The Successful Relationship Coach Podcast
The Successful Relationship Coach Podcast
Kathy Murray
The Successful Relationship Coach podcast is all about becoming wildly successful without having to work 24/7 so you can prosper, have the relationship you want and make an impact in the world. In every episode I’ll share from the heart about how I’ve helped hundreds of relationship coaches become wildly successful. Every show highlights common mistakes Relationship Coaches make that will keep you from having the impact you desire and show you exactly what to do instead. Listen as I interview successful relationship coaches about what they did to get unstuck and become wildly successful so you can do the same thing. Whether you’re a new relationship coach who wants more clients, a seasoned relationship coach who feels stuck, or you want to become a relationship coach, this podcast will help you be successful at work, playful and passionate at home, and empower others to have lasting, thriving relationships. Listen and subscribe to the Successful Relationship Coach podcast with Master Coach Kathy Murray, the world's best Relationship Coach, so you can stop feeling frustrated, unsuccessful and exhausted and start feeling empowered, fulfilled and authentic.
Being Consistent
As a new coach, I was not so consistent. I was afraid. So I experienced firsthand the cost of being inconsistent.  Here’s how I turned things around and started to see results.  Today I share all about the impact you can have by consistently sharing your story and letting people know how you can help them.
Jan 31
7 min
Standing for your Own Greatness
In today’s episode, you’ll discover my secrets to taking brave steps towards my vision and purpose—and what got in my way along the way.  Picking up from last week, I share the most important thing I’ve found to help me make the difference I’m called to make.  I reveal how you can manage your mind and your actions so you can increase your belief and realize your dream of becoming a wildly successful coach.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to be vulnerable, authentic and courageous.  I believe in you and am in awe of your desires to share your stories and to coach hurting women.  Thank you for the honor of standing for your greatness and witnessing you standing for your own greatness too!
Jan 24
8 min
Standing for Other's Greatness
Is becoming a successful coach taking longer than you’d like?  This question may sound unrelated, but have you also found yourself feeling uncomfortable receiving praise from your coach or mentor?  My answers were YES and YES.  When I started getting coaching over thirty years ago, I could not receive someone else standing for my greatness.  I was so insecure that coaching felt more like criticism at times.  But today I can hear what others say and believe and receive it too.  This led to success fulfilling my purpose in life, which is standing for others’ greatness!  On today's episode, I share a powerful secret to turning these challenges around.  Tune in today so you can receive the stand others have for you—and successfully stand for others’ greatness too!
Jan 17
9 min
What is your Negative Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?
I know this sounds weird, but waking up with an alien on my face used to stop me from pursuing my purpose to make the world a better place.  Yet somehow, failing on the way to growing a coaching business was a hidden gift I didn’t see coming.  In today’s episode, I’ll share how my negative Self-Fulfilling Prophecies hindered my belief in my gifts and robbed me of receiving positive feedback graciously.  Now you get a chance to uncover what negative Self-Fulfilling Prophecies are getting in the way of the difference you want to make.  You’ll also hear how you can grow your positive belief so you can receive, receive, receive! 
Jan 10
8 min
How Self Care serves you being a wildly successful relationship coach
How do you leave people feeling about their interactions with you?  In today’s episode, I share how impactful such questions have been in my journey becoming a successful relationship coach.  How does your way of being with clients compare to who you are with your kids or husband?  Mine was inconsistent.  I was out of integrity by not practicing what I preached—until I created a practice that changed everything.  Today I’ll share the vital practice I was lacking to show up as my best self.
Jan 3
10 min
What are the differences between a Lead Prospect & Client?
Putting the cart before the horse when building a coaching practice can get in the way of becoming known, liked and trusted in the marketplace. In today’s episode, I’ll share one of the biggest mistakes coaches make when they jump too quickly. I’ll also reveal the secret to attracting your ideal client and becoming trusted. You’ll learn the differences between a lead, prospect and a client. To attract all three types of women so you can be wildly successful, you don’t want to miss this episode!
Dec 27, 2022
8 min
The Cost of Coaching without Permission
Have you ever been at a party or sitting next to someone on a plane who’s interested in what you do for a living?  She even seems like your ideal client so you’re getting excited, but you know it’s not the proper setting.  What do you do?  Or, when a friend is pouring out her pain to you and you really want to help her, how do you handle that?  I’ll confess some ways I’ve handled it that I’m not so proud of.  I share my mistakes as a new coach and how dearly they cost me so you don’t have to go through the same struggle I did.  You’ll learn what could be getting in the way of attracting clients—and what you can do instead so you can be a client magnet!
Dec 20, 2022
10 min
How does being accountable serve you?
When someone threw a stone my way, I almost let it take me down.  I wanted to get defensive, but I found a way to  be accountable instead.  Today I’ll share how such accountability has served me on my journey to becoming a successful relationship coach.  You’ll hear how I almost sold out on myself and robbed my client of her own opportunity to be accountable.  And what I did to empower myself instead so you can do it too!
Dec 13, 2022
9 min
How is Fear Stopping You?
On today’s episode of The Successful Relationship Coach Podcast, I share what has gotten in the way of becoming a wildly successful relationship coach for me. You’ll hear about the biggest fears and failures on my journey of becoming a relationship coach. Tune in and discover how vulnerable it’s been to break through my fear to become the client and coach I’m called to be. I’ll reveal what I avoid and what I’m no longer willing to let get in the way. I can’t wait to hear whether you can relate and are ready to finally break through too!
Dec 6, 2022
8 min
What does it Mean to be a Wildly Successful Relationship Coach?
Today I share what it means to be a successful relationship coach.  But I had no idea what that meant in the beginning.  In 2001, when I was working full-time and raising kids while becoming a coach, I was hiding out, not wanting anyone to know my secrets or my struggles.  I’ll never forget the day I thought I made one of the biggest mistakes in my career, but I was wrong.  It was the best mistake I’ve ever made…
Nov 29, 2022
18 min
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