The Blaque Tea
The Blaque Tea
Allan Cramer/Rock Evans
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It’s been said before, but the sound quality is crunchy. I understand the situation with T Rex, but can we not get Lucky Stiff in here to bring some podcasting experience and some humility?
Doro Pen
SCIENCE is a liar sometimes
Mama at one point scientist said that I, a Blaque Jewess, was a biologically inferior form of human...just sayin science be lots of opinions sometimes and like Have You Seen The Earth For Yourself😂😂😂lol not me saying take your own pictures or you’re not getting the full story. I love you both!
Learning and listening
I love the Blaque Tea. It has exposed me to voices and thoughts that I would not have necessarily found on my own as a 44 year old Black Man living in MD. I have left each of their podcasts checking out their guests’ socials and left uplifted and breathless from their talent, grit, and grandeur. Lucy, Bambi and their Producers are definitely the HBICs of podcasting and drag! Listen and learn, people!
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L o v e
Very much enjoy the BLAQUE tea!
Excited about the new hosts, but audio quality is still poor.
Very excited about Lucy & Bambi, but audio quality make it very challenging to listen to. Lucy has a very full gregarious laugh & Bambi audio volume is very low. That combination makes it very hard to listen to the podcast. I really hope you resolve the issue.
Nanami 1913
Not for me
Misleading, not fact checked, disorganized
great content but sound quality is rough
hey yall! love love love to support, so of course i’m gonna give 5 stars but the sound quality can be really rough. it’s often hard to hear what bambi is saying and i miss some of the guests’ comments too. it might be worth to invest in someone who can do freelance sound editing for you just so your audience can enjoy all the great things you have to say! much love
Thumbs down
Wanted to like this podcast but Bambi is hateful and petty. Talking about supporting and upholding communities and then making fun of other queens for their looks and their drag. No thanks.
Just no
Sipping Blaque Tea
I love this podcast! I have always been such a big fan of Lucy Stoole and I am so happy to hear her voice every week! As someone who is not from Chicago I love getting to “meet” so many great queens. Wish I could smoke some w**d with Lucy and everyone and cut up.
Horrible audio
I'll try checking back to see if it improves, but right now if I turn it up to hear all the guest voices then the frequent screaming laughing destroys my ears
so excited, but needs better audio
i am beyond excited for this show! however sometimes it’s hard to listen to because some voices are extremely quiet and i have to turn my speaker all the way up, but then some voices and all of the laughs are at full volume. thank you for giving us content!!
The audio is VERY low!
Love the show but I can barely hear it with my phone on speaker! Exited for the BLAQUE TEA!
The blaquw tea is the best
So excited for this to be the Blaque tea! Love lucky and Bambi great host
Wait , what??
Was very surprised to see this in my library. It did not register that it was once The Tea. I had been waiting for The Tea to come back, hoping T-Rex was going to make some sort of statement. As I save a lot of queer content I thought it was something new I pulled and forgot. I wish there would have been an explanation in the description box. I almost didn’t listen. The episode was good looking forward to more.
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eb is my name
They must’ve lost the budget when they lost they host lol amature hosts and low sound quality despite the message
if i could rate it a million stars i would
the way this podcast just got upgraded!!! yes yes 100 times yes💖
Hot dog clubber
Loving the changes
The Blaque Tea is a much needed update to the podcast. Better content, better intro, better audio quality. So excited for more episodes.
i’m happy the blaque tea is going forward but the sound quality made it pretty tough to get through its first episode—hoping that gets figured out!
So happy to see the podcast back with new hosts Lucy and Bambi! I can’t wait to listen to this new and improved show with two of the loveliest queens taking over for Tragica
A blessed Fannibal!
Quiet Audio
Audio is way too quiet
Cancelled at last
From listening to this podcast you can hear how condescending Trannika is and always reminding the listener that he is the ring master. I’m glad he’s been exposed as the racist he is. This podcast is boring and we should support other queer POC-run podcasts out there. And that’s on period :)
Mark. W💜
The future of the show
Due to Trex excommunication from drag as of rn, how will this show proceed? Will it continue with lucky and another host? Or will it be taking a hiatus.
Ichabod cranny
I find them lovely!
