The Successful Relationship Coach Podcast
The Successful Relationship Coach Podcast
Kathy Murray
The Successful Relationship Coach podcast is all about becoming wildly successful without having to work 24/7 so you can prosper, have the relationship you want and make an impact in the world. In every episode I’ll share from the heart about how I’ve helped hundreds of relationship coaches become wildly successful. Every show highlights common mistakes Relationship Coaches make that will keep you from having the impact you desire and show you exactly what to do instead. Listen as I interview successful relationship coaches about what they did to get unstuck and become wildly successful so you can do the same thing. Whether you’re a new relationship coach who wants more clients, a seasoned relationship coach who feels stuck, or you want to become a relationship coach, this podcast will help you be successful at work, playful and passionate at home, and empower others to have lasting, thriving relationships. Listen and subscribe to the Successful Relationship Coach podcast with Master Coach Kathy Murray, the world's best Relationship Coach, so you can stop feeling frustrated, unsuccessful and exhausted and start feeling empowered, fulfilled and authentic.
Relationship Coaches Have Great Relationships
I admit I’ve had my share of blunders in my marriage—still do sometimes.  But when I get into negativity, disrespect or being undignified, I don’t like how it feels. Today I’ll share the #1 ingredient that allows me to show up as my best self in my relationship.  I’ll also give you the key that will unlock the doors to being wildly successful both in your relationship and in your coaching practice.  If your prospects keep saying no when you’re making offers, you won’t want to miss this one!
May 23
7 min
Relationship Coaches Don't Sell Coaching!
We’ve all heard that it’s the journey, not the destination. But what if it’s not? Today I’ll share a surprising context where the destination is actually the important part. You’ll learn the focus that repels prospects, ways of being that enroll clients, the #1 quality I look for when hiring a coach, plus the secret that Laura Doyle has taught me the past 20+ years about the best way to attract clients!
May 16
8 min
Coaching is Not Teaching and Telling
Do you ever walk away from a coaching session feeling spent?  Or at a loss in solving her problem or answering when she’s asking you what to do?  I did too, until I discovered what was getting in the way of my client getting her breakthrough.  Today I’ll share how to increase your confidence and lighten your load as a coach—and give your clients more breakthroughs while you’re at it!
May 9
6 min
Why Your Personal Transformation is the Most Important Qualification
As you know by now, my journey has not been so perfect.  I was once on the brink of divorce, feeling so lonely, unloved, and unsuccessful in relationships.  Today I’ll share why that is now my biggest asset.  I’ll also reveal how to boost your confidence in your own coaching so you can provide your clients with even more hope and transformation.  You’ll learn how you can bring your personal transformation into your coaching—and how to ensure your own ongoing transformation.  It’s not about being perfect but about this vital way of being instead…
May 2
11 min
Why is Self and Peer Evaluating So Important?
I’m fortunate to know a LOT of successful coaches and get to study them up close.  Today I’ll reveal key practices of the most wildly successful coaches I’ve ever met.  I’ll share 3 benefits you have to experience for yourself (including a surprising benefit for your relationship)!  You’ll also learn 3 key questions that will help you move toward your vision of the kind of coach you want to be.  And the #1 fear that gets in the way of having a bigger impact and magnetizing way more clients.  You’ll walk away with concrete tools to become one of the most wildly successful coaches too!
Apr 25
12 min
Client Results are not Coaches Results
Do you see your clients’ success as an indicator of your own?  If so, you are not alone.  It’s a common pitfall, and today I'll share why.  You’ll learn to turn that around using this essential practice of successful relationship coaches.  And you’ll walk away with plenty to celebrate!
Apr 18
5 min
How to Measure Your Success as a Coach
When your client is struggling, do you wonder how good you really are as a coach?  Today I’ll share the problem with basing your success on your client’s, along with 7 alternative ways to measure your success as a coach.  I’ll reveal practical systems—including specific daily, monthly, and yearly practices—that will empower you with concrete measures of your success.  You’ll learn to shift your mindset so you can be a wildly successful relationship coach!
Apr 11
11 min
Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Relationship Coaches
In contrast to last week’s episode on coaching for an organization, this week we’re talking about the benefits of being an independent coach.  I’ll also share how you can get support in fulfilling YOUR vision as a coach.  Listen now if you’re ready to make a big difference!
Apr 4
11 min
The Benefits of Coaching for Someone Else
What’s the best way for you to be of service as a relationship coach?  Today I’ll share the benefits of coaching for an organization and what it’s like compared to coaching for yourself.  If you’re still finding your lane, you won’t want to miss learning about this opportunity to expand your reach and make a difference.
Mar 28
11 min
Insights Without Action Disappear Insights
What do busy-ness and irritation have in common? Those are telltale signs of avoidance for me. But after receiving coaching for over 30 years, I’ve learned how to address the real issue, which all comes down to taking action. (I’ll also share what happens when I avoid that action.) Today I’ll reveal common signs of avoidance—and the antidote—so you can identify the symptoms and the cure for you.
Mar 21
12 min
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