The Swords and Sports Podcast
The Swords and Sports Podcast
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Love the show. Best fantasy books podcast out!
Great Fantasy Podcast!
Love the dynamic duo of Mike Mogs and Nathalie and the way they play off each other. Impressed by the encyclopedic breath of the genre and the insightful questions with often hilarious still accurate answers. Have become a regular follower. Their hosting authors is also a plus. Informative and fun.
Highlighting Fantasy fiction
I love one of the main premises of this podcast: to help broaden the appeal of fantasy to a wider audience. Hearing from authors, many of whom are indie, gives great insight into their personalities and writing processes and makes me add their books to my TBR pile. As a fellow fantasy author, it’s fun to listen to those who’ve achieved success, especially the SPFBO finalists. I find myself looking forward to each new episode. The hosts are hilarious and each episode flies by as I listen while driving or if I need a break from writing. So glad I found this podcast!
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Hilarious and entertaining while also informative and fun to listen too! The host Mike has real character and I couldn’t enjoy listening to the way he explains the books and then adds his own twist! Loved every second of it!!
Great content. Love love love . Highly recommend