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The Thought Card
Danielle Desir
The Thought Card is an affordable-travel and personal finance podcast empowering financially travelers with the tools and resources to travel the world, earn more money, pay off debt, and build wealth. Join Danielle Desir every other week as she explores creative ways to live life on your terms and obtain financial freedom. Also, hear inspiring stories from other financially savvy travelers traveling the world and crushing their financial goals. Starting November 2020 on The Thought Card, you can also tune in to 'Millennial Wealth Builders,' a 3x grant-funded 12-part audio docuseries highlighting the stories of women of color building wealth. New episodes air on the first of the month. To find out more, visit
Free Hotel Upgrades and Other Travel Hacking Secrets With Julia Menez
In this episode, Julia Menez, a travel hacking coach, speaker, and host of Geobreeze Travel Podcast, a travel hacking podcast, shares how to get free hotel upgrades and lesser-known travel hacking secrets like secret passwords and surveys. Expect to go beyond the beginner travel hacking 101 topics.
Jul 14
43 min
How Flight and Hotel Pricing Works With Expedia’s Out Travel The System
Have you ever wondered how flight and hotel pricing works? Expedia’s Director of Revenue Optimization, Amy Cisneroz, shares what you need to know about pricing trends and how to get the best deal on your next trip. For the full show notes visit:
Jun 30
21 min
Investing Your Way To Financial Indepedence with Jay From FIers
After creating two venture-backed startups and working in high-tech, Jay wanted a more indie balance to life. He started by automating his finances and planned to leave his golden handcuffs behind. That's when he discovered FI/RE and he has been actively involved in the community, building tools ever since.  In this episode, Jay shares the important things we should consider before investing, in what order we can prioritize investing, and how forecasting tools can help us plan.
Jun 23
35 min
How To Manage Your Money While Traveling Abroad and Domestically
After saving for months, you are finally ready to set sail and go on that well deserved vacation. Hooray! However, if you're not careful, you can end up mismanaging your money and going over budget. Speaking from experience, this has happened to me on several occasions. In this episode, I share how to manage your money while traveling abroad and domestically. Tips include picking the right credit card to maximize travel rewards, carrying cash, and more.
Jun 17
17 min
Welcome to Cape Cod: Live From Bad Martha Brewery
Recorded live at Bad Martha Brewery in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, join Kyle and me as we share details about our first time visiting Bad Martha Brewery in Falmouth. If you're looking for a Cape Cod brewery with friendly staff, refreshing craft beer, great music, and delicious deep-dish pizza, then this is the place for you.
Jun 2
15 min
[MWB Series] Meryanne Loum-Martin: Building The First Black Woman-Owned Boutique Hotel in Marrakech
In this episode of Millennial Wealth Builders, Meryanne Loum-Martin shares how her love for design led her to becoming the first Black woman-owned boutique hotel owner in Marrakech, Morocco. New episodes of Millennial Wealth Builders airs the first of the month until October 2021.
May 31
22 min
Announcement: Introducing My Secret Members-Only Podcast - The Thought Card Club
I just launched a secret podcast called The Thought Card Club for those who love the show and want to access extended interviews, audiobooks, workshops, and bonus podcast episodes not shared on the public feed. Become a member of The Thought Card Club: Have questions? Email me at
May 30
15 min
An Intro to Coast FI with Jessica from The Fioneers
Meet Jessica (Mrs. Fioneer), the co-founder of The Fioneers, a financial independence blog focused on the intersection between financial independence and lifestyle design.  In this episode, Jessica shares how paying attention to her finances and reaching Coast FI has changed her life, afforded her the opportunity to walk away from a toxic job, pursue part-time work, and rest. Visit website for show notes and resources:
May 19
44 min
Creating Lucrative Side Hustles With Daniella Flores
A software engineer by day, Daniella Flores is a serial side hustler, entrepreneur, and the creator of the award-winning side hustle blog where she shares ways to side hustle online without leaving your home. In this episode, Danielle Flores shares how to create a lucrative side hustle, ways to manage all of your income streams, and how side hustling helped her take back control of her life, career, and future.
May 5
32 min
[MWB Series] How To Advance In Your Career and Become a Founder with Shivani Berry
Shivani Berry is the CEO and Founder of Ascend, a 6-week leadership development program for women. As a career coach, she helps women feel more confident and become better leaders. In this episode, Shivani shares how to advance in your career, develop soft skills, and tips for starting a business.
Apr 30
22 min
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