The Taran Show: Interviews with Taran Armstrong from RHAP Podcast
The Taran Show: Interviews with Taran Armstrong from RHAP
Taran Armstrong
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Robot Army
I’m a fan. Keep the great interviews coming, Taran!
Great interviews!
Loving the new batch of interviews!
Big Brother Updates
I look forward every summer to Taran’s daily updates from the live feeds of CBS Big Brother. Most fans cannot stay up all night to watch all this footage, so we have Taran to take us through every detail of the action. I am very loyal in listening to these daily podcasts. Thank you for being so professional.
TARAN is my favorite podcaster!
Top quality thoughtful insights!
Jules xoxo
Such thoughtful interviews!
Taran does a great job, and really draws insightful, deep content from his guests.
The return is even better!
Taran does such a nice job of making these episodes so casual and conversational while still being so interesting and entertaining. The return episodes with Rob and Tiffany have been so good. Thanks for coming back Taran! ☺️
Queen Tiffany
Tiffany is so gracious- she only speaks positively of everyone in her past and her current world. Her strength as a single mom is so moving. We are around the same age, 22ish, and I remember feeling like a million bucks wearing the same LA Gear shoes that Tiffany described! Taran’s ability to listen, ask meaningful questions and empathize with his guests makes this podcast a must listen! Looking forward to the guests to come.
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The Taran Show is Back!
The show is back and better than ever. Taran is a fantastic, professional, and well prepared interviewer and it’s great to hear the show back with great production quality and new perspectives.
Nancy G 123
I’ve been listing to these during quarantine and they are so insightful. I love hearing these peoples backstories. I hope you continue this podcast!
A hidden gem in podcasts is the Taran Show. Taran has great insight and fun banter with guests. Will keep listening as long as he’s making content!
Taran is the best in the game!
Without question, Taran is one of the most insightful, interesting and intuitive podcasters out there. Everything he puts out is top-notch. His interviewing skills are so impressive, and make listening to the episodes so enjoyable. I’m a huge fan!
The best
Taran is awesome and so is this podcast. He gets amazing guests and it is very interesting.
Poor mike 🙄
Mike Bloom is a poser and hasn’t figured out he might be gay. It is ok !
Absolute best BB podcast
Taran is a BB master.
I love all the podcasts he host & his unbiased opinions. TARAN is the BEST!!
I love this concept! He has pulled some terrific guests... I just wish he would sometimes ask more in depth questions about their personal life
Tarzan is amazing
From watching Tarzan on the updates I knew I had to check out his Tarzan show podcasts. Let me say, he’s great his outlook on things is always so insightful and I love his work.
Love ya
Thanks to you I don’t have to stay up till 3am. Most of time the whispers at 12am I can’t even understand.Twenty yrs ago I was younger& Didn’t. Know about you or podcasts.Thanks again . jrj4u
Love it
Love the podcast!
Taran is an amazing podcaster
Taran is an amazing podcaster and I am so thankful he puts in all of this work for us to enjoy!
Taran says like too much.
I can’t handle it.
Love love love!
Love this podcaster. Just wish he would put out more episodes. I catch him regularly on the recap podcasts but missing this one.
Love these deep dives
Can't wait for the next one!
Thoughtful and Dedicated
Taran’s passion and dedication for Big Brother and now beyond with other ventures in interviewing is both impressive and appreciated. There is no one else out there who is able to relay the coverage of the live feeds the way he can and now he is bringing his relaxed, concise, and perceptive style to engaging interviews. Thanks for all you have brought to the reality tv community Taran.
Peter ZW8
Not a fan of Taran
Taran comes across as very egotistical and arrogant. Idea for the show is okay though.
Always Cared
Great relaxed interview style
Tarzan puts his guests at ease and has natural conversations that really helps him and us to learn tons about his guests
Cindy l. Word crazy
Tartan Rocks It!
You are the best! I love everything you do. Even the stuff I’m not currently watching! You just make it interesting and fun! Keep up the professionalism! You can’t get better journalism them this! Lol😆
Hacking my productivity
Any chance I get to hear Taran in my ears while I work is a happy day for me. Seriously love this podcast and anything RHAP produces. I get so excited for new episodes!
Needs Improvement
I'm very interested in what his guests have to say, but Taran is horrible at this. He stammers, asks the simplest questions just to keep the conversation going. When he doesn't know what to say next he just talks about himself. The podcast always ends up being on the guests shoulders, Taran might as well not be there.
