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“Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one?” Tony Robbins, the #1 Life and Business Strategist, has helped over 50 million people from 100 countries create real and lasting change in their lives. In this podcast, he shares proven strategies and tactics so you, too, can achieve massive results in your business, relationships, health and finances. In addition to excerpts from his signature events and other exclusive, never-before-released audio content, Tony and his team also conduct deeply insightful interviews with the most prominent masterminds and experts on the global stage.
Changing World Order with Ray Dalio: How countries rise and fall | What cycles of history can teach us now
"Power comes to those that can recognize patterns" Tony Robbins We are living in historic times. It's no wonder that as disruptions to life as we know it occur on a global scale, people are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. While you may want to turn off the news and cover your eyes, the truth is: there’s power in being able to recognize the underlying patterns and anticipate what's coming so that we can prepare and respond. Ray Dalio is the founder and co-Chairman of Bridgewater Associates, as well as a #1 NY Times bestselling author. Ray conducts his business and lives his life based on key PRINCIPLES. His latest book, Principles for Dealing with The Changing World Order points out why nations rise and fall and shares information you need to recognize the times we are living through are part of a larger cycle that has taken place many times before. In this 2022 interview with his friend Tony Robbins, Ray shares what we can do on a personal level and on the collective to navigate these unique times. To watch the interview, go here: SHOW NOTES [1:39]  Tony on the Power Patterns  [8:51]  The Cycle Explained: What's a New World Order?  [16:00]  What's a populist?  [18:50]  The 8 Measures of Power [23:52]  The 3 Big Events that lead to a Changing World Order [28:40]  Why did Donald Trump get elected in 2016? [31:02]  The 5 Types of War  [35:20]  Ray's methodology of studying history  [40:17]  The collective experience is all about how we are with each other [41:29]  Education, and disparity in the state of Connecticut  [46:49]  They call them revolutions but they're civil wars [54:03]  Ukraine, Russia, and China  [1:03:02] Inflation: What got us here and what do we do now?  [1:10:00]  Taking away buying power to fight inflation = period of stagflation [1:14:47] The Holy Grail of Investing = diversified uncorrelated assets [1:18:28] More on China [1:24:25] Ray's 3 Tips: How You Can  Avoid the Decline [1:28:47]  "Whatever success I've had has come more from MEDITATION than any other influence."- Ray Dalio  [1:33:44]  At 72, what's next for Ray Dalio
Jul 29
1 hr 35 min
The Fourth Turning | What past generations can teach us about our future
There’s no denying that we are part of a significant inflection point in human history. We are truly living in interesting times...  In this episode, Tony speaks with historian and demographer Neil Howe about the fascinating patterns of human history, as he and co-author William Strauss explained more than two decades ago in Generations (1991) and The Fourth Turning (1997).  If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or uncertain about all that’s happening in the world, this episode will give you a much-needed shift in perspective. You will understand how cycles of crisis catalyze massive economic, cultural, political, and institutional disruption – and how as a society, we solve problems we never thought we could before.  No storm lasts forever, and this too shall pass. Listen to this episode for Neil’s predictions on how much longer this crisis period will last and what we can look forward to in our beautiful, shared future.  To watch the interview, which took place in 2022 in front of a small audience, go here: SHOW NOTES  [0:05] Tony was working with President Bill Clinton when he was first told about the book Generations  [2:46] The stages of our lives: childhood, young adult, mid-life, elder  [6:31] The seasons of history and how they overlap with generations  [8:15] Tony welcomes Neil Howe, co-author of Generations, and The Fourth Turning  [10:25] Generations are distinct and always have been  [10:45] How old you are during a big event shapes your experience of it  [12:50] Knife-age division vs. zones of transition (EX. X-ennials)  [13:45] History shapes generations, but (later on) generations shape history   [16:09] The cyclical nature of crises and how they spur “a total remake”  [18:29] Institutions we rely on today were created post-WWII  [20:01] Why do we wait until there is a crisis to solve problems?  [22:10] 1780s economic depression: We created the Constitution in our darkest hour   [24:18] What comes next: The High, collective, feeling more than the sum of our parts  [26:38] The Awakening releases the individual   [27:57] Gen X was left alone and raised themselves = pragmatism & cynicism  [30:08] Silent Generation had to adjust themselves to meet others’ expectations  [31:08] We are in a time of growing tribalism in America  *Show notes continue on website page
