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The Thought Card
Danielle Desir Corbett
I Launched a New Podcast "Women of Color Podcasters"
3 minutes Posted Feb 15, 2023 at 9:00 pm.
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In 2018 I launched WOC Podcasters (Women of Color), a podcasting community amplifying Women of Color podcasting creatives.

Women of Color in the podcasting industry often do not receive the praise and accolades they deserve. Although we celebrate each other within the confines of our communities, the podcasting industry at large has no idea how we are shaping this space. 

To further amplify our mission, I've launched a new podcast, "Women of Color Podcasters," which is now available on all podcasting platforms. "Women of Color Podcasters" is hosted and produced by Danielle Desir Corbett. 

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Although Women of Color host less than 29% of podcasts, we influence all aspects of the industry, from scripting to producing, technology development, and everything in between.

Listen to "Women of Color Podcasters" to discover how we've seized opportunities and overcome challenges and the best advice for making it in the podcasting industry.

In the first episode, Debbie Arcangeles, host of The Offbeat Life, shares how she quit her nine-to-five job after successfully monetizing her podcast through podcast sponsorships.

Listen to Episode 1: How To Get Podcast Sponsorships and Attract Brands With Debbie Arcangeles 

Join our private community -- WOC Podcasters Community!    Support this project by buying WOC Podcasters a coffee.