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Taylor Rae
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Taylor Rae, You are Amazing!
This human. Her connection to magic and to herself. Her self awareness. The way she owns her Reflector-ness. It’s so inspiring and empowering! 💥
Tay is the real deal, mentor + magic at its finest ✨
I found Taylor about two weeks ago and fell in love immediately. She is just the perfect amount of spiritual and business. I have since invested in her coarses and she gives TREMENDOUS value. If you think her podcast is good, her coarses will blow you away. I’m so grateful the universe brought me to her and I’m so excited to take my biz to the next level with her ♥️ Thank you Tay for being such a beautiful, positive and spiritual coach and human, you are everything I’ve needed for my life and biz ✨
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Sam Murillo @selflovingstylist
Great energy 🧚🏻
I always feel better after listening to one of Taylor’s episodes! Her confidence is contagious and her messages are needed! 💕
Wonderful tips
You speak really fast are you able to slow down so we can take notes? Thanks
eeika m
I truly feel that I’ve been drawn to Taylor Rae for some huge shift in my life, she’s so positive and I can’t wait to listen to every episode! Highly recommend listening!
Incredible Divine Downloads
Taylor Rae gives incredible and profound messages. Your ego does not stand a chance against her words of enlightenment, encouragement, logic, honesty, positivity, and humor. She is an absolute role model for manifestation for millennials because it is encouraging to listen to someone so wise, so high vibe, and unapologetically themselves in their twenties. I will be forever grateful to her dedication to help us live our dream lives that we are so worthy of.
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Novus Spiritus Artist
Ahhhh, yesss
The fear of our big desires is so so beautiful - you can feel the heart in Taylor, definitely give this podcast a listen!!
Aligned and Divine
Feeling SO grateful, and aligned with this beautiful soul hosting StrongBabeCollective! My first hear was Ep 82 “Acting as if, Letting go of Bad Habits, Aligning with your goals” Taylor’s energy and what she shares is SPOT on! Listening to this podcast helps ease my anxiety throughout my daily tasks because I always feel like I need to DO more, I’m BIG on self improvement, learning about law of attraction, manifestation, shifting my mindset, lifestyle and cultivating awareness!! Helping me to become more open minded, inspired, motivated, calm and coming from a place of love on my journey, I’m so happy to be listening 🎧❤️
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This podcast changed my life!
I’ve been binge-listening to Taylor’s podcast since the end of April and OH MY GOSH I cannot explain how much having her words in my ears have changed my life for the better. I thought she was crazy at first until I started applying her tips and techniques to my life and I’ve now manifested a raise and the perfect apartment for my family, ALL THANKS TO TAY. Girl! You know how I feel about you. I recommend this podcast and you to all my friends and will be a lifelong listener! ✨
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This is definitely one to save and her best yet!!! Her passion and dedication is heard through every single word she speaks. Truly motivating and inspiring. She is just one of the best real life and practical persons in this whole manifestation movement. Sign up and don’t miss a single podcast!!
everything that is talked about is so inspiring and motivating !
rmhb :)
Taylor definitely makes you feel like she is your high vibe bestie. I’m so happy I found her and this podcast it’s been a huge help in my life!
Uplifting and inspiring
I randomly did a podcast search and was so delighted to find your podcast. I’ve been working on my mental game for some time but you have reenergized my desire to manifest more in my life! Thanks for bringing such wonderful information to my attention! 💗
Thankful for Taylor 🙏🏼
Wow! Taylor is hands down one of the most genuine and loving people I’ve ever come across. She personally cares so much about her audience and what they are going through. I’ve listened to podcasts about LOA and manifesting, but i always come back to SBC....the messages are spot on and lift my spirits when I’m not vibing high. Taylor is such an incredible person as she responds to several of my social media DMs even though she is an insanely busy person!! I’ve learned so much from Taylor and SBC and highly recommend this podcast and joining her Facebook group. Idk where i would be w out SBC! Thanks for sharing your gift w the world, Taylor. I’m so happy to have found you 💙 thanks for being you!
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Such an amazing podcast
I found this podcast at the perfect time in my life! I’m so thankful to have found this podcast at this point in my journey! Thank you for all that you do manifest bestie!
Amazing Podcast!
I was at a very low time in my life and was searching for something to help me and I came across this podcast. I can honestly say perfect timing. Just listening for the past cpl weeks I can already feel a positive change and an amazing vibe! This came in to my life when I needed it and I am so looking forward to see where it goes!
Pointless !!!!!!!!
Loooove this podcast!!
SO much good info!! You can feel Taylor’s positive energy beaming through. So grateful I found her and this podcast.
Hello beauties! I just wanted to say that Tay has soooo much high positive energy that I love! I found her podcast at perfect timing I really needed to hear this podcast and I hope that you really get a sense of awakening and self worth. Because you ARE WORTHY of EVERYTHING!! Hope you enjoy!! Much love GG
Mind Blown!!!
You are so amazing!! Listening to podcast 30 couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve already noticed a shift in my thinking. Thank you for everything! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors! ❤️❤️
Perfect Timing!
So glad I found Taylor’s podcast! Every episode truly resonates with me - it’s like Taylor is speaking directly to me! Taylor’s energy and genuine heart literally jumps through my headphones. This podcast is life changing and I stumbled across it right when I needed it. Talk about divine timing!! Thank you for Taylor!! 💕
Do yourself a favor and listen ✌️❤️
I don’t often label things as “lifechanging” because I firmly believe that the power to change your life is held within yourself and not within something else. But man, if there was a podcast capable of changing your life, Strong Babe Collective would be it. Taylor Rae breaks down HOW to change your own life. She provides the tools and insight necessary to make the changes YOU are wanting to make. She is genuine in everything she says and does and it shines through. This podcast is the best part of my day: I listen to it on the way to work, on the way home after I long day, while I do the dishes, pretty much every chance I get. Please give this podcast a go, even if you think manifestation is a bunch of crap.
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Genuine Means it all!
Taylor wow!! You have an amazing heart girl and I have loved this podcast! The only sad thing is when you realize you have caught up on the episodes 😜😂😂 I so enjoy everything you are doing for this community! You actually take the time to write us personally and WOW!! That’s not always how it goes in this space y’all! So thank you for being that light in this world! Looking forward to more! Take care! Candice!
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Candice _84
Divine timing indeed!
Finding this podcast came to me during a super low vibe time where I felt stuck in my life and stagnant in my energy flow. Every episode hits home somehow. After listening I always feel inspired and energetically stronger. I see and feel the changes, within my life, happening as a result. I am truly grateful and thankful for the spiritual assistance from the Universe and Taylor! Keep on that high vibe flow you strong Babes!
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Always in perfect time
Every podcast has what I need, Even if I didn’t know that I needed it. I will forever be apart of the Strong Babe Collective. Thank you for manifesting this life and allowing it to overflow onto all of us !
I love this podcast! Uplifting and unique.
Just what I needed!
I found this podcast on Google when I was curious about manifestation & how I could manifest my dream apartment. I heard one episode and was totally HOOKED on this podcast! I even jumped over the Instagram to follow along. Thanks so much!! x
Amanda | Simply Amanda
I found this podcast at the perfect time in my life, I can’t wait to see where you go with Strong Babe and where I go because of the inspiration you have given me!
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