Guys i cant hear anybody even with the volume all the way up pls fix this.
So fun!
Love the podcast!! So happy you guys had Gilda as a guest! She’s my fave
Book reader 0970
So glad I found this podcast!
Thanks so much for interviewing such a diverse variety of drag performers! This podcast has taught me so much and introduced me to some amazing queens.
Such a fun listen!! Love the variety of opinions and the diversity of talent included! It’s a joy to hear and learn about queer performers that don’t have the platform of Drag Race & Dragula. Love you T & Lucky, you’re the best! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Hot Tea
Love the podcast! Love all the Tea the queens and guests have been giving! The only thing for me that can be better is if the sound/volume was normal on all episodes. I have to blast on max volume to hear well like on Biqtch Puddin’s episode versus Kim Chi’s episode that had a normal sound. But the podcast is fun to listen to overall!
Yassssss kweens ♥️🌈♥️
Keepin it real all day Never boring🦄 Stories to give you life Guests to gag the children ⭐️ This pod is highly pigmented and won’t flake🤡
Drag’s a Life
It’s drag. It’s queer culture. It’s political. Hilarious at times, poignant at others, these drag professionals talk about their art and business with passion and back it up with experience. Informative no matter where you are on your drag journey or if you’re exclusively a fan. Cohosts T-Rex and Lucky Stiff interview a parade of glamorous guests with no pretense like old friends getting together for a spot of Tea. If you’re still unconvinced, start with episode 25. Be prepared to be thirsty for more!
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My favorite podcast hosted by drag performers! Great podcast to stay up to date on Chicago drag and behind the scenes from local drag shows.
kyle parkr
Love, love, love, love, love,
One of my favorite podcast!
could listen forever
Peggy Pasta
I’ve been listening all day and I’m so inspired to create right now, it’s ridiculous. 11/10
a zerillo
And THAT’s...the review
Whether you’re a performer or are working 9-5 with with a side hustle, queer, straight, whatever— there are a lot of useful nuggets of advice about being a business person and decent human in general mixed with champagne fueled stories and air horn noises.
Sara Andrews and Aunty Chan
That episode definitely needed to be at least 3 hours longer! Please bring them back again! <3
Move I’m Gay!
Funny, gossipy weekly one sided hangout session with Chicago favorites and the Drag World at large.
Best Drag Podcast Ever!
This podcast is amazing!! I love hearing from the queens in the Chicago scene as well as the various guests from out of town they bring on. T Rex and Lucky Stiff are honestly icons and this podcast is a must for anyone interested in drag or the nightlife in Chicago. ❤️❤️❤️
Vanilla E
And that’s... THE TEA
This podcast makes my Chicago commute a little less miserable! With upbeat humor, queer zingers, informative perspectives and delightful guest queens, this show captures the underworld of drag culture in all its beauty and backbreaking work. T-Rex and Lucky Stiff know how to balance the tone of the show with relatable jokes, honest feedback, healthy debate and tackling tough but important questions with guests queens from all over the world. Topics cover everything from beauty tips and performance planning to personal inspiration and promoting fellow queens. I’m not a performer but I am queer and a big fan of Drag Matinee and Drag Race. I love learning so much about queens I love and queens I’m just now learning about. I highly endorse this product!
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Lady Shosha
Go to podcast for everything DRAG and LIFE!
TRex is hysterical as always. And Lucky is perfectly well spoken. Both are true professionals of their craft. One can learn a lot listening to them and their guests each week, not just about drag but about living in general. Highly recommend!
Right thing at the right time
This podcast is exactly what I needed at the right time. As a queen that just made a move from a small town to a big city, this podcast has helped me so much. I went from a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a huge pond and didn’t know how to get started in a new city. These queens and kings spill the T on it all and have helped me figure out how to get my foot in the door, with a polite but necessary reality check. They cover all aspects of drag, life, sexuality, and everything between in a fun but real way. Love the podcast!
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Loving Lucky and T. Rex!
They’re such an unlikely pair but have such beautiful chemistry.
great podcast
trannika and lucky are just delightful! and the guests are always great too, especially marty and aunty chan💞
Love this
Two Legends
Two legends spilling tea? I’m in.
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