Jul 6
1 hr 33 min
What does it mean to be a father? | An exclusive conversation with Tony, Sage, and Mary B. on the difference between a dad and a father
As we approach Father’s Day, join Tony Robbins, his wife Sage Robbins, and host Mary B. as they discuss their fathers, their modern family, a 14-month-old daughter, and the distinction Tony draws between a father and a dad. An archetype is just a fancy word for pattern and the universal father energy is within us and around us all, regardless of your relationship with your own father, whether you have children, or your gender. Our experience of father(s) shapes our life and influences who we become. Fathers, brothers, grandpas, godfathers, uncles, and father figures hold the powerful possibility to affect us in meaningful ways. By also recognizing these energies within us and calling upon them in different circumstances and contexts, we are able to live life fully, with access to a multitude of gifts, abilities, experiences, and emotions.  We invite you to notice, honor, and appreciate the father figures in your life as we commemorate Father’s Day with this exclusive conversation. "A father is love and strength. It's an absolute unconditional love beyond imagination and a strength to call to the highest part of them." – Tony Robbins SHOW NOTES [0:10] Introduction [1:07] What does it mean to Tony to be a father? [2:03] Father’s role has 2 sides: Father and Dad [3:05] Every child has different gifts [4:07] Tony’s unique upbringing [4:57] Sage’s mom’s narrative: Dad is in service to the family [5:54] Mothers shape children’s view of fathers [7:03] Tony had no relationship with his biological father [8:26] Tony’s second father [8:49] The man Tony’s mom married before Tony was born [9:11] Jim Robbins, Tony’s adoptive father [10:57] Tony learned to manage conflict as a child [11:14] Tony’s definition of an outstanding father [12:00] Individuals not always related can affect us in most meaningful ways [12:48] Be more than a dad, call them to the highest version of themselves [13:45] Tony’s two-word on-stage reminder [14:38] Father is a role of leadership, service even when it’s hard [16:00] Tony’s fifth father, the ultimate father figure: Sage’s dad [18:03] Brotherhood and father figures in Tony’s life [19:24] Tony’s instant fatherhood at 24 years old [21:22] Tony’s baby daughter: I delight in witnessing her gifts [22:26] Dr. Carol Dweck’s growth mindset research [24:56] Teaching Tony’s daughter her responsibility to life [26:57] Men are hard on themselves [28:14] There are no professional parents, go easy on yourselves *Show notes continue on website page
Jun 17
1 hr 6 min
Your Success is 80% Psychology | How to Use Mindfulness and Meditation to Prime Your Nervous System for Peak Performance
Mindfulness and meditation aren’t just about spirituality or stress relief. In today’s world of constant demands and digital distractions, mindfulness is about making your moments truly matter and living up to your full potential. It’s about your power to put your attention where you want it to be and not on what someone else dangles on a screen in front of you. This is just one reason why Tony Robbins incorporates a gratitude meditation into his daily morning routine to prime his mind every single day. If you’re familiar with any of Tony Robbins peak performance strategies, you know that your ability to maintain a peak state is a key component of living the life you desire. Your state is affected by the way you use your physical body, your ability to direct your mind’s focus, and the language or meaning you give to your experiences. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that we aren’t able to be the best version of ourselves when we are in a stressed state. The incoherence of our head and heart, the jitters in our nervous system and body makes us less effective and less resourceful. In this 1-hour episode you’ll hear from Tony Robbins, his wife Sage Robbins, and podcast host Mary B. as they discuss one of the most valuable skills to maximize your mindset and prime yourself for power, clarity, concentration, and focused attention.   