The Successful Relationship Coach Podcast
The Successful Relationship Coach Podcast
Kathy Murray
The Successful Relationship Coach podcast is all about becoming wildly successful without having to work 24/7 so you can prosper, have the relationship you want and make an impact in the world. In every episode I’ll share from the heart about how I’ve helped hundreds of relationship coaches become wildly successful. Every show highlights common mistakes Relationship Coaches make that will keep you from having the impact you desire and show you exactly what to do instead. Listen as I interview successful relationship coaches about what they did to get unstuck and become wildly successful so you can do the same thing. Whether you’re a new relationship coach who wants more clients, a seasoned relationship coach who feels stuck, or you want to become a relationship coach, this podcast will help you be successful at work, playful and passionate at home, and empower others to have lasting, thriving relationships. Listen and subscribe to the Successful Relationship Coach podcast with Master Coach Kathy Murray, the world's best Relationship Coach, so you can stop feeling frustrated, unsuccessful and exhausted and start feeling empowered, fulfilled and authentic.
Insights and Inspiration from a Successful Relationship Coach Part 9
My guest Michaela would know.  She was suffering the agony of infidelity.  Today she vulnerably shares her experience with that breakdown, including the difference between culpability and accountability.  She also reveals:  Why she now leaves even the most heartbreaking calls feeling over the moon. Her experience in both Laura Doyle Connect Practicum and Next-Level Coaching and the difference between them. What’s next if you’re in Coach Training or newly certified.  You’ll learn why she never wanted to leave and, in turn, her own clients never want to leave.  So they don’t!  If you too want clients who won’t stop renewing, click here to listen to Michaela’s inspiring way of being.  
Oct 31
26 min
Insights and Inspiration from a Successful Relationship Coach Part 8
My guest Dianne shares her counterintuitive journey out of overwhelm and anxiety to seeing her heart’s desire fulfilled. She’ll reveal her instant antidote to fear. You’ll also learn her secret to flourishing as a coach—without struggle (though she is pinching herself these days)!
Oct 24
38 min
Insights and Inspiration from a Successful Relationship Coach Part 7
I can’t wait for you to meet Coach Catherine of Australia because she is an inspiration.  With the births of her children, Catherine felt restless in her career in the public sector, frustrated with her family dynamic, angry and pained in her marriage.  As a researcher, she knew she was not alone—and that there had to be a solution.  Catherine explains what has changed the trajectory of her entire life.  And how she has actually achieved that elusive work-life balance.  She vulnerably shares her journey as a coach so you too can do less, not more!
Oct 18
1 hr 7 min
The Art of Client Attraction: Online Presence and Sharing Your Story
Looking back, I can laugh at how scared I was to tell the story of the breakdown in my marriage. Here’s how I got over my fear… to the point that last week I shared my story more vulnerably than ever—with the whole world in Newsweek! Today I’ll share the most growth-inducing experience I’ve ever had so you can attract your own ideal clients as a wildly successful coach!
Oct 10
7 min
Measuring Success: Key Metrics and Continuous Improvement
I have repelled clients.  Today I'll share how so you don’t have to repeat my mistakes!  I’ll also share how you can measure the difference you’re making as a relationship coach.  I can’t wait to give you the key question to ask yourself as well as a free resource to help you achieve your vision—and evolve as a coach every single day.
Oct 3
8 min
Financial Management for Coaches: Budgeting and Sustainability
Are you setting up your own coaching business and trying to figure out where to start? Today I’ll share the 2 steps I took that have made the biggest difference in building a multimillion-dollar coaching organization. I’m excited to share how to set up the systems and structures so everything else falls into place for you and you can show up for your clients with calm, knowing your business is in order.
Sep 26
11 min
Scaling Your Coaching Practice: Hiring and Delegating
Even though I knew where I wanted to grow to be highly successful, I was stuck.  Today I’ll share the familiar ways of thinking that kept me stalled for weeks—and how I finally got unblocked in a big way.  I’ve been on cloud nine ever since, and there’s room for you on this cloud too!  Listen here so you too can take the actions to create the results you want.  
Sep 19
10 min
Mastering Client Success Stories Testimonials and Reviews
If you read the reviews before you’ll even try a new restaurant, like I do, then you know how vital it is to have glowing reviews as a coach.  Today we’re talking about how to create a culture where your clients pour out their success stories.  I’ll share concrete tools so you can create a library of their wins and establish your credibility with future clients.  And so you can celebrate as one success turns into another for all your clients! 
Sep 12
7 min
Receive and Believe Client Testimonials and Peer Reviews
If you ever feel like you’re not good enough somehow, you are not alone.  I felt the same way.  Unfortunately, such self-judgment is an obstacle to being a powerful coach.  Today I’ll share how to let go of negative self-talk.  Because you deserve all the praise coming your way as a coach!  
Sep 5
5 min
Relationship Coaches Don't Give Advice
Could your deeply caring heart actually get in the way of a client’s breakthrough?  I know that sounds backward, but I've seen it happen so many times.  So today we’re talking about the top 5 reasons coaches don’t give advice.  I’ll share how you can get clear on your role as a coach on her role as a client for a powerhouse duo.  Listen here so you can become the most powerful coach you can be.
Aug 29
3 min
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