The Table Audio w/ Evan Rosa
The Table Audio w/ Evan Rosa
Evan Rosa
Seeking Christian wisdom for life's biggest questions. Interviews, narrative storytelling, and reflections featuring scholars, pastors, and public intellectuals. Hosted by Evan Rosa. Produced by Biola University's Center for Christian Thought. Sponsored by the Templeton Religion Trust, John Templeton Foundation, and The Blankemeyer Foundation.
Radical Un-Selfing: Kent Dunnington on Christian Humility and Dependence on God
In this conversation, philosopher Kent Dunnington discusses humility—in its ancient, scriptural, monastic, and Medieval Christian contexts; some damning criticisms of Christian virtue; Jesus' radical vision of flourishing and eternal life, which includes self sacrifice; the temptation toward ego building and self improvement; and Dunnington's own view of humility as “radical un-selfing.”
Jun 3, 2019
42 min
Unshackling the Imagination: J. Kameron Carter on Structural Injustice, Misery and Melancholy, and the Theology of Race
In this conversation, theologian J. Kameron Carter discusses the black experience of a structurally anti-black world; the meaning of belonging and communion; how race factors in America's struggle for belonging to each other; the difference between black misery and white melancholy; and the presumption of comfort and alleviation of suffering that whiteness assumes. He also covers atonement theology; the erroneous logic of false ownership; and the unkillable, vibrant life of Jesus the slave.
May 27, 2019
46 min
Defiant Hope: Kelly Kapic on Lament, Finitude, Community, and the Cross
In this episode, theologian Kelly Kapic reflects on the linkage between theology and biography, the need for lament, the finitude and goodness of the human body, and the meaning of hope in the context of pain and suffering.
May 20, 2019
38 min
Standing in the Fissures: Miroslav Volf on Theology, Memory, Reconciliation, and the Self
Theologian Miroslav Volf on the challenge of living a theology in the fissures of life; the often irreducible complexity of human experience; how Volf's own biography and personal experience with oppression during the Cold War impacted his theology; the centrality of memory to forgiveness; and the importance of living as a porous, open self—open to encountering and embracing the other.
May 13, 2019
44 min
We're All Monsters: Ralph Wood on the Good, the Bad, and the Human
Baylor University's Ralph Wood on the monstrosity of humanity, the goodness of God, finding grace and hope along the dark terrain of human history, all through the lens of literature and faith.
May 6, 2019
43 min
Surfing on God: Peter Kreeft on Surfing, Science, Sanctification, and C.S. Lewis
Peter Kreeft’s reflections on theology, psychology, and spiritual formation, spanning from surfing, science, and sanctification—to C.S. Lewis, faith, and mythology.
Apr 29, 2019
36 min
Patchwork Redemption: Suffering and Joy in Racial Perspective
In this episode, we cover problems of consumerism, pop culture, how we can cure the loss of cultural memory, and a deeper dive into black and womanist perspectives on flourishing, suffering, and theodicy.
Apr 22, 2019
53 min
Wandering In Darkness: Eleonore Stump on Suffering, Evil, and Personal Encounter
Philosopher Eleanore Stump on the core of what a Christian ought to care about most, the phenomenology and experience of suffering, her take on the question of whether God suffers and dies, and finally, how interpersonal union is intimately connected to finding meaning in suffering.
Apr 15, 2019
37 min
Try Some Courage: Stanley Hauerwas on Death, Church, America, Suffering, and Love
Theologian Stanley Hauerwas on death, love, suffering, mental disability, the American church, and what it means to him to be a Christian.
Apr 8, 2019
52 min
Descent to Ascent: Jessica Hooten Wilson on Saints, Martyrs, Icons, and Heroes
Jessica Hooten Wilson on her love for the saints and the concept of writing and reading saints lives as a moral, spiritual, and aesthetic task. Includes discussion of martyrdom, art, and the reverence due to great books and sacred texts (and of course, a little bit of Flannery O'Connor).
Jan 11, 2019
23 min
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