SHOW NOTES [0:00] Hi it’s Tony Robbins… [1:15] I used to think meditation was a waste of time [2:00] We don’t experience life, we experience the life we pay attention to [2:39] Tony and wife Sage and traveled the globe together for 22 years [3:30] A podcast on meditation? I’d be outta here. But… [4:03] Twin hearts Sage and Tony Robbins [5:30] Why does time go so fast? [6:20] One of us is a meditator and one of us is not [7:12] Meditation definition | What is meditation, really? [8:20] Styles of meditation [9:57] What’s your outcome? [10:30] The science of meditation [11:24] Be here now and notice [12:24] Our attention is the most important commodity [13:15] Self-judgement and imposter syndrome [15:50] Ellen Langer Harvard mindfulness [16:37] Just close your eyes for a minute [17:28] I’m thinking about a grilled cheese sandwich [18:23] Meditation is not something to achieve, it’s something to experience [19:04] The throughline is gratitude [19:30] Thoughts are like clouds floating by [20:22] How do I stop the thoughts in my mind? [21:25] There’s an entire universe inside of us [22:22] Collective mind [23:19] Sage and her baby in the rain [24:25] In the busy-ness we miss the nuances [25:00] Mary B: Meditation has gotten really trendy [26:25] Story: Full Moon Meditation with Tony, Sage, Billy Beck and Mary B. [29:13] We will never experience this moment of life again [29:43] Profound knowledge *Show notes continue on website page Original Music by Abhinav and Sage Robbins
May 23
1 hr 17 min
The Power of Unconditional Love | An exclusive conversation with Sage Robbins
We’re all here together in this Earth School learning, doing the best we can, making mistakes, picking ourselves back up. The soothing balm that keeps us going is often another’s kindness, caring, connection, and love. Its power is truly transformational. If you think of any great mother, real or archetypal, they have a capacity to love unconditionally – to accept, to allow, to give, to understand, to listen, to nurture. A mother’s love brims with compassion and mercy. Even when their beloved has behavior that may be less desirable, there's still a universal knowingness and a loving essence for the human heart before them. That unconditional aspect of love is what is discussed in this one hour special edition episode. Hear Tony, Sage, and Mary B converse on what it means to sponsor life. There's a beauty to life. The mess of it, and the sweetness of it, and the pain of it. And so, it's not to say that there aren’t challenges and that there isn't pain in moments like right now with what's happening on the world stage. But we can contribute to the schism, or we can be a balm. We can be a balm of kindness, and goodness, and look to bring love, light, illumination, presence, connectedness, to be an ear to listen. It's amazing how that can shift another's world. I know what it feels like for me to receive that. I know what it feels like to offer that. And I think that’s a beautiful reality that sometimes in the busyness of life, we can forget how impactful in a moment we can touch another. That we can reach another. That we can move another. That we can remind each other because we're mirroring each other and as we're offering that we're experiencing that. Everything that I'm saying to you in this moment, it's really all selfishly for myself. Life is such a beautiful house of mirrors. We're all reflecting each other. - Sage Robbins LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST TO LEARN: How you can “sponsor” life How to tap into the powerful divine energies that flow through us all What life lessons two new moms have learned already   SHOW NOTES [2:00] Sage Robbins on “sponsoring life” [7:38] Mary B. & Sage on masculine and feminine energies and archetypes [13:58] On a mother’s unconditional love [14:56] In birth as in death [17:49] The teacher becomes the student [18:11] Tony pops in studio [23:10] Nurturing/Mothering of self [28:45] “You have influence over your children but you don’t have control” - Tony Robbins [31:37] The Serenity Prayer [35:08] Hello, I'm alive! We’re spinning on this planet, and my heart is beating! [36:10] Social media shifts when [37:22] As Ken Wilber would say, it’s “grit and grace” [38:28] Be a balm in this world [39:31] Sage and Mary B’s personal journey to motherhood [44:51] Kahlil Gibran on children [46:40] What’s the meaning of life? And other big questions [47:16] Modern families and unique constellations [50:42] Divine energies [52:28] A newborn’s innate intelligence [55:25] Magda Gerber and the RIE school of thought [58:20] The label vs. the experience [1:03:03] Happy Mother’s Day to all
