The Taproot
The Taproot
Plantae / American Society of Plant Biologists
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More than a lit review!
This podcast provides a truly engaging way to understand plant biology literature, and puts scientific progress in a wholistic and honest light. It is insightful and useful as a young scientist.
I like the theme song :) - ❤️ you dad😛
Loving the Taproot
Award winning podcast. Truly inspiring!!! It isn't just about how scientific papers are produced but also about life. Loving the combination of science and the people behind the science, their struggles, background, ideas... Always offering entertaining and interesting content.
Finally a plant biology related podcast!
This is a great podcast that highlights what goes on in the life and experiences of PIs. Great for young scientists as well as a general audience. It's also related to plant biology which is quite undervalued in Biology.
Fascinating Insight Into How Science Is Done
While this podcast is technical and probably too jargon-laden for a layperson with an interest in plants, it is really instructive for students and professionals in biology, particularly plant science. As a non-traditional student at a community college, my coursework at the moment is about principles of science. We get very little insight into how working scientists do what they do. We don't talk about what goes into publishing a scientific article. It's great to hear from plant scientists themselves how they achieved what they've achieved, what they would have done differently, what they learned, etc. It really humanizes the field and is a refreshing resource for those seriously interested in plant science.
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Megan Lynch
The best plant-focused podcast
Quirky, fun and informative