The Titans of All'Terra
The Titans of All'Terra
Joshua Lorimer
Jump into a classic fantasy story, set in the original world of All'Terra, and told through the collaborative story structure of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons! Join Josh, our Dungeon Master, as he leads four unlikely heroes on an adventure that will change their lives and might even save the world! The Party: Joan Stormcrown, a human cleric of the grey god, played by Kelsey. Dalfin Mugwart, a halfling monk, played by Ricky. Winnie Dumplekin, a gnome evocation wizard, played by Erin. Relnor Windhelm, a human fighter/member of Lestraad's Navy, played by Eric. New episodes every Thursday from November to June.
S2E26 A Godlike Encounter
In this unexpected Season 2 Finale, our heroes face off against an evil which might prove stronger than they anticipated.
Jul 2
1 hr 9 min
S2E25 A Tower Tour
This week our heroes enter the mysterious and dangerous Inquisitor's Tower.
Jun 25
1 hr 9 min
S2E24 A Plan Comes Together
Our heroes make plans to storm the High Inquisitor's Tower!
Jun 18
46 min
S2E23 A Willful Proposition
Josua continues to speak with the heroes, and reveals how he is himself connected to the gods.
Jun 11
57 min
S2E22 A Bare Complication
We are back from our unexpected hiatus! We will likely be recording remotely for the remainder of Season 2, which means our audio won't be as quality as if we were all recording in the studio (our attic). This week our heroes learning a bit more about the gods and encounter a strange man with an amber orb.
Jun 4
43 min
Post Show Knock Knock Jokes
A bit of bonus content to hold you over while our show is on an indefinite hiatus.
Apr 9
16 min
S2E21 A Once Noble Null
One does not simply stroll into the Allestrian Keep and speak with the Arch Priest of the White Order... unless you are our heroes that is.
Apr 2
59 min
S2E20 A Trustworthy Gemini
This week Joan and Relnor are taken to the Allestrian Keep within the district of law.
Mar 26
48 min
S2E19 A Gnome and a Null
This week, Joan and Relnor are confronted with a unexpected friend who might be an enemy, while Dalfin encounters an enemy who might be a friend.
Mar 19
59 min
S2E18 A Half Seen Halfling
Our heroes begin enacting their plan. The Titans arrive close enough to the kingdom, and Dalfin sneaks into the district of law with the help of Winnie and Iredell.
Mar 12
38 min
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