Dr. Froswa' Booker-Drew
A Lifetime of Legacy - Sherri Mixon
28 minutes Posted Jan 8, 2023 at 9:00 pm.
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Sherri Mixon has served as the Executive Director of T.R. Hoover Community Development Corporation since 1998. Mixon grew up in the Ideal-Bonton-Bexar St. area of South Dallas, within walking distance of the T.R. Hoover Multipurpose Center, and still resides in the same neighborhood today. As a child she fought against the ills

that plagued her community alongside her mother, Jacqueline. She marched and led protests to help keep the streets of South Dallas a place where citizens could be proud to live. After graduating from South Dallas’ Lincoln High School and matriculating to Prairie View A&M University, she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, and returned home to assist her mother, caring for those in need while continuing to create programs and events that would help dissipate abhorrent issues persisting in the community. This work ultimately led to the formation of T.R. Hoover CDC. Sherri was chosen by the community to head T.R. Hoover. While only in her 20s she embarked upon one of the largest transformations in South Dallas, building over 55 new homes, repairing over 100 senior citizen’s homes in The Ideal Neighborhood, the construction of a new multipurpose center, and the development of a retail plan for a business corridor. “Ms. Sherri,” as she is affectionately known, is an experienced community organizer whose family has worked in this neighborhood for over 100 years. She is a developer with experience in operating and managing community development projects. She has an extensive background in grant writing, financial management, and program development and is hands-on with not only the execution of programs and services at T.R. Hoover, but is also a key facilitator. Ms. Mixon continues to serve on several city

appointed boards including the Grand Park South TIF Board, the South Dallas Council

for the Fair & Equitable Treatment of Women, and the South Dallas Transportation Fair

Park Committee, and collaborates with a number of surrounding neighborhood organizations. She seeks to drive the change that is needed in our communities through problem-solving, innovation, and exchange of ideas between change agents. She is currently the driving force behind the creation of T.R. Hoover CDC ’s Hoover Tech facility. Hoover Tech is the first Tech Resource Center in South Dallas for all of South Dallas, ensuring residents have access to equitable technology-based opportunities in the workforce, education, and other community resources.