The Tiger Gene
The Tiger Gene
Ep. 13: Hans Florine
1 hour 12 minutes Posted Nov 3, 2021 at 6:00 pm.
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Show notes

Ever think about how different people do different things to relax?  

Ever wonder what it’d be like to not just climb the super-steep, treacherous granite Nose of El Capitan more than anyone else—well over a hundred times, but do so 30 minutes faster than it’d take you to watch The Godfather, while ensconced in a super-comfortable rocking seat with a two-gallon tub of buttered popcorn in your lap and a 64-ounce soft drink in the armrest? 

Ever wonder what it’d feel like to hold over a dozen speed and difficulty records, including 3 Gold medals at the X-Games—then, during one ascent in 2018, when a foothold cracked 2,100 feet up—free-fall off The Nose? 

If so, you’ll love our special guest this week: Hans Florine, who got his first rock-climbing rush on a boulder in a pasture in San Luis Obispo, surrounded by some curious, cud-chewing cows.

Hans Florine supports the preservation of climbing areas through Access Club and American Alpine Club. In order to learn more about these organizations or donate visit and