The Ted Broer Show - MP3 Edition
The Ted Broer Show - MP3 Edition
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To resist tyranny you must recognize the propaganda. Is the new Godzilla movie disclosing the new world orders plans? Why do Christians accept gays and abortion? Why are patriots getting vaccinated? Why are there so many men kitty kat men? Where have the alphas gone? Another black shooting in Minneapolis. Navy puts a mask on its logo. The Kabbalist want humans gone except for slaves to serve them. Must listen Green show!
Apr 12
Are Gaetz and Greenberg both sex traffickers? Waco compromised ATF agent appointed head of ATF. The federal government is a circus clown show. Rothschilds Chinese central bank president involved with Dominion voting machines? Are China and India still using two stroke cars burning leaded gas? Lithium mines are incredibly toxic. We need to reach a tipping point of patriots in the USA. If your white you need to repent you peasant! What? Former VP of Pfizer warns us again not to take shot. What causes aluminum fluoride toxicity? Plus much more! Must listen show!
Apr 9
Red Flag gun laws with an executive order? Watch out second amendment, Here comes the Communist Kabbalist cult who wants you disarmed. Covid depression and psychiatric disorders watch out for MIB. Listen to Christian music. Why were many of the USA founders left penniless? Why social distancing in Church?...hmmmm Should Christians marry outside their faith? What does the Bible say? This is one of those ripping off bandaid shows. Not suggested if your politically correct.
Apr 8
Has Trumps loss has been a boom for patriotism? Ding dong the Q is gone! Mask research shows high concentrations of toxins in mask. Was an airplane really frozen in mid air? The communist failed state of Oregon has decided math is racist. California transgender males requesting relocation to female facilities. Let the party and pregnancies begin. Don’t drive while doing zoom. Will Biden restart the wall? USA trade deficit is at all time high. Manufacturer admits dangers of Covid injection. Plus much much more! High energy must listen show.
Apr 7
Why did the WHO back off on vaccine passports? What is the eternal now? FBI comes after fake vaccine passports. Non compliance for tyrants. Is there a lost labyrinth in Egypt? Is Levin a Kabbalist? Drink more pure water. Catholic Priest trespass warns a pregnant mother for no mask. What? Plus much much more! Must listen show!
Apr 6
D3 plays a critical role in the immune system. What are macrophages? 60 minutes wrongfully slams DeSantis. England experiences Easter service shut down. Is this cosmic battle for the soul of man? Will the UN implement global medical tyranny. Bible verses to Make sure you test the spirits. Is Israeli consulate behind Gaetz extortion scandal. Are central cabalist bankers behind all of it? Must listen thought provoking broadcast.
Apr 5
Have a Blessed Good Friday! Today is a politically incorrect show. Polk County to hold a school mask protest. Alison Chabloz who questioned Holocaust numbers put in prison in England. CNN is The Cabalist News Network! Are RNA injections to be used as slave trackers? Who ran the slave trade? Clockwork Orange discussed as mind control accelerates. Rand Paul once again questions masks? What does the Bible say about sexual perversion? Are AI controlled sex robots on the way? Plus much much more. This is a must listen green show.
Apr 2
CDC data shows more vaccine deaths in USA in the last months than in the past ten years. Are there living black fibers in masks? The Supreme Court members are either cowards, crooks or compromised. This effective Covid treatment was intentionally ignored by the media. Self healing microscopic xenobots? Lesbians mad at transgenders. It’s going to be a cat fight. Has the witchcraft jezebel spirit taken over the world? Plus much more!
Apr 1
What is a Lilly wave? How are electronics used against us? Who did the Kabbalists use to be the architects (cut outs) of this new world order? Must hear segment. Never go to bed angry. Here’s why. Disney installing facial recognition? Why are so many unprovoked attacks occurring against whites left unpunished? Instagram sharing your personal info. This is a high energy must listen green show! Ted goes into 15minutes discussing these obfuscated banker/ evil processes.
Mar 31
Statins increase the risk of diabetes and senile dementia. More demented doctors confess to misdiagnoses to make more money. Canola oil linked to Alzheimer’s. Did Von Braun warn of a fake alien invasion? DeSantis again says no Covid passports. Supreme Court say Clinton cannot be deposed. No surprise here. Why is the health of young people so bad? Hagelin unified field quote read in full. Plus much much more! Must listen informative show.
Mar 30
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