Great Podcast from the Robot
I started watching this as I listen to Taran’s great Big Brother podcasting all the time and Taran has really done a great job with these interviews and his interview skills have really improved as I’ve listened. Big thanks to the Robot for all the work he puts in!
The interviews keep getting better and better!!! I really enjoyed your interview with Jun Song, it was very interesting and just all in all fantastic! Keep up the great job Taran 👌🏼👌🏼😍😍
Great Interviews!
I really enjoy his interviews!
The Taran Show
Just love this interview show. Keep up the great work.
Great podcast!
Love the podcast! It’s great getting to know the rhap family. Keep up the great work Taran! 👍🏼
Taran is great and I love learning more about people in the RHAP and reality TV community
Great but where are the women?
I really enjoy the Taran Show, but you need to interview more women. There have been 6 females interviewed so far. Half of the reality tv contestants are women and there are plenty of female RHAP podcasts still on the table.
The Brent episodes are the best episodes BYFAR, I can take or leave the others depending on if I know the person or not.
Love Taran’s interview style
I love this podcast- even when Taran interviews people I’ve never heard of (I don’t watch American Ninja Warrior and haven’t yet watched BBCAN- I will now) I enjoy and am entertained. I look forward to each one (especially the Brent interviews!)
This podcast is great. Taran does a great job of finding great guests. After each podcast I feel you leave it with a new perspective of something. I am very excited to see where this podcast goes.
Can’t get enough of The Taran Show!
I love listening to The Taran Show! The variety of guests and topics are always refreshing! The show is great to listen to while doing housework, driving, or even to workout to! I always look forward to see who the next guest will be!
Ashley Keenan
Obsessed with Taran and his podcast (in a non stalker way). : ) He has a natural way of talking with his guests and it's always fun!
Great podcast, Taran!
Just finished listening to your podcast with Nicole C. It was really good! For a young single guy, you knew all the right questions to ask Nicole about parenting and marriage. :-) Nicole, if you’re reading this, I just want to say that I’ve always loved hearing you on the podcast with Rob. But it was really great to hear you talk about your life, marriage, and motherhood. You sound like you are an amazing Mom and supportive wife with a positive outlook on life. Rob is lucky to have such a great partner. I’d love to hear you podcast more! (And I’m going to start setting those reminders on my phone too.)
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Nee Nee F
Fascinating, in-depth interviews with your favorite podcast personalities
I've always enjoyed Taran, but when I stopped watching BB I stopped really hearing him. Then I was so impressed with his editing of Wigler's First One Out that I had to give his new podcast a shot. I'm so happy I did! It's not like he's interviewing Boston Rob or huge people like that, but the people that we hear from often, yet never really *get to know* since they're analyzing reality tv/whatever. These longform interviews are great for that! People have given deep background about their lives and careers, the emotional experience and result of playing reality game shows, and just generally been more intimate than we've ever heard them before. I almost hesitate to call them "interviews" because the guests frequently monologue multiple times for like 20min--but I think that shows that Taran knows the perfect questions that prompt them to really open up. Despite his "robot" title, I find him to be such a genial, warm, and curious person that adapts well among his starkly different guests. Also, the theme song is freaking awesome. Can't wait for more!!
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Great pod.
I was introduced to Taran via #RHAP via CBS BigBrother, and he has a brain I love to listen to. Smart, and etiquette to boot, he is so comfortable to listen to. His interviews are deep and leave me begging for more. His outlook on people has really helped me to understand the people in my own circles. His insight has me asking questions that have never occurred to me. Insanely, I am more capable of being social, because of #rhap #bigbrother and @armstrongtaran.
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It is fun listening to the people behind the microphone... the Brent interview was awesome looking forward to part 3!!!
You can't fall asleep to Taran!
What a breath of FRESH air!!! I am loving each and everyone episode. The episodes with Brent are fascinating and cannot wait for the next one with him.
Holly Mac71
Love your show
Thanks for showing us a peek into the backstories of people I hear in my ear all the time.
Love both intro songs!
This is the first review I’ve written in over a decade. The main reason on why I’m writing this review is cause I’m impatiently waiting for Brent interview part 2. Pleaseeee bring him back!
Try it
Great interviews that are truly about the guest and not self-serving. Taran rocks!
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