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The Style & Vibes podcast is where Caribbean style and culture collide. Hosted by Mikelah, founder of Style & Vibes, you’ll get to know from Caribbean tastemakers and celebrities across the globe in dancehall, reggae, soca and more!
Savoring the Caribbean: Nneka Nurse and the Best Dressed Plate Experience
Nneka Nurse, the innovative mind behind Best Dressed Plate, share her inspiring journey as a trailblazer forging a new path for food enthusiasts to revel in the diverse culinary landscape of the Caribbean. Throughout our conversation, she shares the origin story of Caribbean Chef and Food platform Best Dressed Plate, it's chic moniker and building a spirited community where island flavors are not just savored, but celebrated. Nneka's brainchild of supper club , Caribbean TraDISHons, as an event series that blends the region's rich cultural history with its reimagined traditional dishes, highlighting the deep-seated link between our ancestors' narratives and our beloved cuisine. Caribbean TraDISHons is a melting pot of cultural pride and gastronomic creativity. Nneka intricately crafts each event from the themes to the tablescapes, providing a pedestal for both rising stars and culinary connoisseurs to convey their stories through tantalizing dishes. Discover the artful balance between honoring timeless recipes and embracing bold innovations, as we encounter delectable twists like Breadfruit Ice Cream and Bulla Cheesecake. Support the showStyle & Vibes: Website | Newsletter | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookProduced by Breadfruit Media
Jan 7
27 min
Book-to-Screen Adaptation of 'Black Cake’
Explore the complexities of a Jamaican family as the on screen adaptation of the book ‘Black Cake’ debuts as a mini series on Hulu. Kerry Ann and I discuss how one our favorite books come to life in the series through episode 4. as we pull back the curtain on the adaptation process, beginning with the mini-series 'Black Cake'. We'll explore the intriguing world of Covey, the protagonist, and delve into the ardent set design and location that caught our eyes. Prepare for an honest critique of the on character accents and a wholesome summary of the plot, including the compelling reasons behind Covey's preference for recording her family secrets.We're not one to shy away from controversy, so gear up for a discussion on the unnecessary villainization of characters and the missed chances to go deeper into our protagonist's journey. We assure you, this exploration of the weighty issues of secrets and family dynamics will leave you thinking long after the episode ends. Whether you're a literary enthusiast or just love a good story, this episode promises to be an engaging ride.Support the showStyle & Vibes: Website | Newsletter | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookProduced by Breadfruit Media
Dec 3, 2023
38 min
Carving Caribbean Narratives: A Deep Dive into Cultural Representation in TV and Streaming Series
In this episode we dissect how Caribbean culture is represented in series like Netflix's 'Survival of the Thickest', Amazon Prime's 'Harlem,' ABC's 'This is Us,' and HBO Max's 'Full Circle.'We also explore the importance of having Caribbean actors, producers, and filmmakers at the helm of creating authentic cultural narratives. We talk about the subtleties of character development and the significance of filming on-location in places like Guyana to immerse viewers in the Caribbean experience. We touch on the portrayal of Caribbean accents in the media - an intriguing conversation sparked by the influence of films like 'Black Panther' and the anticipation around the upcoming Bob Marley biopic. Looking ahead, we offer a glimpse into the upcoming Hulu series based on the book 'Black Cake'. We discuss the importance of empowering Caribbean creators to tell their own stories, and the opportunities this presents for the broader Caribbean community. Join us in our next episode as we further deliberate on 'Black Cake' and its potential impact on amplifying Caribbean voices in the media. Support the showStyle & Vibes: Website | Newsletter | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookProduced by Breadfruit Media
Nov 19, 2023
26 min
Searching for Higher Ground: An Exploration of Caribbean Migration with George A. Glean Sr.
Get ready to embark on a captivating journey with George A. Glean Sr., a lifelong teacher, writer,  and avid student of West Indian history and culture. Born and raised on the island of Grenada, George opens up about his childhood, his migration to the United States, and the unanticipated joy found in the simplicity of island life. In this episode we discuss how George's personal migration tale and expertise in Caribbean History inspired his first fiction novel, Searching for Higher Ground. It serves as a testament to the idea that migration is not always rooted in hardship, but can emerge from love and family.  We discuss the how migration impacted the main character Sinclair from his childhood in Grenada and the heartbreaking decision of his parents to leave him behind. From the rhythms and history in Calypso music to the pulsating story of Caribbean migration, this episode has it all! Buy Searching for Higher GroundCalypso Song mentioned: "Jack" The Beach is Mine by GabbySupport the showStyle & Vibes: Website | Newsletter | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookProduced by Breadfruit Media
Nov 5, 2023
30 min
The Power and Struggle of Caribbean Radio: WVIP 93.5FM & the Future of Caribbean Music
We focus to the implications in the sale of New York City's WVIP 93.5 FM to Hope Media Group. WVIP had majority Caribbean programming over the last 40 years, home to Caribbean media groups including Irie Jam Radio, Linkup Radio, Winner’s Circle Radio, Groovin' Radio, Wake Up Radio and other programmers who purchased air time on the independent radio station. The station will now focus on Spanish language Christian music. Caribbean artists owe their introduction to the larger community to platforms such as WVIP 93.5 FM. We converse on the struggle for discoverability of Caribbean music in an era brimming with digital platforms. We emphasize the importance of intentionality when tuning into radio stations and the role of radio in safeguarding Caribbean culture for posterity.In continued dialogue on media ownership, cultural preservation, and the future of Caribbean music; we scrutinize how ownership of these radio stations across the US impacts the digital music landscape and the broader conversations ignited on legacy, culture, and ownership. Join us as we discuss how the community missed an opportunity to rally behind a Caribbean-owned and operated station.Jamaica Gleaner ArticleSupport the showStyle & Vibes: Website | Newsletter | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookProduced by Breadfruit Media
