The Successful Relationship Coach Podcast
The Successful Relationship Coach Podcast
Kathy Murray
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Kathy Murray is the real deal
I am a wildly successful coach, beyond what I envisioned for myself, and it is thanks to Kathy’s support and coaching. Now getting to hear her secrets and wisdom spelled out is so valuable. And I love that this podcast is unscripted! Kathy’s vulnerability is so connecting and makes her so relatable.
Love short episodes!
The fact that the episodes are short means I will actually listen to them. I don’t have time in my day to sit around and listen to anything longer than 20 minutes, and I wish more Podcasters understood that. Thank you so much for the short episodes! Plus the content is great! I am a coach in a different area but the advice is still solid no matter what type of coach you are. I love getting a personal boost every time I listen!
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Love love love this podcast!
I’ve really been enjoying Coach Kathy’s podcast. I’m currently training under Laura Doyle and the podcast gives logical, practical tips about how to take the plunge and not be afraid to give what you have to offer to women. Coach Kathy is so sweet! Really enjoyable.
Esther Kay
This is gold for relationship coaches 💕
I love how Kathy shares short topics in each episode. Many times I’d listen to the episode a few times to make sure I get all the wisdom out of it. I started my coaching business and I am hassling However, I’m really tuning into the messages here because when I started it wasn’t supposed to be about the hassle but rather sharing the message. Helping other women in a feminine approach. Today I was reminded that we can do things with fear, resentment, dislike, or we can tune into the deeper meaning of things and respond from a place of love. I just love those episodes 🙏❤️
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Lovely Indeed!
I thoroughly enjoy the genuine and vulnerable manner in which Kathy imparts her wisdom about coaching on this show. As a wife, a mother of two, with a full-time job as the administrator of a busy orthodontic practice AND the desire to become a coach in two different industries, I'm eager to soak up Kathy’s guidance each week. Since the program isn't lengthy, listening fits into my schedule with ease. I also appreciate that retention of the shared information isn't challenging because Kathy keeps to one topic per episode. It's with much enthusiasm that I highly recommend this podcast, and thank Kathy for her excellent work!
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So much gold!❤️
Kathy has again provided a priceless gift — she promised to stand for Independent Coaches — and wow! In more ways than I could ever imagine. My takeaways do double duty, helping me to stay grounded in the skills coupled with practical meaningful coaching tips — I’m creating a “card catalog” of index cards to make review super easy! Soooo grateful❤️ I feel so loved and cared about in this journey 🥰
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Silly Maga
Valuable, useful information
I love these short, important information packed podcasts! Calm, kind, and generous with useful information.
Mary W trainee
Thank You!
Thank you Coach Kathy for sharing the wisdom you have collected over all these years of coaching. I appreciate your vulnerable stories aimed at guiding the coaching journeys of other coaches.
So much wisdom
This was exactly what I needed to hear about not coaching others. It can be a challenge not to share what I’m learning from you. Thanks Coach Kathy!
So much wisdom!
Thank you a coach Kathy for creating this beautiful and generous gift of inspiration and wisdom for us. I’ve been binging and replying these episodes whenever self doubt or fear bubbles up. Listening to such a truly powerful coach share her story and insights remind me that I’m not alone and exactly WHY I do what I do. So honored to be on this mission of ending world divorce together!
Terrible! Don’t waste your time.
I had high hopes for this new podcast because I love listening to Laura. Doyle’s podcast: “The Empowered Wife.”. NOT EVEN CLOSE! She uses dumb cliches like: “I stand for your greatness.” Please stop it! You sound like a marketing salesperson. All these positive reviews are evidently from Laura Doyle’s “campus” coaches, to try to trick people into believing this is a decent podcast.
Needed Podcast!
I have loved every minute of being a relationship coach and I have been wanting a podcasts that goes deep into what it is like “being” a relationship coach! So grateful that Kathy Murray has taken the time to create a space where she can share her “gold nuggets” every week for inspiration and to “stoke the fire” of why I became a coach in the first place! 30 plus years of being a “Coaches Coach”! I feel so much appreciation that Kathy would pass on all of her wisdom and knowledge to those of us that are following behind her! Julie K
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46 years old
So inspiring!
I am so very grateful for Coach Kathy Murray’s and Laura Doyle’s seemingly tireless work, it has made such a difference in my marraige and life trajectory. I have been an avid listener of The Empowered Wife Podcast, reader and ‘gifter’ of Laura’s books, and am excited for this podcast because one day I hope to become a relationship coach.
Learn from the best
I love learning from the best and from someone who has completely changed her relationship into a thriving one. Definitely a mentor to follow!
Darla MSF
A must listen to podcast!
The wealth of wisdom that Kathy shares is just incredible. I am so thankful for her passion to end world divorce and see other women have the relationship they’ve always wanted. You will LOVE this podcast!
Amazing content! Really beautiful & authentic! I’m so happy to hear this amazing woman speak all about empowering coaches and sharing her stories & being vulnerable. Really great podcast! Can’t wait for more. #1 fan here!
Hi yalllll
Success Secrets from the Master
I’m wildly successful as a Relationship Coach because I listened to this woman. I had the privilege of hearing the first 10 episodes before they went live. I binged listened to them all in one day because there’s something so nurturing and inspiring about Master Coach Kathy’s voice and message. It’s like having someone who sees your greatness talking in your ear, speaking into your future and helping you take the next step with confidence and enthusiasm. 

This podcast is a great reminder that coaching is all about love. It’s also a practical guide for how to show up with that winning formula every day.
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Laura mmd