May 6
1 hr 1 min
Sneak Peek: Q & A w/ Tony Robbins During Last Year’s Free Breakthrough Challenge
This year, Tony is doing his third and final free challenge online: The Ultimate Breakthrough Challenge. These challenges, created in 2020 when millions around the world were stuck at home, have made Tony’s work accessible to more than 1 million people, changing lives around the world. By spending just a few hours a day for a week with Tony, we have seen people shed weight, create passionate relationships and take their businesses to the next level.  In this episode, we share some of the most impactful audience questions and Tony’s answers from last year’s challenge that shifted the way our participants’ viewed the world and their lives, creating breakthroughs immediately for both them and the entire audience. Listen or watch below to the full conversation. EPISODE NOTES [0:11] The Ultimate Breakthrough Challenge [1:40] How do I let go of the things that I cannot control and react with a positive mindset? [2:02] The Idea of control is an illusion. What is real is influence. [3:04] Expectations lead to suffering [3:35] Focus, physiology and language [4:50] Focus on what you can control [7:28] How do I find a purpose that will pay me? [9:35] The difference between soul and economics. [13:03] Work hard, keep improving yourself and your gifts will make room for you. [15:50] How long does the celebration of reaching a goal last for you? [16:45] Goal is not to achieve your goal, the goal is for you to grow. [16:57] Progress=happiness [17:41] The biggest mistake in people’s businesses. [18:40] How do you stop self-sabotage [20:44] Masculine and feminine energy [21:44] Mature v. immature [23:08] How to change your conditioning [25:11] Cold plunge example [27:15] The Ultimate Breakthrough Challenge  
Jan 21
28 min
Netflix’s I Am Not Your Guru five years later, with Filmmaker Joe Berlinger and Tony & Sage Robbins
5 years ago, Tony Robbins gave behind the scenes access of his annual life changing event, Date With Destiny to Netflix and filmmaker Joe Berlinger, and the movie I Am Not Your Guru was born. Today, Tony and his wife Sage sit down with Joe and discuss how the film came to be, as well as check in with some of the people highlighted in the documentary and what their life looks like today, years after this transformative event. If interested in attending yourself, visit Filmmaker Joe Berlinger is known for making mostly dark documentaries about rock singers & serial killers. However, when Joe attended Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny event and moved from the dark to the light in his own life, he knew he had to make a movie about this transformative event. After months and months of convincing Tony and Sage to say yes, he agreed to their terms of not letting his crew get in the way of the event or experience of the people in the room in any way, and  I Am Not Your Guru was born.  As we celebrate the 5th anniversary of this ground-breaking film, Joe sits down with Tony and Sage to share moving stories, behind the scenes anecdotes and life updates from several people followed in the documentary. This is a candid conversation you don’t want to miss. Watch the full conversation HERE. SHOW NOTES (video and audio) [1:58] Intro Joe Berlinger [3:50] Joe’s experience at Date With Destiny [8:00] Joe wanted to make a movie about Date With Destiny [9:01] 2 stumbling blocks [9:58] A deal is made [10:51] Sage hesitant to make a movie [12:02] Joe’s favorite moment in the film [13:13] Tony’s reflections on Joe’s favorite moment [14:29] Joe is the king of Netflix [15:42] Skeptical Filming Crew [16:47] Where are they now? Dawn [23:22] Dawn’s path post Date With Destiny [24:12] Dawn’s “uncle” Joaquin joins the conversation [27:27] Dawn’s relationship with men [29:11] Joe’s most impactful experience [29:28] The greatest gift of Date With Destiny [31:43] Does this last? [32:00] The unique community of friends [32:45] Where are they now? Tammy and Lance [37:04] Lance’s cracks his shell [37:37] Tammy can do anything with Lance [39:02] A reflection of the human experience [39:49] Lance and Tammy’s advice on an extraordinary life [41:55] Creating a compelling life [43:28] Date With Destiny: Mastering what’s inside [43:38] Interested for yourself?
