The Syneos Health Podcast
The Syneos Health Podcast
Jeffrey Stewart
The Syneos Health Podcast Series dissects some of the most complex issues biopharma leaders are facing today. Our clinical and commercial experts provide time-tested solutions, as well as perspectives on the news of the day. Hosted by Jeff Stewart, a long-time industry consultant who has advised biopharma leaders on licensing, mergers and acquisitions, pricing and market access, commercialization and go-to-market strategies, each episode explores the challenges and considerations involved with bringing biopharmaceuticals to the market.
Global Pharma
It may sound obvious that pharmaceutical companies operate according to the unique set of regulations, healthcare environments, market conditions, and cultures of the regions in which they operate, but what do such differences reveal about the industry...
Oct 21, 2020
15 min
APAC EDITION: Clinical Development in Japan
In the past decade, Japan’s biotech and pharmaceutical industries have expanded into global markets, and continue to evolve in light of recent regulatory changes and challenges.Stephane Gouteux, Vice President and General Manager of Japan Clinical...
Sep 9, 2020
22 min
Learning Agility
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to adapt in unprecedented ways. More than ever, learning agility – the desire, capability, and skillset that allow people to navigate change and uncertainty – has become critical to organizational success and...
Sep 2, 2020
20 min
China vs. Cancer
Within the last two years, the regulatory environment has evolved dramatically in China, allowing clinical trials to get off the ground faster and providing greater opportunity for drug development in the region.  Syneos Health® experts Patrick Nealon,...
Aug 26, 2020
14 min
Rapid Early Phase Clinical Trials
In an industry where time is money, rapid startup in early phase clinical trials – where patients receive a drug for the first time – is critical.  But what does rapid mean, exactly, and why is it so important?David Wyatt, MD, Vice President, Medical...
Aug 6, 2020
13 min
Payer Power, Part 3
The entirety of the US healthcare system was reformed with the advent of Obamacare in 2009 – and we’re still feeling the aftershocks over a decade later.So says Keith Kelly, Senior Managing Director, Value, Access and HEOR at Syneos Health Consulting,...
Jul 15, 2020
17 min
Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, information has varied around whether or not – and how severely – children are affected by the virus. In this episode for our Coronavirus Special Edition Series, Pierre Omnes, Executive Director, SSU and...
Jun 19, 2020
31 min
CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL EDITION, Episode 11: Rare Disease Clinical Trials and COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted drug development, and rare disease drug development in particular – and the industry in general grapples with challenges in this new clinical trial environment. In this episode for our Coronavirus Special Edition...
Jun 2, 2020
25 min
In this episode of our Biopharma Innovators Series in partnership with NewYorkBIO, we feature an influencer who is passionate about community engagement, and patient education and empowerment.Irfan Khan, MD, CEO of Circuit Clinical, discusses the...
May 27, 2020
18 min
In this episode in our Biopharma Innovators Series in partnership with NewYorkBIO, we feature a leader in the field of real world data and outcomes research.Marc Berger, MD, Head of the Real World Evidence Product Advisory Board for SHYFT Analytics and...
May 15, 2020
22 min
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