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The Super 70 Podcast
Dylan Davis
33.2 The Specialist, Hannah Arendt And The Banality Of Evil
1 hour 39 minutes Posted Sep 15, 2023 at 6:39 pm.
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Show notes
I sent my friend Dave Kinnaman Hanna Arendt’s famous book Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Study in the Banality of Evil. Dave became so engrossed in Arendt’s history of the Holocaust and her philosophy of murder that I then sent him an Israeli documentary of the Eichmann’s trial called The Specialist by director Eyal Sivan. Using original footage of the trial, Sivan reconstructs Arendt’s arguments of why the trial was a failure though it still rendered justice, and through her work she constructed a theory of how the Shoah occurred. Join Dave and I as we sift through the darkest part of the 20th Century using Sivan’s sly masterpiece of truth and Arendt’s arresting idea that the worst mass murderers use droll paperwork instead of bullets.
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