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The Talent Equation Podcast
Stuart Armstrong

'Something in the water' an exploration of talent hotbeds in football - a conversation with Cal Murray

1 hour 20 minutes Posted Nov 2, 2022 at 2:23 pm.
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Show notes
Callum Murray has worked in youth football for the last five years with some of the most talented and respected players of their age in the country, including working in men’s first-team recruitment for a professional club. With a background in sport psychology and a deep interest in football and talent development, he has researched football- talent hotbeds in England exhaustively, speaking to experts and some of the most influential people in this field.

'Something in the Water' uncovers the secrets of the football-talent hotbeds of English football: past, present and future. It takes a look behind the scenes of the traditional working-class northern town hotbeds and the emergence of south London as the new-school hotbed, to explore the key characteristics that helped to develop players such as Sancho, Zaha, Gerrard and others.

Hope you enjoy