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The Thought Card
Danielle Desir Corbett
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Well informed and great topics
Danielle is well versed in finance and travel and so are her guests. I enjoy the topics she picks, even as someone a little beyond the intended millennial audience!
Stephanie Perry - Housesitting
I appreciate Danielle’s thorough interviewing style. Please have Stephanie Perry on again to talk about the ins and outs of house sitting. Enjoyed the first episode!
Travel and earning made more easy!
Totally adore this podcast. From lovely guest travel stories to helpful suggestions and tips. Explore this episode! You'll love it.
S H Elliott
The Thought Card is the perfect podcast for anyone who looking to optimize their travel or just wants to hear some fun travel stories in general. :) Danielle is a great host, super entertaining and all of her guests share fascinating stories and practical advice to get the most bang for your buck. If you’re an aspiring traveler or have been on the open road for years, this is the show for you. Keep up the great work!
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J. Barshop
Great Financial Reminders!
I love, love, LOVE the episode about downsizing your finances. Seeing your income versus expenses on paper is an excellent way to get organized and start or build your savings!
A podcast that covers two of my biggest passions, travel and personal finance
Traveling, and exploring the world with my family is what I love most. To achieve that I have worked hard to be financially independent and to be able to earn an income from home. Listening to a podcast that touches on these subjects and is constantly giving tips and tricks is extremely helpful and entertaining for me.
Marina 'The Trader Chick'
So Down to Earth
Danielle is truly so down to earth, and so generous in walking her listeners and readers from ground zero and really meets you at the start. This is truly such a solid podcast!
Nakita Vang
Thoughtful and practical!
Really enjoy how much info Danielle shares! She's such a joy to listen to and covers travel and finance from a very approachable perspective. Thanks Danielle <3
My fav topics!
Love that you are covering these topics! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
like really???
Love love love💗
I love how Danielle gives easy practical tips on her podcast. The mini episodes are a great way to get financial tips on the go.
Secret Admirer
From money hacks to budgeting tips The Thought Card Podcast has it all. If you’re not listening to this podcast, you’re broke!
Real information from someone who’s done the work!
Danielle gives great practical, usable advice on travel and money. She’s actually done the legwork herself, which gives her credibility. Tune in if you’re looking for a worthwhile podcast on money and travel, you’d be surprised what you can do following Danielle’s advice!
Great Travel Podcast
I love listening to Danielle’s podcast. She gives practical and informative information on how to afford amazing travel experiences. If you are looking for advice on budgeting for travel, this podcast is for you.
Such a Great Topic
Danielle has pulled back the curtain on how to stretch your dollar while traveling. This podcast is filled with great tips + tricks to help you travel farther and deeper on a limited budget. Her calm and comforting demeanor shines through as she interviews some great experts on this topic. She gives her audience the confidence that they can go out into the world without blowing through their bank account.
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Strangers Abroad Podcast
I love the content!
Greetings from Living Legacy Podcast! I love the way Danielle repurposes content! I love the way she tells stories! She's like the best friend in our head who doesn't shy away from money talks! Thank you for starting this podcast!
Find how to maximize your travel!
With money saving tips to travel hacks, this is a great podcast to learn how to travel more and save some money! Loved the travel hacking episode!
Kat Weiss
Best Travel Podcast!!!
Danielle is so passionate and informative about travel and finances. In just a few short episodes I was able to include to travel hacks to some plans I was making. LOVE this podcast to death.
The Winning Brand
Super good!
Travel hacking is such a great episode! So many great insights. One of the best travel podcasts out there!
Jacque lacock
If you love to travel, subscribe now!!
Not only does Danielle provide amazing travel tips, she provides amazing money tips! I love how she interviews guest and pulls out super helpful tips. For example one guest mentioned writing a letter to the seller when trying to buy a home which is something I never thought about! Each episode gives you a little nugget! ❤️
Sierra Howard
Love it!
Danielle gives thoughtful and savvy financial advice. Especially to those that are looking to travel more and pay off those pesky debts. But also how to leverage your money. And she’s funny!
Music feen
So much helpful information!
I’ve known Danielle for a while now and she’s always been a fountain of valuable information and tips! I really enjoy listening to this podcast and feel privileged to have been interviewed for one of the episodes. Danielle has found a great collection of world travellers and every episode is full of handy takeaways to help make travel a priority in your life!
Inspirational and valuable insight
A great idea for a podcast that provides valuable and I spiting insight into how with the right tools, we can all take advantage of travel.
Fantastic Content and Host!
Host Danielle is sooo generous with her ideas for content, sharing invaluable information. She really has her listeners in mind when she conducts interviews and provides fantastic content! Way to go, can't wait for more episodes!
THe House of Lee
Very informative show
Really useful show that does not waste one minute of the conversation. I found the show about trading stocks (eps. 7?) the most helpful for where I am in my life, but each episode is engaging and leaves me with something valuable.
Keturah Kendrick
Great info for people who don’t want to go broke traveling
This podcast is a great mix of good financial planning info and travel advice. The interviews are relevant for women want to build wealth and clear their debt, but who also don’t want to wait to visit fabulous places and have wonderful experiences “sometime in the future”. If travel is a part of you, give this a listen.
Danielle- this podcast is awesome! very informative and love your style. keep up the great work Shak
Shak of SIUWS
Awesome niche
Just what we needed. I am just starting to get into travel and having somone I can relate to share info is invaluable. Keep up the great work!
Candace J
Practical and Easy Listening
I loved listening to Danielle’s episode on travel funds and the importance of having multiple savings accounts. It’s something I’ve meant to do myself for a while but her episode really pushed me towards doing it! She’s also really easy to listen to which is great.
Kriselle MG
Travel tips for any budget
Based off these early episodes, I can tell that Danielle is not only passionate about travel, but she also has useful advice for how to see the world in a smart, reasonable manner. She's also a conversational, approachable podcast host. I look forward to hearing more of her practical tips and tricks in the future!
Sarah Kyo
Nothing but greatness!
I met Danielle via the WOC Podcast Too hashtag and she is nothing less than amazing! Great show! Can’t wait to hear more!
fitness gold
A practical approach for planning your pleasure!
I’ve listen to the initial episode of this podcast and believe it is quite useful for those of us who desire to travel. Regardless of one’s income, I think the information provided makes it possible for everyone to plan memorable trips. I look forward to more episodes that will help me arrange my dollars and cents so that I can enjoy more travel opportunities!
Angela Denise Davis
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