The Talent Equation Podcast
The Talent Equation Podcast
Stuart Armstrong

"There are times where I wish that I could forget half of what I have been taught" - a conversation with Rob McGarr

1 hour 48 minutes Posted Oct 20, 2022 at 3:32 pm.
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Show notes
Rob McGarr is a YouTuber who has been documenting the ups and downs of his journey of improvement in golf for several years. His honest video diary has seen him travel all over the UK and Europe in search of information that will help him reach his goals of playing consistent scratch golf. His channel is fantastic and I really enjoy it but I have also been struck by the interactions he has had with many coaches, and the different philosophies that they adopt and the approaches they take and how this has affected his performance, adversely or otherwise.

I decided to reach out to him to have a conversation about his journey and to explore some thoughts about coaching and skill acquisition that might help him make sense of all of the information he has received.

It's a long one...but I think that it is a goody...whether you are into golf or not.