The Ted Broer Show - MP3 Edition
The Ted Broer Show - MP3 Edition
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Best Podcast in the world!
I am amazed you’re still on apple because you expose more truth than anyone while not mincing words abs proclaiming the revelation of Jesus Christ! Lord know we need MEN like Ted and Austin in times like these. Share!
I am glad you did not go to DC
I enjoy your show as well as your products. Keep up the good work. God bless both of you and your business Jon
Memoirs of greatness
Thanks , Ted and Austin got cutting to the quick and dispelling and calling out of evil in high places! You both rock the truth! And remember.......... most people can’t handle it!😃
truth avian
Straight talk
Ted and Austin are a daily listen.
Best News
Love the real news guy’s, Keep up the great work!
Best show out there!
Ted and Austin give the facts. Period! I love this show bc they tell the truth and relate it back to the ultimate truth, and that’s Jesus Christ! Not only do they expose the nepharious global agenda they also give great health tips and have kept my immune system up during this plandemic. As an icu nurse I owe this wonderful family so much. Teds obedience to his ministerial calling is such a blessing to anyone who listens. Thank you Broer’s for being true patriots of the USA and of Jesus Christ! I’m so thankful to have found you!
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Information overload
So much good factual information in these shows. I go back and re listen because it is so much the first time! Keep up excellent work guys.
Phenomenal Show!
Very informative! Top-notch Christian podcast!
God bless
Great place to grow as a Christian, Jesus loves you. God bless
Two well informed men
These guys know their stuff. We don’t always agree but they are legit and straight to the point.
Permaculture Pimp Daddy
Powerful and honest!
Permaculture Pimp Daddy
The info is stimulating and thought provoking.
The Goyim Know!
Texe Marrs is right! History proves it’s the Jews. Judaism is Satanic. The Jew World Order and all their minions compose the New World Order. Ted And Austin Are High Level Shills.
Alpha Dog 🐶
I started to hear them talk on the Hagmann Show. What caught my attention, and still holds it, are two fold; their directness and their commitment to the name of Yashua. Since I started listening to their show, I appreciate their willingness to call green, green and yellow, yellow. I heard Mr. Ted pray on the show. Pray more often Please!! I will see you gentlemen in the throne room of Yahuah.
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I appreciate the Broers
I’ve been listening to Ted and Austin (his son) for years. Intelligent show where a lot of Knowledge about health, rights, politics and current events can be gained. Love the health and anti-NWO info equally. Anyone who is writing hateful things here are obviously having their conscience pricked by the Holy Spirit....or the conscience seared by the enemy, Satan.
I don’t know what so e of these intellectual lightweights writing reviews are doing. (We know who they are, Shills... PAID by big bro to write something negative) now who in their right mind, would listen to a show they didn’t believe or like? THEN, go on to write a review? They are OBVIOUS shills. And if you think this content is “tin foil hat” or a “conspiracy”? You are right about one thing. It’s a conspiracy against YOU!!! & And those of you Tools who write a negative review, YOU are not in the “Big Club”... your freedom is at risk as well! So get on the right side of history! Evil never wins in the end! Never! Not to mention the things they say are mentioned in the Bible. So if you are not cool with that, then go listen to Hawkins (man who has had ALS for 40 years when the lifespan is more like 5) yeah, go listen to Sitchen with his “Billions & Billions” nonsense. Your rear ended will not leave Earth! Period! You are a sheep amongst other sheep, who are trying to figure out this crazy world. Look around at what you see. Do you like it? You think it’s ok? If you do, then you would be the person to leave a negative comment. Until then, keep acting like this isn’t happening, and sure enough. The powers that shouldn’t be, will be coming for you... Bye Shills, aka Scum & Traitors!!!
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3 shoter
It’s all planned
I am of the belief that our own people did this. They used China but make no mistake the Globalist are behind all of it. The doctor is 1000% right. I don’t believe the economy is going to recover that’s why they are paying people to stay home. And something is off with President Trump. Cant put my finger on it it something is not right. People get ready because this is headed toward the final show down at lighting speed. Best advice anyone can get is repent and stay glued to Jesus because your life does depend on it. God help us all.
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Just Terrible
For people who call themselves Christian, these guys harbor a lot of hate, have absolutely no shame and even less humility. It’s conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. Make sure you have your tin foil hat ready. What a couple of Kooks!
They are ahead of the headlines
I’ve been listening to Ted & Austin for years. I heard about the Coronavirus first from them on their January 20, 2020 podcast, and I’ve gone back now and listened again every day since then as they updated their listeners with facts and warnings. By far the most informed show, and Ted’s explanation of Jesus and His Blood reaffirms my faith every time I listen.
Amanda age 8
Good advice, and content from intelligent people
I’ve been listening to Ted and Austin for quite a while. They are up on current events and nutrition. I don’t always agree with their views, but I take what they say into consideration. I personally like that their views are Christian based, and find their shows educational.
