The Swords and Sports Podcast
The Swords and Sports Podcast
One man's journey to read 52 fantasy books in 52 weeks. And some sports talk.
Peeking Dick, Interview w/ JD Evans
On this week’s episode I’m joined by SPFBO 7 winner JD Evans to talk about her book, Reign and Ruin (Mages of the Wheel, #1)! We also talk about what a peeking dick is and Mark Lawrence’s opinion of it, writing sensual sausage fest books, getting into the Bronies marketplace after the success of her sister’s furry books, tips on how to prevent premature ejaculation, transporting back in time into the arms of a tartan wearing hottie, and the unpleasantness of dropping out of a plane multiple times! Available on all platforms now!
Jun 27
51 min
Irn-Bru Boss, Interview w/ DW Ross
This week I’m joined by DW Ross to talk about his book, The Darkest Dusk (Onyxborn Chronicle, #2)! We also discuss how he acquired the sword of Robert the Bruce, when children should first start drinking Irn-Bru, doing wrestling intro’s for his book titles, having a mud fetish and dive deeper into his reformed pessimism philosophy! Available on all platforms and Youtube!
Jun 1
49 min
Comfort Calzones, Interview w/ Brian Naslund
On this week’s episode I’m joined by dragon expert and superstar author Brian Naslund to talk about his books, Sorcery of a Queen and Fury of a Demon (Dragons of Terra). We also discuss how many times is acceptable for getting pooped on by a bird, debate whether it is better to fornicate or eat a dead body, how comfort calzones cure crying, the importance of flossing and if actors should get a medical degree after playing a doctor on tv! Available now all audio platforms and Youtube!
Apr 13
54 min
The Quokka Queen, Interview w/ Alicia Wanstall-Burke
On this episode I’m joined by #SPFBO 5 finalist Alicia Wanstall-Burke to talk about her book, Empire of Shadows (The Coriadic Sagas, #3)! We also discuss getting iron abs for charity, recycle bin stealing neighbors, more twitter justice against companies, Khazad-dûm craters in bread, infecting the UK with Australian accents, boners on undead zombies and so much more! Available on all platforms!
Mar 9
1 hr 2 min
Pardon My French, Interview w/ Jonathan French
On the episode of the year I’m joined by #SPFBO 2 winner Jonathan French to talk about his book, The Free Bastards (The Lot Lands, #3)! We also talk about being the greatest dick joke writer in fantasy, the legacy of the incredible Kimbo Slice, getting Tolkien’s books laid, his uncanny ax throwing abilities, the merits of the katar for self defense, we tackle the mystery of him being French, and talk about the legend of Miss Carlsen! Check it out on all listening platforms and Youtube!
Dec 29, 2021
1 hr 10 min
Banned from Portal Magic, Interview w/ Ben Galley
This week I’m joined by Ben Galley to talk about his #SPFBO finalist, The Forever King (Scalussen Chronicles, #1)! We also discuss dabbling in BookTok, blocking all the cars on a ferry, how many takes it took for his guitar video, killing his kickstarter, his continuing crusade against fake publishers, the restorative healing powers of Eggs Benedict and the dastardly deed he committed to get banned from portal magic! Available on all platforms and Youtube!
Dec 23, 2021
56 min
What do Squirrels Taste Like?, Interview w/ Tim Hardie
On this week’s episode I’m joined by Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off 7 finalist Tim Hardie to talk about his book, Hall of Bones (The Brotherhood of the Eagle, #1)! We also discuss his crippling fear of marshmallows, the Inkwell Collective, being “too peopley out there” for Tim’s liking, his quest to drink every beer in the world, climbing Everest in a speedo, and I find out what squirrels taste like! Available on all platforms and you can now check it out on Youtube!
Dec 15, 2021
51 min
The Man Who Killed Elvis, Interview w/ Christopher Mitchell
On this week’s episode I’m joined by Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off 7 finalist Christopher Mitchell to talk about his book, The Mortal Blade (Magelands Eternal Siege, #1). We also discuss, how he killed Elvis by eating too much cake, finding fairies in the bottom of his Grandma’s garden, what happens if you disturb him in his writing cabin, the creative writing lecturer he has an eternal grudge with, and how not wanting to hang out with his wife’s friend started his writing career! Available on all platforms and Youtube!
Dec 8, 2021
53 min
The Man Who Climbed the Wall, Interview w/ Jeffrey Speight
On this week’s episode I’m joined by Jeffrey Speight to talk about his book, Paladin Unbound! We also discuss being a dyed in wool fantasy guy, going to summer camp at 47 years old, why it’s called fly fishing when you don’t fly, SFFPIT and the tweet that got him a deal, climbing a giant ice wall, and how this book was written to spite his kids for moving on from a D&D campaign he spent way to long working on! Available on all platforms!
Dec 1, 2021
52 min
Legends of the London Underground, Interview w/ Matthew Ward
On this week’s episode I’m joined by Matthew Ward to talk about his book, Legacy of Ash (Legacy Trilogy, #1). We also discuss the duties of being a cat servant, the worst career advice he ever received, having enough instruments to be a one-man band, his daily writing warden, creepy abandoned places and some legends of the London Underground! Available on all platforms!
Nov 24, 2021
59 min
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