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The TNG Podcast
Shereese & Andrea
Star Trek; The Next Generation has created millions of fans who have become experts at things like speaking Klingon, loving/hating the Borg, & making a good cup of Earl Grey (hot!). Join TNG superfans, Shereese & Andrea, every Thursday as they do an episode-by-episode tear down of all 7 seasons of this epic show. If you love Star Trek; The Next Generation, and you are looking for a place to geek out about it, the TNG podcast is for you! Join the crew at
S1E20 The Arsenal of Freedom
Today, we keep the world safe from a robot invasion, Andrea explains how to forage for food safely, and we ask the question, "How do you talk about your coworkers if your Comm Badge is always on?"
Oct 15
1 hr 3 min
SE19 Heart of Glory
Today, we question the safety standards of the Enterprise, some Klingons try to stir shit up, and we ask the question, "Where did the phrase 'throw them in the Brig' come from?"
Oct 8
47 min
S1E18 Coming of Age
Today, a teenager runs away to join the circus, we discuss great monster makeup, and we ask the question, "How do you bounce a kid off a planet's atmosphere?"
Oct 1
47 min
S1E17 Home Soil
Today, we question Geordi's critical thinking skills under pressure, the terraforming crew are a bunch of heartless bastards, and we ask the question, "How could you forget about the Cystaline Entity!"
Sep 24
47 min
S1E16 When The Bough Breaks
Today, I rant about Mark Twain. We math-check how many kids you need to repopulate and planet, and we ask the question, "What type of hostage negotiation can Shereese endorse?"
Sep 17
48 min
S1E15 Too Short A Season
Today, we tear down Benjamin Button in Space, we find out how expensive it is to build a 24th century wheelchair, and we ask, "can we have this episode removed from TNG Canon?"
Sep 10
30 min
S1E14 11001001
Today, Picard gets WILD with a personal relaxation light, Riker attempt to fake it til he makes it with Minuet, and we ask the question, "How far is too far on the Holodeck?"
Sep 3
57 min
S1E13 Angel One
Today, we talk to an expert about the gender roles on Angel One, Riker "takes it like a man", and we ask the question, "How long is too long to wait before starting a search and rescue mission?"
Aug 27
46 min
S1E12 Datalore
Today we accidentally discover our stripper names, we give Wesley a hard time, and we ask the question, "Why aren't there any sprinklers on the USS Enterprise? Isn't that a fire hazard??"
Aug 20
51 min
S1E11 The Big Goodbye
Today, Captain Picard and friends take a trip back in time, Shereese expertly explains how holodecks work, and we ask the question, "When did Counselor Troi become a linguistics expert?" Stay tuned to geek out with us!
Aug 13
49 min
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