Sandy Sucks228844667790
Mostly 💩 Crap
These dudes are homophobic dweebs.
January 22, 2020 episode
I really connected with Ted and Austin on this episode. Especially liked when Austin articulated his friend’s experience getting arrested on very bogus charges. Given his age, I am surprised that Austin knows who Gladys Kravitz is...that gave me a chuckle.
jed the yankee
New favorite
Hard hitting, uplifting info to help you with faith, family, fitness and finance! Everyday go to for improved world view! Thanks Ted and Austin!
Great show!
Amazing podcast that has so much healthy, historical, current events and spiritual insights that I wish I had discovered this show years ago!
Godly health
Thanks To Dr. Ted for sharing truth once a man understands it’s not about him God is our reason do everything for Him it’s not easy for me but working on it ... Bless you Austin and Family
Well done!
Great show guys! Thanks for all the work you put in to make this happen. I Especially enjoyed the episode at the end of February this year, I think it was the one from the 28th. That was one of the first I listened to.
Josh Roberson
Enjoying this podcast
Very informative. Thanks.
I absolutely love this show! Great job guys!
My IQ goes up a few notches every time I listen. They speak life and truth with a fierce passion and funny comments to soften the sometimes hard core content nobody talks about on mainstream media. No fake news here, if anything they expose & dissect it and put a plate for your awareness to challenge what is being presented. No sugar coating or political correctness here either. No pacifying the masses. Definitely not for soft skinned people but if you seek truth and knowledge I highly recommend!! I have been listening for some time now and I am going to ring in my New Year focusing on my health and support them buy purchasing their amazing products. Oh yeah they are health experts with a combination of 50 plus years of expertise! These shows are so resourceful I know it’s going to SAVE someone’s life that comes across my path after learning about health and becoming health conscious. God bless Ted. God bless Austin. God bless their families, radio show and business. May you guys continue to prosper and continue to shed light in a dark blind world. Yes, yes and yes I recommend & dare you to listen to this! I hope your IQ goes up like mine has.
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Great Understanding to those Willing to Think and Research
There always is a responsibility to research and verify all you are taught from the Bible as the Bereans did in Acts17:11. Much 98% of what Ted and Austin Teach and discuss is totally truth and verifiable. Why a negative review is pinned to the top of these reviews is only Liberal biased media that follows a strict NWO Agenda not to think for yourself based on Lucifer. Listen and enjoy this show in total security that the Health principals given are Biblical and will extend Yr Life. The supplements they sell are excellent. The Biblical Principals are based in the Love of Jesus. Nobody is perfect but they will expand the “Claim it Receive it Prosperity Gospel” taught in many Churches with solid Faith based principles to live your life by. Pray ask Jesus for clarification to send you honest teaching and you will find Ted and Austin Broer a blessing in your Life.
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Spring Fever
Topics match others info
Go shows, not particularly religions, but not an issue. Like how Ted explains Rothschild history. Most should know this. All in all I enjoy the podcast.
a fan from kc
Ted and Austin share frank well informed opinions of interest across the full range of news. Each program stimulates and educates.
only Dave
I listen to this podcast every weekday at lunch it’s like hanging out with two of my best conservative Christian friends who have a fantastic understanding of medical, nutritional and world affairs. Fantastic information and real world news reviews. Definitely subscribe to this one
J Edward Wells
Absolutely Spot on!
These guys nail it EVERY DAY! I have been looking for a show that teaches REAL Christianity and not some fake conservative American version or new age nonsense. As a bonus you get cutting edge and unbiased information on biochemistry and nutrition so you can feel exactly how YHWH intended!! May the Most High continue to bless these guys!!!
Thank you Broer family for all the work that I know goes into each and every show‼️We love you all.🙏Prayers AE.
Sundance IN OHIO
Awesome show!
Great health tips and really informative.
Excellent Advice
Teds expert knowledge is very helpful as he works to help wake up the masses. They together cover today’s major news topics and how it could relate to your health.
Great Show!
Ted and Austin are both very knowledgeable both Biblically and politically let alone their brilliant health tips. Love the show!
Phenomenal show
If more people would listen first and then do their own research they would see the logic of Dr Brower opinions
My new favorite podcast
The most informative show for diet and politics imo. It is also responsible for restoring my faith in the Lord. Thank you Ted and Austin
Great Information!
Awesome show. Love it!!! Would be great if you would add your podcast to stitcher so I can listen on other devices.
Great show
Great Content
Great hosts who care about America and Christians through out this sin filled fake world
Highly Recommend ✅
My husband and I listen to Dr Broer whenever we are able. So thankful for an intelligent & Godly man like Dr Ted. We appreciate all of the time and research he puts into each broadcast. Keep up the great research! So many out here appreciate you and your family! Blessings ~
JoyHW and other skeptics
I noticed JoyHW that you did not cite a specific episode or comment of the one you say is more in line with new age than the bible. One could possibly see some of the health comments he makes as "new age". If you make an accusation, you need to back it up.
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