Nov 16, 2021
45 min
How ClassPass & Dave’s Killer Bread built success | Tony talks with the creators at Business Mastery
ClassPass users around the world have logged more than 100 million hours of workouts, while Dave’s Killer Bread is flying off shelves at a record pace. What do their founders attribute the success of their brands to? At a recent Business Mastery event, Tony Robbins hosts an in-depth conversation with both Payal Kadakia, the founder and CEO of ClassPass, and Dave Dahl, the founder of Dave’s Killer Bread.  ClassPass is this decade’s first unicorn, a start-up that reached a billion dollar valuation. But it is Kadakia’s passion for and dedication to her company’s mission of providing soul nourishing experiences to its community that drives her daily.  After spending 15 years in prison, Dahl seized his second chance by creating healthy, great-tasting bread recipes that became Dave’s Killer bread. He sold his company a few years ago to the second-largest bakery in the nation for $275M. While Kadakia and Dahl have very diverse backgrounds and entrepreneurial stories, they both harnessed challenges, obstacles and disappointments to drive them, rather than destroy them. They became servant leaders, dedicated to the needs of their raving fans, which translated into incredible opportunities to change the world through innovation and inspiration. Watch the discussion here.   [01:25] Introduction of Payal Kadakia [02:45] Facing adversity [5:35] What creating ClassPass was about [6:12] Don’t lose your connection to your why [6:26] False signals of success [6:50] MVP: Minimum Viable Product [7:20] Their biggest customer behavior challenge [8:15] ClassPass evolution, 3 versions [12:30] Be mission obsessed, not product obsessed [13:00] COVID and ClassPass [17:05] ClassPass’s Mission [18:46] Focusing through iterations. [20:55] ClassPass Capital raises [21:58] Culture at ClassPass [26:10] Being a woman of color is a strength. [27:29] Failure is a data point. It is part of the journey. [28:17] Introduction of Dave Dahl of Dave’s Killer Bread [30:28] Dave’s first transformation. [31:15] Dave’s rock bottom. [34:10] What changed Dave’s life. [34:53] Dave’s relationship with his brother. [36:22] Idea born: Dave’s Killer Bread. [38:57] Branding evolution of Dave’s Killer Bread [41:50] Expansion through risk taking. [44:53] Giving felons a second chance through employment. [48:05] When old patterns reemerge [53:15] The sale of Dave’s Killer Bread [55:20] After Dave’s Killer Bread [56:33] Dave’s Philanthropy: Constructing Hope [58:50] Audience question from Brian: what was the moment that you felt the biggest turnaround? [01:07:47] Audience question from Sarah: how do I make my idea happen? What are the steps? [01:13:27] Audience question from Daniel: how do you create balance between your personal expansion and your business expansion? [01:21:27] Sign off
Sep 21, 2021
1 hr 21 min
Founder & CEO of Peloton talks heart, hunger & health | John Foley at Business Mastery
Did you know that over 1 million people train on a Peloton every day? How was this phenomenon created and maintained? Tony had the pleasure of speaking with John Foley, Co-founder and CEO of Peloton at a recent Business Mastery event. Foley has led Peloton to geometric growth, after more than 400 rejections from potential investors, it is now valued at over $32B dollars! With 3.6 million raving fans, Foley has created an online community that both supports and challenges people to live better lives through convenient fitness in your home. His dedication to principles like “stay hungry and humble” and “don’t use hope as a method” are part of the secret to his success. It is Foley’s continued focus on aspirational goals combined with his ability to inspire his employees to act like owners in solving problems and staying hungry that ensures Peloton will continue to accelerate and thrive as a business. Watch the full conversation here. [01:03] Intro of John Foley, CEO and co-founder of Peloton [03:32] Foley background, including working at a Skittles Factory  [05:25] Hunger and humility most important to success [06:44] Foley’s mentor [08:01] Digital media disruption [09:52] 400 nos before a single yes [11:06] Funding Peloton [11:39] Surround yourself with people who see the vision [13:22] Consistency and perseverance created traction [14:41] Goal of growing business 100% and making your life better [17:55] Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good and minimum viable product [19:23] Communal motivation in group fitness to make it fun [21:15] How willing are your customers to recommend your business? - Peloton is in low 90’s on 1-100 scale [23:12] Foley’s competitive nature [25:23] The instructor, the human factor, matters. Scaling via digital media [28:22] Don’t use hope as a method [28:47] Don’t plan for failure, plan for success because it becomes self-fulfilling [30:13] Partnership with Beyonce [33:59] 8,000 employees globally [34:06]Marc Benioff is an inspiration. Champion of social change and team culture [34:57] Internal culture permeates into the brand [36:32] Audience question from Karina: How have your margins increased with COVID? [37:24] COVID was tailwind for Peloton [38:23] Had to spend $100M to satisfy the demand but margin structure has increased [40:14] Audience question from Michelle: How did you build a team with great people AND establish a culture? [42:30] Audience question from Brett: What did it feel like to see something you created finally succeed? [43:15] We are not doing a victory dance. Hungry and humble with fire in our belly to get to our goals [44:45] Audience question from Ann: What was your journey as you began putting Peloton together as a company? [45:33] Bought parts of our business. Decided needed to be good at software, hardware and content. Focus on what will make your business special [47:12] Find partners that share your work ethic, that you like being around [48:32] Sign off
Jul 30, 2021
48 min
Karma, Consciousness, and Freedom | A Discussion with Sadhguru, Tony, and Sage Robbins
Sadhguru, a beloved friend of Tony and Sage, sits down to discuss identity, consciousness, inner freedom, human evolution, and his book Karma, A Yogi’s Guide to Crafting Your Destiny. Watch the discussion HERE. Sadhguru is a true luminary of our time and offers in this interview a fresh understanding of Karma and its common misperceptions. Removing  the stigma of “good Karma” or “bad Karma,” Sadhguru explains that our karma actually has the ability to enhance our lives if only we choose to use our past, and our memories of it, in ways that serve our perception of life, personal evolution, and spiritual growth.   [00:47] Sadhguru ID/Intro [01:18] What is Karma? [04.02] Karma is about liberation, not control [07:44] Karma is how to move from an unconscious to a conscious existence. [08:12] Responding (choice) v. reacting [11:53] One consciousness [12:59] Consciousness is not something we do [16:19] To be free, understand what ropes are holding you [17:06] What is Vasana? [19:07] Sadhguru working with prisoners in India and US [21:13] Large part of karma being created unconsciously [22:44] Sadhguru’s goal to make the whole world ecstatic [24:51] People have a fear of freedom [26:51] We die in installments. [28:37] Your attention needs to be with living. [29:26] How can you create a new destiny consciously? [30:17] Your experience of life is manufactured within you. [34:50] Why is intention so important? [36:42] Your intent is based on your identity [37:20] Fix your identity [39:14] What does Sadhguru mean? [41:44] How do you liberate Karma? [42:30] Awareness and abandon [43:22] The story of Gautama [50:32] Genetic compulsions are within all of us. [52:32] How will you use what is within you? [54:10] How do you coach people to pause? [54:52] Managing instincts consciously [57:10] What is the practice of just being and looking? [01:00:40] Not looking through the kaleidoscope of karma [01:02:38] Shifting perception from suffering to pain [01:03:29] Creating space between you and your body [01:07:23] What life throws at you is not your choice. What you make out of it is 100% yours [01:08:28] The gift of this existence [01:11:39] All human experience happens from within. [01:13:57] Sign off
Jul 2, 2021
1 hr 14 min
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