Sacred Work
Sacred Work
Taylor Rae
Sacred Work
Taylor Rae
Wish you had a business coach that taught selling as sacred and business strategy that actually felt good? Enter, Taylor Rae: sales funnel expert and business coach for female entrepreneurs scaling to 6 & 7 figures. Taylor teaches her clients how to implement the divine masculine side of business: the strategy, systems and automations that create more freedom & more sales. Labelled a Top 10 Female Business Coach by Yahoo Finance, and featured as an expert by Kajabi for her work with women in business - Taylor is dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs see selling as sacred, and to understand how to set up automations & sales funnels that expand their impact while giving them their time back. Her top-ranked podcast Sacred Work - brings you weekly episodes dedicated to helping you create more freedom, more impact and more sales in your business. By demystifying the world of sales funnels, teaching the traditional sales strategy of business in a way that honours the feminine, reframing selling to being of service, and teaching marketing and business development in a way that creates ease and flow, it is Tay’s goal to help you increase profitability, get your sacred work in front of those that need it, and create the freedom you started this all for in the first place. WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: FB COMMUNITY: FREE GUIDE:
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