The Trailblazer's Way Podcast
The Trailblazer's Way Podcast
Margo Carroll
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Margo keeps it real!
I just listened to Margo’s latest podcast where she shares her personal story. What I love about her is she is a real person and says it like it is, in a respectful and honest way. She shares her journey of what she used to do and how it evolved a few times into the successful entrepreneur she is today. I enjoy listening to her because I can relate to so many things she says. She also is very generous in sharing ideas and tips. You truly are a Trailblazer, Margo! Thank you!
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If you second guess yourself or feel overwhelmed quickly please, listen to Margo! Margo teaches how to easily reframe perspectives and prioritize goals without feeling overwhelmed. I found her podcasts to be informative and encouraging, can’t wait for more!
Super smart!
Great content, great delivery. Highly recommend!
Hate to be Late
Fresh voice in Marketing
Just when I thought I’ve heard it all Margo brings a new perspective to marketing. A must listen for online entrepreneurs
Learning so much!
I started a business a couple years back with tons of passion and limited experience. Even earned a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, but it didn’t provide the practical advice and real word expertise I needed. SO GLAD that Margo is out there filling the airwaves with inspirational know how. Concrete suggestions and a shot in the arm!!! This is just what I need to help me reexamine what I’ve been doing and start working smarter not harder. Thanks so much!
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Highly Informative
I was impressed by how much content was packed into this first episode, especially in the second half. It was presented in a way that felt simultaneously doable and aspirational. I’ll definitely keep listening.
Great information for both small up-and-coming businesses and well established businesses to develop and critique there email marketing strageties!!! Super excited!
Learn from Margo for FREE?? I'm sold.
Margo Carroll is one of my favorite marketing experts because she's taught me so much every time I've had the chance to work with her. I'm so excited to tune into her podcast and get the opportunity to tap into her marketing genius on the regular.
Gillian Perkins
Accessible and insightful
Margo clearly has a huge depth of knowledge about marketing and business management, and she makes it so accessible. I learned a ton from the first couple episodes. Looking forward to more!
This is amazing! So much information packed into each episode, what an amazing resource! Thanks Margo!
Perfect quick bites
Love it! This show is quick and concise, leaving you with action you can take right away (without being overwhelmed). Margo is such an expert and I love getting her inside tips.
Empathy Driven Funnels
Loved all of these awesome insights on funnels! A lot of people who promote funnels don't concentrate on how to market to your existing followers and turn them into your future clients. Margo's approach isn't "salesy", and it's super refreshing to hear about how much success her clients have had while putting their focus on their clients. So glad this will be an ongoing series!
Start listening NOW!
I’m stoked for Margo’s podcast to finally be out!! Margo is absoutely brilliant, there's no debating it. She is an innovative creator, with heart, spunk and 0 BS. She's also an authentic, empathetic human who genuinely wants the best for others. Every time I tune into ANYTHING from Margo (blog posts, IG posts, interviews) I leave with tonnnns of golden nuggets to start implementing into my business IMMEDIATELY. I have no doubt you’ll be binging these episodes upon first listen.
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The Trailblazer metaphor is here to stay!
Margo’s fresh take on marketing and creating a sales system for your online business is so welcome in the entrepreneurial community. She brings her expertise, experience, and love of hiking to how she explains things and her actionable suggestions make it feel doable! You’ll love listening to this podcast!
What a GEM!
I’m SO excited for Margo’s podcast to hit your ears. Margo’s an incredible copywriter, marketing genius and funnel builder extraordinaire. But more importantly than all that, she’s a compassionate, kind, empathetic person who takes a true heart-centered approach to building a business, brand or career. If you’ve been turned off by business building experts in the past.. you’ve found your place. Can’t wait for more episodes to hit the airwaves! 🥰
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