The Sunday Stoic
The Sunday Stoic
Steve Karafit
Life can be overwhelming, navigating day by day is difficult at best and nearly impossible without a guide. The philosophy of Stoicism is a map for living a good life. Join Steve every Sunday for interviews with modern Stoics, readings of ancient texts, and advice for implementing Stoicism in your daily life. Carpe Diem!
Porchcast: Turn it up for Lane
My friend Lane passed away unexpectedly last week. He plays drums on the podcast outro. I have attached the raw recording from the day we made the outro. Please do me a favor and turn it up loud once for Lane.
Nov 23
5 min
206: All We Have is the Present
In this episode, guest host Ryan reads from Marcus Aurelius's Meditation and discusses what the Stoics say about the importance of living in the now.I published an article on Stoicism. Here is the link: podcast The Stoic Advantage can be found here and Dragon Ball Virgin here
Nov 21
8 min
205:  The Why of Stoicism
Hi Sunday Stoic Listeners and welcome to my first co-host episode of The Sunday Stoic. I am Al and I would like to use this opportunity to look at the why of stoicism.After we have been studying the philosophy for a while, we get used to the things we should remember and the things we ought to do. We may know about the dichotomy of control. We may know the four virtues. But can we remember why?Why should we follow these ancient teachings? What's in it for us?Find out
Nov 14
7 min
204: Reading The Stoics with Dr. Gregory Sadler
In this episode, guest host Greg Sadler discusses why reading Stoic texts, in particular classical primary sources, is an important practice for anyone who wants to really understand and progress in Stoicism. He draws in particular on three letters by Seneca, 33, 94, and 95, which discuss whether one can adequately understand Stoic philosophy by relying upon quotations or even precepts, and why it is important to keep going back to study the Stoic texts we have available.You can find Greg on YouTube - Facebook - - at his business, ReasonIO -
Nov 7
45 min
203: Carpe Diem
The present moment is the stage where virtue can play its part. If we do not seize the present moment we can find ourselves living in the past or the future and not living in the now. Help control the future of the podcast, what would you like to hear more of in 2021? Email me sundaystoic@gmail.comsundaystoicpodcast.comReadings: Moral Letters: 1 Meditations: 3:14 Enchiridion: 49Here is Jay Forrest's Spiritual Naturalist Credo: my own version see:
Oct 31
23 min
202: Eating According to Nature with Kai Whiting
Dr. Kai Whiting joins the show to discuss the diet of a Sage. How should Stoicism affect our diet?Kai's Paper: is a link to his upcoming book:
Oct 24
59 min
201: Stoicism and Creativity with Piotr Stankiewicz
Dr. Piotr Stankiewicz joins the show to discuss his book Does Happiness Write Blank Pages? On Stoicism and Creativity. We discuss Reformed Stoicism and its view of living according to nature, as well which aspects of a "Romantic artists" are compatible with Stoicism. You can find Piotr's book here:
Oct 16
56 min
200: Ave Atque Vale
The 200th show! Today we will remind ourselves of the ultimate goals of this philosophy and begin to plan for the future.
Oct 10
21 min
199: Stoicism and  Spiritual Naturalism with Daniel Strain
Daniel Strain, the Executive Director of the Spiritual Naturalist Society ( joins the show this week! We discuss Stoicism and Humanism, Buddhism as well as Spiritual Naturalism and Stoicism. This episode is also available as a video Below are links to items discussed in the show.The Spiritual Naturalist Society and Compassion court ruling on Stoicism: check out Daniels Stoic Emblem, its design is described here:
Oct 3
52 min
198: Amor Fati
Life can feel like a fight, it can be frustrating and heart breaking. As Stoics it is not enough for us to accept what happens to us, but to embrace it, to learn from it, to grow from it, to appreciate it, maybe even to love it. Readings: Seneca Moral Letters #96Epictetus Enchiridion #8Marcus Aurelius : 7.61
Sep 26
15 min
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