corporate job, became a core energy coach, and now helps others to up-level their energy. This is a story about doing what it takes to move from “good enough” to great. Helpful Links: Show Sponsor: Loving Healing Press - Coupon Code: Daralyse Guest contact:
Dec 10, 2019
41 min
Episode 18:Dare to Disrupt
Ever since the fourth grade, Salaah Muhammed has been challenging hypocrisy and taking a stand against injustice. He refers to himself as a “disruptor” and, yet, when you hear his story, it will become clear that he's actually attempting to repair a broken and inequitable system. The creative mind behind a groundbreaking political and social justice podcast, Salaah engages people in relevant discussions about the things that most impact their lives. He talks about the thing we've all been told not to talk about: politics. This is a story about making a tangible difference and refusing to settle for the status quo. Helpful Links: Show Sponsors: Kismet Cowork - (Mention The Transformational Storyteller Podcast for $25 off your first month's membership) Just Strong - Coupon Code: Daralyse10 Guest contact:
Nov 27, 2019
56 min
Episode 17: Choose the Hard Thing
Faatimah always knew she was destined for more. She loved people and wanted to help them. First, she had to help herself. Faatimah grew up in a traumatic environment. She didn't feel safe or supported and when the opportunity to leave home arose, she took it. But, even after she did, she struggled with inner turmoil and trauma she perpetrated against herself. In Episode 17, she talks about her personal struggles and how community and connection enabled her to find her purpose as an advocate, a mentor, and a missionary. This is a story about embracing difficult choices. Helpful Links: Show Sponsors: The Renfrew Center Loving Healing Press - Coupon Code: Daralyse15 Guest contact:
Nov 13, 2019
36 min
Episode 16: Finding Flexibility
Do we have a single path? Not according to D.Rey, former professional basketball player turned media personality. After an injury forced him out of basketball, D.Rey made an almost effortless pivot. He discovered his second love - interviewing and inspiring others. In Episode 16, this TV talk-show host occupies the other side of the interview divide and opens up about his path and his purpose. This is a story about being open to possibilities. Helpful Links: Show sponsors: Loving Healing Press - Coupon Code: Daralyse Just Strong - Coupon Code: Daralyse10 Guest contact:
Oct 30, 2019
44 min
Episode 15: Removing the Mask
From the outside, Davita Garfield's life looked great. But, behind her mask, Davita was tormented by emotions and experiences that she couldn't bring herself to talk about. It was only when she got sick of feeling sick that she started to open up about her symptoms, some physical, others psychological. She would not be alive today if she hadn't developed the courage to share that her outsides didn't match her insides. This is a story about the miracles that can happen when we are brave enough, and vulnerable enough, to remove our masks and let ourselves be seen. Helpful Links: Show sponsors: Loving Healing Press - Coupon Code: Daralyse Just Strong - Coupon Code: Daralyse10 Guest contact:
Oct 15, 2019
50 min
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