Oct 22, 2023
29 min
Shaping Style & Vibes' Future: An Invitation for Listener Input
Help me shape the future content of your favorite podcast. I'm asking you, our listeners, to fill out a quick five-question survey to help us better understand what you love and what you want to hear more of. Your feedback is crucial, and will directly influence the planning of our episodes for the next year. The survey link is in the show notes, so feel free to fill it in and make your mark on Styling Vibes. Whether you're a long-time listener or new to the family, your input matters a lot. This episode might not have a guest conversation, but we promise we have exciting ones lined up for the coming weeks. Don’t forget to fill out the survey and catch us in two weeks for our next episode. Complete Our Listener SurveySupport the showStyle & Vibes: Website | Newsletter | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookProduced by Breadfruit Media
Oct 8, 2023
2 min
Turning Passion into Business: A Dive into Natural Annie Essentials Journey
Annya Brown dynamic entrepreneur combined her daughter's skincare needs and her Jamaican heritage into a successful business - Natural Annie Essentials. What began as a bath and body product venture, has now morphed into a household name in the scented candle industry.  Annya shares her journey, highlighting the importance of staying true to your roots and the resilience needed to navigate the rough waters of entrepreneurship.From grappling with growth, limited space and manpower to executing a balancing act between her full-time job and a budding business. Discover how her family became her backbone during the COVID-19 pandemic, turning Natural Annie Essentials into a full-fledged family business. Anya also sheds light on how she leverages social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Google to fuel her business growth. Hear her unique approach towards expanding her brand and her mantra of saying yes first, and learning on the job. Delve into the life of this inspiring businesswoman, who's story is sure to light a spark in every budding entrepreneur out there.Support the showStyle & Vibes: Website | Newsletter | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookProduced by Breadfruit Media
Sep 19, 2023
26 min
Inside the Caribbean Music Awards in Brooklyn
The Caribbean Music Awards was held in the heart of the Caribbean diaspora, Flatbush Brooklyn aka Little Caribbean. This pulsating event, coinciding with the New York Carnival weekend, was a spectacular display of unity, pride, and the rich Caribbean culture. We dish out the unique experiences of the artists, the nomination process, and the sheer vibrancy of this cultural evening. This episode is a tribute to the exhilarating Caribbean vibes that have left an indelible mark in the music industry.I discuss  the highlights and provide feedback about the award show. From Beres Hammond's Male Artist of The Year Award*  to Machel Montano's Lifetime Achievement Award*, every moment was a testament to the Caribbean spirit and talent. The camaraderie among the artists, the positive energy, and the phenomenal performances - everything about this event was electric.  We also discuss the challenges with Caribbean Music Award show's production, execution for online and in-person viewing experiences  to further celebrate its potential influence.*Awards were incorrectly noted in the podcast, corrected in the show notes. Support the showStyle & Vibes: Website | Newsletter | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookProduced by Breadfruit Media
Sep 10, 2023
18 min
PR, Entertainment & Entrepreneurship: How Lexi Chow Built The CODA Network
Prepare for a journey of music, culture, and entrepreneurship as I engage in a captivating conversation with Lexi Chow, a PR maven who has left no stone unturned in her diverse career trajectory. Lexi's storytelling prowess takes us through her experiences with music industry big shots like Lil Wayne and Flo Rida, her transition to corporate giants like Paramount and MTV, and her roots touching the soil of Jamaica that motivated her entrepreneurial ventures. We delve into the significance of solid networking and the influential role it played in her professional journey. Lexi recount stories from the music and film industry  to her journey in entrepreneurship where we discuss her sea moss company Bontanica Gold, candle company Scene Candele and new venture, The CODA Network. The CODA Network which stands for Caribbean On Demand All in one place is a curated streaming service featuring Caribbean culture. Discover Lexi's vision for CODA, her growth strategy for the network, and how she plans to balance monetization with the profits of creatives. Hear her passionately speak about her love for culture, travel, and documentaries, all of which are bound together on her platform. Support the showStyle & Vibes: Website | Newsletter | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookProduced by Breadfruit Media
Aug 26, 2023
26 min
Exploring Cultural Narratives Through Music: A Conversation with Dr. Danielle Brown
How often do we take the time to truly listen and understand our own cultural stories? The remarkable Dr. Danielle Brown, ethnomusicologist and founder of 'My People Tell Stories', brings her passion for teaching and understanding her own culture in an enlightening discussion on the Style and Vibes podcast. Dr. Brown imparts her wisdom on the role of study of music at the academic level and the importance of having people from within the culture involved. We'll unpick the complexities of academic research, the challenges that come with it, and how technology can be leveraged to reach a wider audience. This conversation is more than just an exploration of music and culture, it's a call to everyone to discover, interpret, and share their cultural narratives in their own unique way. Don't miss out on this captivating conversation with Dr. Brown—empower yourself with the knowledge to narrate your own cultural story!Links Mentioned in the podcastMy People Tell Stories BookParang (Emmy-nominated documentary short)Havana TourSupport the showStyle & Vibes: Website | Newsletter | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | FacebookProduced by Breadfruit Media
Aug 13, 2023
34 min
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