The Tartare Project
The Tartare Project
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Running in to Phil
I love it when it happens nice to happen in podcast world
Ashwin d
Informative yet inspirational!
Feels very authentic and yet comfortable and casual. Where you feel like you’re sitting down having a chat with a friend who’s offering you some much needed sound advice! Great mixture of being informative and inspirational!
Appreciative of this
I have had the Tar Tare Project screenshot red from Ashli’s Stockton’s seemingly weekly suggestions and finally {and gratefully} tunes into this when she was actually a guest! I absolutely adore the genuine vibe I appreciate the creation of this podcast!:}
kristina marie schulz
Interview with Ashli Stockton
I’m a huge fan of Sunday Forever and it was so inspiring to hear Ashli talk about her business and how she took a chance to create this awesome brand. I now have even more respect for her and the business, knowing about the ups and downs and the giving back to the community with their amazing candles. Thank you for such a real interview. Will definitely check out more episodes!
So Refreshing!
I just listened to Ashli Stockton’s episode and she and this whole podcast are such a breath of fresh air! It’s really nice to hear about real people building brands from the ground up. It’s really inspired me to consider what kinds of things I can create!
Great People + Conversations
Just listened to the most recent episode with Ashli, founder of Sunday Forever. I love her brand and have followed her on Instagram for a while, so I knew part of her story, but it was really fun to get more background and inspiring to listen to how she believes in herself. Makes me feel like I can take on whatever I’m passionate about, too! Phil has a great interview style and I can’t wait to keep listening to this pod!
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Loved the episode with Ashi Stockton, founder of Sunday Forever! I just love hearing stories of entrepreneurs and how people get started and continue to be successful. It’s really inspiring!
Phil’s approach to conversations is authentic, casual, and all around awesome. You feel like you are sitting in on a casual but deep chat between friends, not a stuffy interview. Maybe you’re interested in branding / entrepreneurship... Maybe you’re not, but love great stories and cool people. Either way, this pod is a great listen!
Interesting Insights!
Phil Toronto brings out more "You know, I've never actually told anyone this" moments from the people he interviews than any other podcaster. One of my favorite episodes was #10 with Matty Mo. Matty talks about ways to growth hack his own personal brand from selling stacks of $10,000 for $5000 to writting himself a $400,000 check and publicising naked people during Snaps IPO.
Master conversationalist
Phil is a master conversationalist. He has a way of bringing out the most interesting and often more deeply buried nuggets from his guests. A really good listen.
City Mahmah
The best
Phil’s an excellent host, and brings out amazing, interesting and captivating stories in everyone he interviews
There’s Something Here
Listened to 2 episodes and I have to say that this podcast will be something special! The fact that people know Phil because his relationship with Gary could’ve been a negative thing for him. However, while listening, I completely forget he’s team Gary Vee and I’m consumed with something fresh and interesting on it’s own. Props to Phil for being able to branch out and develop his own thing. Can’t wait to see where this podcast goes!
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insightful and different
gives different perspective on people you’ve heard other places but also brings a variety of new ppl on , loved it !!
Dunk Fam
Must Listen
Great podcast!
Joe Latchaw
Great listen!
Let’s goo! Looking forward to more episodes
This podcast is amazing
As an entrepreneur this podcast has taught me so much about building my brand. Phil is so smart and I am so glad he is finally putting his opinions out there.
Smooth, well-produced, listen
Great story about Drama’s business journey. Enjoyed it, Phil!
Nik A Bando
Great podcast, funny host. Subscribed and ready for more.
Really enjoying this new podcast!
The best voice on emerging brands ‼️🚀‼️
The host, Phil Toronto, is one of the most humble and trusted investors in NYC, and as such, always has the most captivating stories on emerging brands and the eclectic characters building them. If you love “How I Built This” with Guy Raz, I think you’ll really love “The Tartare Project” with Phil! Lastly, Phil has spent the past 9+ years as Gary Vaynerchuk’s right hand senior executive, applying the legendary Gary Vee personal brand playbook across his efforts in shepherding Gary’s angel investment activity (including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Uber, Coinbase, and Birchbox) and the venture capital business of Vayner/RSE (a $25MM seed-stage venture firm in NYC). I can’t wait to hear more episodes from this brand new podcast! 🚀🚀🚀
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John Exley